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Release 4.12 include/uapi/asm-generic/termios.h


 * Most architectures have straight copies of the x86 code, with
 * varying levels of bug fixes on top. Usually it's a good idea
 * to use this generic version instead, but be careful to avoid
 * ABI changes.
 * New architectures should not provide their own version.

#include <asm/termbits.h>
#include <asm/ioctls.h>

struct winsize {
unsigned short ws_row;
unsigned short ws_col;
unsigned short ws_xpixel;
unsigned short ws_ypixel;

#define NCC 8

struct termio {
unsigned short c_iflag;		/* input mode flags */
unsigned short c_oflag;		/* output mode flags */
unsigned short c_cflag;		/* control mode flags */
unsigned short c_lflag;		/* local mode flags */
unsigned char c_line;		/* line discipline */
unsigned char c_cc[NCC];	/* control characters */

/* modem lines */

#define TIOCM_LE	0x001

#define TIOCM_DTR	0x002

#define TIOCM_RTS	0x004

#define TIOCM_ST	0x008

#define TIOCM_SR	0x010

#define TIOCM_CTS	0x020

#define TIOCM_CAR	0x040

#define TIOCM_RNG	0x080

#define TIOCM_DSR	0x100



#define TIOCM_OUT1	0x2000

#define TIOCM_OUT2	0x4000

#define TIOCM_LOOP	0x8000

/* ioctl (fd, TIOCSERGETLSR, &result) where result may be as below */


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