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Release 4.14 drivers/fmc/fmc-write-eeprom.c

Directory: drivers/fmc
 * Copyright (C) 2012 CERN (
 * Author: Alessandro Rubini <>
 * Released according to the GNU GPL, version 2 or any later version.
 * This work is part of the White Rabbit project, a research effort led
 * by CERN, the European Institute for Nuclear Research.
#include <linux/module.h>
#include <linux/string.h>
#include <linux/firmware.h>
#include <linux/init.h>
#include <linux/fmc.h>
#include <asm/unaligned.h>

 * This module uses the firmware loader to program the whole or part
 * of the FMC eeprom. The meat is in the _run functions.  However, no
 * default file name is provided, to avoid accidental mishaps. Also,
 * you must pass the busid argument

static struct fmc_driver fwe_drv;


/* The "file=" is like the generic "gateware=" used elsewhere */

static char *fwe_file[FMC_MAX_CARDS];

static int fwe_file_n;
module_param_array_named(file, fwe_file, charp, &fwe_file_n, 0444);

static int fwe_run_tlv(struct fmc_device *fmc, const struct firmware *fw, int write) { const uint8_t *p = fw->data; int len = fw->size; uint16_t thislen, thisaddr; int err; /* format is: 'w' addr16 len16 data... */ while (len > 5) { thisaddr = get_unaligned_le16(p+1); thislen = get_unaligned_le16(p+3); if (p[0] != 'w' || thislen + 5 > len) { dev_err(&fmc->dev, "invalid tlv at offset %ti\n", p - fw->data); return -EINVAL; } err = 0; if (write) { dev_info(&fmc->dev, "write %i bytes at 0x%04x\n", thislen, thisaddr); err = fmc_write_ee(fmc, thisaddr, p + 5, thislen); } if (err < 0) { dev_err(&fmc->dev, "write failure @0x%04x\n", thisaddr); return err; } p += 5 + thislen; len -= 5 + thislen; } if (write) dev_info(&fmc->dev, "write_eeprom: success\n"); return 0; }


Alessandro Rubini19899.50%150.00%
Federico Vaga10.50%150.00%

static int fwe_run_bin(struct fmc_device *fmc, const struct firmware *fw) { int ret; dev_info(&fmc->dev, "programming %zi bytes\n", fw->size); ret = fmc_write_ee(fmc, 0, (void *)fw->data, fw->size); if (ret < 0) { dev_info(&fmc->dev, "write_eeprom: error %i\n", ret); return ret; } dev_info(&fmc->dev, "write_eeprom: success\n"); return 0; }


Alessandro Rubini9098.90%150.00%
Federico Vaga11.10%150.00%

static int fwe_run(struct fmc_device *fmc, const struct firmware *fw, char *s) { char *last4 = s + strlen(s) - 4; int err; if (!strcmp(last4, ".bin")) return fwe_run_bin(fmc, fw); if (!strcmp(last4, ".tlv")) { err = fwe_run_tlv(fmc, fw, 0); if (!err) err = fwe_run_tlv(fmc, fw, 1); return err; } dev_err(&fmc->dev, "invalid file name \"%s\"\n", s); return -EINVAL; }


Alessandro Rubini113100.00%1100.00%

/* * Programming is done at probe time. Morever, only those listed with * busid= are programmed. * card is probed for, only one is programmed. Unfortunately, it's * difficult to know in advance when probing the first card if others * are there. */
static int fwe_probe(struct fmc_device *fmc) { int err, index = 0; const struct firmware *fw; struct device *dev = &fmc->dev; char *s; if (!fwe_drv.busid_n) { dev_err(dev, "%s: no busid passed, refusing all cards\n", KBUILD_MODNAME); return -ENODEV; } index = fmc_validate(fmc, &fwe_drv); if (index < 0) { pr_err("%s: refusing device \"%s\"\n", KBUILD_MODNAME, dev_name(dev)); return -ENODEV; } if (index >= fwe_file_n) { pr_err("%s: no filename for device index %i\n", KBUILD_MODNAME, index); return -ENODEV; } s = fwe_file[index]; if (!s) { pr_err("%s: no filename for \"%s\" not programming\n", KBUILD_MODNAME, dev_name(dev)); return -ENOENT; } err = request_firmware(&fw, s, dev); if (err < 0) { dev_err(&fmc->dev, "request firmware \"%s\": error %i\n", s, err); return err; } fwe_run(fmc, fw, s); release_firmware(fw); return 0; }


Alessandro Rubini19798.99%133.33%
Federico Vaga10.50%133.33%
Jingoo Han10.50%133.33%

static int fwe_remove(struct fmc_device *fmc) { return 0; }


Alessandro Rubini1392.86%150.00%
Jingoo Han17.14%150.00%

static struct fmc_driver fwe_drv = { .version = FMC_VERSION, = KBUILD_MODNAME, .probe = fwe_probe, .remove = fwe_remove, /* no table, as the current match just matches everything */ };
static int fwe_init(void) { int ret; ret = fmc_driver_register(&fwe_drv); return ret; }


Alessandro Rubini22100.00%1100.00%

static void fwe_exit(void) { fmc_driver_unregister(&fwe_drv); }


Alessandro Rubini14100.00%1100.00%

module_init(fwe_init); module_exit(fwe_exit); MODULE_LICENSE("GPL");

Overall Contributors

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Federico Vaga30.40%125.00%
Jingoo Han20.26%125.00%
Joe Perches10.13%125.00%
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