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Release 4.12 include/sound/l3.h

Directory: include/sound
#ifndef _L3_H_

#define _L3_H_ 1

struct l3_pins {
void (*setdat)(struct l3_pins *, int);
void (*setclk)(struct l3_pins *, int);
void (*setmode)(struct l3_pins *, int);

int gpio_data;
int gpio_clk;
int gpio_mode;
int use_gpios;

int data_hold;
int data_setup;
int clock_high;
int mode_hold;
int mode;
int mode_setup;

struct device;

int l3_write(struct l3_pins *adap, u8 addr, u8 *data, int len);
int l3_set_gpio_ops(struct device *dev, struct l3_pins *adap);


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Directory: include/sound
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