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 * linux/sound/cs35l35.h -- Platform data for CS35l35
 * Copyright (c) 2016 Cirrus Logic Inc.
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
 * published by the Free Software Foundation.

#ifndef __CS35L35_H

#define __CS35L35_H

struct classh_cfg {
         * Class H Algorithm Control Variables
         * You can either have it done
         * automatically or you can adjust
         * these variables for tuning
         * if you do not enable the internal algorithm
         * you will get a set of mixer controls for
         * Class H tuning
         * Section 4.3 of the datasheet
bool classh_bst_override;
bool classh_algo_enable;
int classh_bst_max_limit;
int classh_mem_depth;
int classh_release_rate;
int classh_headroom;
int classh_wk_fet_disable;
int classh_wk_fet_delay;
int classh_wk_fet_thld;
int classh_vpch_auto;
int classh_vpch_rate;
int classh_vpch_man;

struct monitor_cfg {
         * Signal Monitor Data
         * highly configurable signal monitoring
         * data positioning and different types of
         * monitoring data.
         * Section 4.8.2 - 4.8.4 of the datasheet
bool is_present;
bool imon_specs;
bool vmon_specs;
bool vpmon_specs;
bool vbstmon_specs;
bool vpbrstat_specs;
bool zerofill_specs;
u8 imon_dpth;
u8 imon_loc;
u8 imon_frm;
u8 imon_scale;
u8 vmon_dpth;
u8 vmon_loc;
u8 vmon_frm;
u8 vpmon_dpth;
u8 vpmon_loc;
u8 vpmon_frm;
u8 vbstmon_dpth;
u8 vbstmon_loc;
u8 vbstmon_frm;
u8 vpbrstat_dpth;
u8 vpbrstat_loc;
u8 vpbrstat_frm;
u8 zerofill_dpth;
u8 zerofill_loc;
u8 zerofill_frm;

struct cs35l35_platform_data {

	/* Stereo (2 Device) */
bool stereo;
	/* serial port drive strength */
int sp_drv_str;
	/* serial port drive in unused slots */
int sp_drv_unused;
	/* Boost Power Down with FET */
bool bst_pdn_fet_on;
	/* Boost Voltage : used if ClassH Algo Enabled */
int bst_vctl;
	/* Boost Converter Peak Current CTRL */
int bst_ipk;
	/* Amp Gain Zero Cross */
bool gain_zc;
	/* Audio Input Location */
int aud_channel;
	/* Advisory Input Location */
int adv_channel;
	/* Shared Boost for stereo */
bool shared_bst;
	/* Specifies this amp is using an external boost supply */
bool ext_bst;
	/* ClassH Algorithm */
struct classh_cfg classh_algo;
	/* Monitor Config */
struct monitor_cfg mon_cfg;

#endif /* __CS35L35_H */

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