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Release 4.12 include/sound/wm8962.h

Directory: include/sound
 * wm8962.h  --  WM8962 Soc Audio driver platform data
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
 * published by the Free Software Foundation.

#ifndef _WM8962_PDATA_H

#define _WM8962_PDATA_H

#define WM8962_MAX_GPIO 6

/* Use to set GPIO default values to zero */

#define WM8962_GPIO_SET 0x10000

#define WM8962_GPIO_FN_CLKOUT           0

#define WM8962_GPIO_FN_LOGIC            1

#define WM8962_GPIO_FN_SDOUT            2

#define WM8962_GPIO_FN_IRQ              3

#define WM8962_GPIO_FN_THERMAL          4

#define WM8962_GPIO_FN_PLL2_LOCK        6

#define WM8962_GPIO_FN_PLL3_LOCK        7

#define WM8962_GPIO_FN_FLL_LOCK         9

#define WM8962_GPIO_FN_DRC_ACT         10

#define WM8962_GPIO_FN_WSEQ_DONE       11

#define WM8962_GPIO_FN_ALC_NG_ACT      12

#define WM8962_GPIO_FN_ALC_PEAK_LIMIT  13


#define WM8962_GPIO_FN_ALC_LEVEL_THR   15

#define WM8962_GPIO_FN_ALC_LEVEL_LOCK  16

#define WM8962_GPIO_FN_FIFO_ERR        17

#define WM8962_GPIO_FN_OPCLK           18

#define WM8962_GPIO_FN_DMICCLK         19

#define WM8962_GPIO_FN_DMICDAT         20

#define WM8962_GPIO_FN_MICD            21

#define WM8962_GPIO_FN_MICSCD          22

struct wm8962_pdata {
struct clk *mclk;
int gpio_base;
u32 gpio_init[WM8962_MAX_GPIO];

	/* Setup for microphone detection, raw value to be written to
         * R48(0x30) - only microphone related bits will be updated.
         * Detection may be enabled here for use with signals brought
         * out on the GPIOs. */
u32 mic_cfg;

bool irq_active_low;

bool spk_mono;   /* Speaker outputs tied together as mono */

         * This flag should be set if one or both IN4 inputs is wired
         * in a DC measurement configuration.
bool in4_dc_measure;


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