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Release 4.12 include/uapi/linux/vfio_ccw.h

 * Interfaces for vfio-ccw
 * Copyright IBM Corp. 2017
 * Author(s): Dong Jia Shi <>

#ifndef _VFIO_CCW_H_

#define _VFIO_CCW_H_

#include <linux/types.h>

struct ccw_io_region {

#define ORB_AREA_SIZE 12
__u8	orb_area[ORB_AREA_SIZE];

#define SCSW_AREA_SIZE 12
__u8	scsw_area[SCSW_AREA_SIZE];

#define IRB_AREA_SIZE 96
__u8	irb_area[IRB_AREA_SIZE];
__u32	ret_code;

} __packed;


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