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Release 4.12 include/uapi/linux/affs_hardblocks.h



#include <linux/types.h>

/* Just the needed definitions for the RDB of an Amiga HD. */

struct RigidDiskBlock {
__u32	rdb_ID;
__be32	rdb_SummedLongs;
__s32	rdb_ChkSum;
__u32	rdb_HostID;
__be32	rdb_BlockBytes;
__u32	rdb_Flags;
__u32	rdb_BadBlockList;
__be32	rdb_PartitionList;
__u32	rdb_FileSysHeaderList;
__u32	rdb_DriveInit;
__u32	rdb_Reserved1[6];
__u32	rdb_Cylinders;
__u32	rdb_Sectors;
__u32	rdb_Heads;
__u32	rdb_Interleave;
__u32	rdb_Park;
__u32	rdb_Reserved2[3];
__u32	rdb_WritePreComp;
__u32	rdb_ReducedWrite;
__u32	rdb_StepRate;
__u32	rdb_Reserved3[5];
__u32	rdb_RDBBlocksLo;
__u32	rdb_RDBBlocksHi;
__u32	rdb_LoCylinder;
__u32	rdb_HiCylinder;
__u32	rdb_CylBlocks;
__u32	rdb_AutoParkSeconds;
__u32	rdb_HighRDSKBlock;
__u32	rdb_Reserved4;
char	rdb_DiskVendor[8];
char	rdb_DiskProduct[16];
char	rdb_DiskRevision[4];
char	rdb_ControllerVendor[8];
char	rdb_ControllerProduct[16];
char	rdb_ControllerRevision[4];
__u32	rdb_Reserved5[10];

#define	IDNAME_RIGIDDISK	0x5244534B	
/* "RDSK" */

struct PartitionBlock {
__be32	pb_ID;
__be32	pb_SummedLongs;
__s32	pb_ChkSum;
__u32	pb_HostID;
__be32	pb_Next;
__u32	pb_Flags;
__u32	pb_Reserved1[2];
__u32	pb_DevFlags;
__u8	pb_DriveName[32];
__u32	pb_Reserved2[15];
__be32	pb_Environment[17];
__u32	pb_EReserved[15];

#define	IDNAME_PARTITION	0x50415254	
/* "PART" */


#endif	/* AFFS_HARDBLOCKS_H */

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