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 * Constants used by DLM interface.

#define DLM_LOCKSPACE_LEN       64

#define DLM_RESNAME_MAXLEN      64

 * Lock Modes

#define DLM_LOCK_IV		(-1)	
/* invalid */

#define DLM_LOCK_NL		0	
/* null */

#define DLM_LOCK_CR		1	
/* concurrent read */

#define DLM_LOCK_CW		2	
/* concurrent write */

#define DLM_LOCK_PR		3	
/* protected read */

#define DLM_LOCK_PW		4	
/* protected write */

#define DLM_LOCK_EX		5	
/* exclusive */

 * Flags to dlm_lock
 * Do not queue the lock request on the wait queue if it cannot be granted
 * immediately.  If the lock cannot be granted because of this flag, DLM will
 * either return -EAGAIN from the dlm_lock call or will return 0 from
 * dlm_lock and -EAGAIN in the lock status block when the AST is executed.
 * Used to cancel a pending lock request or conversion.  A converting lock is
 * returned to its previously granted mode.
 * Indicates a lock conversion request.  For conversions the name and namelen
 * are ignored and the lock ID in the LKSB is used to identify the lock.
 * Requests DLM to return the current contents of the lock value block in the
 * lock status block.  When this flag is set in a lock conversion from PW or EX
 * modes, DLM assigns the value specified in the lock status block to the lock
 * value block of the lock resource.  The LVB is a DLM_LVB_LEN size array
 * containing application-specific information.
 * Force a conversion request to be queued, even if it is compatible with
 * the granted modes of other locks on the same resource.
 * Invalidate the lock value block.
 * Allows the dlm to resolve conversion deadlocks internally by demoting the
 * granted mode of a converting lock to NL.  The DLM_SBF_DEMOTED flag is
 * returned for a conversion that's been effected by this.
 * Only relevant to locks originating in userspace.  A persistent lock will not
 * be removed if the process holding the lock exits.
 * Do not cancel the lock if it gets into conversion deadlock.
 * Exclude this lock from being monitored due to DLM_LSFL_TIMEWARN.
 * net yet implemented
 * Used only with new requests for NL mode locks.  Tells the lock manager
 * to grant the lock, ignoring other locks in convert and wait queues.
 * Send blocking AST's before returning -EAGAIN to the caller.  It is only
 * used along with the NOQUEUE flag.  Blocking AST's are not sent for failed
 * NOQUEUE requests otherwise.
 * Add a lock to the head of the convert or wait queue rather than the tail.
 * Disregard the standard grant order rules and grant a lock as soon as it
 * is compatible with other granted locks.
 * Acquire an orphan lock.
 * If the requested mode cannot be granted immediately, try to grant the lock
 * in PR mode instead.  If this alternate mode is granted instead of the
 * requested mode, DLM_SBF_ALTMODE is returned in the lksb.
 * The same as ALTPR, but the alternate mode is CW.
 * Unlock the lock even if it is converting or waiting or has sublocks.
 * Only really for use by the userland device.c code.

#define DLM_LKF_NOQUEUE		0x00000001

#define DLM_LKF_CANCEL		0x00000002

#define DLM_LKF_CONVERT		0x00000004

#define DLM_LKF_VALBLK		0x00000008

#define DLM_LKF_QUECVT		0x00000010

#define DLM_LKF_IVVALBLK	0x00000020

#define DLM_LKF_CONVDEADLK	0x00000040

#define DLM_LKF_PERSISTENT	0x00000080

#define DLM_LKF_NODLCKWT	0x00000100

#define DLM_LKF_NODLCKBLK	0x00000200

#define DLM_LKF_EXPEDITE	0x00000400

#define DLM_LKF_NOQUEUEBAST	0x00000800

#define DLM_LKF_HEADQUE		0x00001000

#define DLM_LKF_NOORDER		0x00002000

#define DLM_LKF_ORPHAN		0x00004000

#define DLM_LKF_ALTPR		0x00008000

#define DLM_LKF_ALTCW		0x00010000

#define DLM_LKF_FORCEUNLOCK	0x00020000

#define DLM_LKF_TIMEOUT		0x00040000

 * Some return codes that are not in errno.h

#define DLM_ECANCEL		0x10001

#define DLM_EUNLOCK		0x10002

#endif  /* __DLMCONSTANTS_DOT_H__ */

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