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Release 4.12 include/uapi/linux/qnx4_fs.h

 *  Name                         : qnx4_fs.h
 *  Author                       : Richard Frowijn
 *  Function                     : qnx4 global filesystem definitions
 *  History                      : 23-03-1998 created
#ifndef _LINUX_QNX4_FS_H

#define _LINUX_QNX4_FS_H

#include <linux/types.h>
#include <linux/qnxtypes.h>
#include <linux/magic.h>

#define QNX4_ROOT_INO 1

/* for di_status */

#define QNX4_FILE_USED          0x01

#define QNX4_FILE_MODIFIED      0x02

#define QNX4_FILE_BUSY          0x04

#define QNX4_FILE_LINK          0x08

#define QNX4_FILE_INODE         0x10

#define QNX4_FILE_FSYSCLEAN     0x20

#define QNX4_I_MAP_SLOTS	8

#define QNX4_Z_MAP_SLOTS	64

#define QNX4_VALID_FS		0x0001	
/* Clean fs. */

#define QNX4_ERROR_FS		0x0002	
/* fs has errors. */

#define QNX4_BLOCK_SIZE         0x200	
/* blocksize of 512 bytes */

#define QNX4_BLOCK_SIZE_BITS    9	
/* blocksize shift */

#define QNX4_DIR_ENTRY_SIZE     0x040	
/* dir entry size of 64 bytes */

/* dir entry size shift */

#define QNX4_XBLK_ENTRY_SIZE    0x200	
/* xblk entry size */

#define QNX4_INODES_PER_BLOCK   0x08	
/* 512 / 64 */

/* for filenames */

#define QNX4_SHORT_NAME_MAX	16

#define QNX4_NAME_MAX		48

 * This is the original qnx4 inode layout on disk.

struct qnx4_inode_entry {
char		di_fname[QNX4_SHORT_NAME_MAX];
qnx4_off_t	di_size;
qnx4_xtnt_t	di_first_xtnt;
__le32		di_xblk;
__le32		di_ftime;
__le32		di_mtime;
__le32		di_atime;
__le32		di_ctime;
qnx4_nxtnt_t	di_num_xtnts;
qnx4_mode_t	di_mode;
qnx4_muid_t	di_uid;
qnx4_mgid_t	di_gid;
qnx4_nlink_t	di_nlink;
__u8		di_zero[4];
qnx4_ftype_t	di_type;
__u8		di_status;

struct qnx4_link_info {
char		dl_fname[QNX4_NAME_MAX];
__le32		dl_inode_blk;
__u8		dl_inode_ndx;
__u8		dl_spare[10];
__u8		dl_status;

struct qnx4_xblk {
__le32		xblk_next_xblk;
__le32		xblk_prev_xblk;
__u8		xblk_num_xtnts;
__u8		xblk_spare[3];
__le32		xblk_num_blocks;
qnx4_xtnt_t	xblk_xtnts[QNX4_MAX_XTNTS_PER_XBLK];
char		xblk_signature[8];
qnx4_xtnt_t	xblk_first_xtnt;

struct qnx4_super_block {
struct qnx4_inode_entry RootDir;
struct qnx4_inode_entry Inode;
struct qnx4_inode_entry Boot;
struct qnx4_inode_entry AltBoot;


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