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Release 4.12 include/uapi/linux/sched.h



 * cloning flags:

#define CSIGNAL		0x000000ff	
/* signal mask to be sent at exit */

#define CLONE_VM	0x00000100	
/* set if VM shared between processes */

#define CLONE_FS	0x00000200	
/* set if fs info shared between processes */

#define CLONE_FILES	0x00000400	
/* set if open files shared between processes */

#define CLONE_SIGHAND	0x00000800	
/* set if signal handlers and blocked signals shared */

#define CLONE_PTRACE	0x00002000	
/* set if we want to let tracing continue on the child too */

#define CLONE_VFORK	0x00004000	
/* set if the parent wants the child to wake it up on mm_release */

#define CLONE_PARENT	0x00008000	
/* set if we want to have the same parent as the cloner */

#define CLONE_THREAD	0x00010000	
/* Same thread group? */

#define CLONE_NEWNS	0x00020000	
/* New mount namespace group */

#define CLONE_SYSVSEM	0x00040000	
/* share system V SEM_UNDO semantics */

#define CLONE_SETTLS	0x00080000	
/* create a new TLS for the child */

#define CLONE_PARENT_SETTID	0x00100000	
/* set the TID in the parent */

#define CLONE_CHILD_CLEARTID	0x00200000	
/* clear the TID in the child */

#define CLONE_DETACHED		0x00400000	
/* Unused, ignored */

#define CLONE_UNTRACED		0x00800000	
/* set if the tracing process can't force CLONE_PTRACE on this clone */

#define CLONE_CHILD_SETTID	0x01000000	
/* set the TID in the child */

#define CLONE_NEWCGROUP		0x02000000	
/* New cgroup namespace */

#define CLONE_NEWUTS		0x04000000	
/* New utsname namespace */

#define CLONE_NEWIPC		0x08000000	
/* New ipc namespace */

#define CLONE_NEWUSER		0x10000000	
/* New user namespace */

#define CLONE_NEWPID		0x20000000	
/* New pid namespace */

#define CLONE_NEWNET		0x40000000	
/* New network namespace */

#define CLONE_IO		0x80000000	
/* Clone io context */

 * Scheduling policies

#define SCHED_NORMAL		0

#define SCHED_FIFO		1

#define SCHED_RR		2

#define SCHED_BATCH		3
/* SCHED_ISO: reserved but not implemented yet */

#define SCHED_IDLE		5


/* Can be ORed in to make sure the process is reverted back to SCHED_NORMAL on fork */

#define SCHED_RESET_ON_FORK     0x40000000

 * For the sched_{set,get}attr() calls


#endif /* _UAPI_LINUX_SCHED_H */

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