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Release 4.12 include/sound/hda_chmap.h

Directory: include/sound
 * For multichannel support



#include <sound/pcm.h>
#include <sound/hdaudio.h>


struct hdac_cea_channel_speaker_allocation {
int ca_index;
int speakers[8];

	/* derived values, just for convenience */
int channels;
int spk_mask;
struct hdac_chmap;

struct hdac_chmap_ops {
         * Helpers for producing the channel map TLVs. These can be overridden
         * for devices that have non-standard mapping requirements.
int (*chmap_cea_alloc_validate_get_type)(struct hdac_chmap *chmap,
		struct hdac_cea_channel_speaker_allocation *cap, int channels);
void (*cea_alloc_to_tlv_chmap)(struct hdac_chmap *hchmap,
		struct hdac_cea_channel_speaker_allocation *cap,
		unsigned int *chmap, int channels);

	/* check that the user-given chmap is supported */
int (*chmap_validate)(struct hdac_chmap *hchmap, int ca,
			int channels, unsigned char *chmap);

int (*get_spk_alloc)(struct hdac_device *hdac, int pcm_idx);

void (*get_chmap)(struct hdac_device *hdac, int pcm_idx,
					unsigned char *chmap);
void (*set_chmap)(struct hdac_device *hdac, int pcm_idx,
			unsigned char *chmap, int prepared);
bool (*is_pcm_attached)(struct hdac_device *hdac, int pcm_idx);

	/* get and set channel assigned to each HDMI ASP (audio sample packet) slot */
int (*pin_get_slot_channel)(struct hdac_device *codec,
			hda_nid_t pin_nid, int asp_slot);
int (*pin_set_slot_channel)(struct hdac_device *codec,
			hda_nid_t pin_nid, int asp_slot, int channel);
void (*set_channel_count)(struct hdac_device *codec,
				hda_nid_t cvt_nid, int chs);

struct hdac_chmap {
unsigned int channels_max; /* max over all cvts */
struct hdac_chmap_ops ops;
struct hdac_device *hdac;

void snd_hdac_register_chmap_ops(struct hdac_device *hdac,
				struct hdac_chmap *chmap);
int snd_hdac_channel_allocation(struct hdac_device *hdac, int spk_alloc,
			int channels, bool chmap_set,
			bool non_pcm, unsigned char *map);
int snd_hdac_get_active_channels(int ca);
void snd_hdac_setup_channel_mapping(struct hdac_chmap *chmap,
		       hda_nid_t pin_nid, bool non_pcm, int ca,
		       int channels, unsigned char *map,
		       bool chmap_set);
void snd_hdac_print_channel_allocation(int spk_alloc, char *buf, int buflen);
struct hdac_cea_channel_speaker_allocation *snd_hdac_get_ch_alloc_from_ca(int ca);
int snd_hdac_chmap_to_spk_mask(unsigned char c);
int snd_hdac_spk_to_chmap(int spk);
int snd_hdac_add_chmap_ctls(struct snd_pcm *pcm, int pcm_idx,
				struct hdac_chmap *chmap);
#endif /* __SOUND_HDA_CHMAP_H */

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