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Release 4.12 include/uapi/linux/atmioc.h

/* atmioc.h - ranges for ATM-related ioctl numbers */
/* Written 1995-1999 by Werner Almesberger, EPFL LRC/ICA */

 * See for the complete list of
 * "magic" ioctl numbers.



#include <asm/ioctl.h>
		/* everybody including atmioc.h will also need _IO{,R,W,WR} */

#define ATMIOC_PHYCOM	  0x00 
/* PHY device common ioctls, globally unique */

#define ATMIOC_PHYCOM_END 0x0f

#define ATMIOC_PHYTYP	  0x10 
/* PHY dev type ioctls, unique per PHY type */

#define ATMIOC_PHYTYP_END 0x2f

#define ATMIOC_PHYPRV	  0x30 
/* PHY dev private ioctls, unique per driver */

#define ATMIOC_PHYPRV_END 0x4f

#define ATMIOC_SARCOM	  0x50 
/* SAR device common ioctls, globally unique */

#define ATMIOC_SARCOM_END 0x50

#define ATMIOC_SARPRV	  0x60 
/* SAR dev private ioctls, unique per driver */

#define ATMIOC_SARPRV_END 0x7f

#define ATMIOC_ITF	  0x80 
/* Interface ioctls, globally unique */

#define ATMIOC_ITF_END	  0x8f

#define ATMIOC_BACKEND	  0x90 
/* ATM generic backend ioctls, u. per backend */

/* 0xb0-0xbf: Reserved for future use */

#define ATMIOC_AREQUIPA	  0xc0 
/* Application requested IP over ATM, glob. u. */

#define ATMIOC_LANE	  0xd0 
/* LAN Emulation, globally unique */

#define ATMIOC_MPOA       0xd8 
/* MPOA, globally unique */

#define	ATMIOC_CLIP	  0xe0 
/* Classical IP over ATM control, globally u. */

#define	ATMIOC_CLIP_END	  0xef

#define	ATMIOC_SPECIAL	  0xf0 
/* Special-purpose controls, globally unique */



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