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Release 4.14 drivers/isdn/i4l/isdn_concap.c

Directory: drivers/isdn/i4l
/* $Id: isdn_concap.c,v 2004/01/12 22:37:19 keil Exp $
 * Linux ISDN subsystem, protocol encapsulation
 * This software may be used and distributed according to the terms
 * of the GNU General Public License, incorporated herein by reference.

/* Stuff to support the concap_proto by isdn4linux. isdn4linux - specific
 * stuff goes here. Stuff that depends only on the concap protocol goes to
 * another -- protocol specific -- source file.

#include <linux/isdn.h>
#include "isdn_x25iface.h"
#include "isdn_net.h"
#include <linux/concap.h>
#include "isdn_concap.h"

/* The following set of device service operations are for encapsulation
   protocols that require for reliable datalink semantics. That means:

   - before any data is to be submitted the connection must explicitly
   be set up.
   - after the successful set up of the connection is signalled the
   connection is considered to be reliably up.

   Auto-dialing ist not compatible with this requirements. Thus, auto-dialing
   is completely bypassed.

   It might be possible to implement a (non standardized) datalink protocol
   that provides a reliable data link service while using some auto dialing
   mechanism. Such a protocol would need an auxiliary channel (i.e. user-user-
   signaling on the D-channel) while the B-channel is down.

static int isdn_concap_dl_data_req(struct concap_proto *concap, struct sk_buff *skb) { struct net_device *ndev = concap->net_dev; isdn_net_dev *nd = ((isdn_net_local *) netdev_priv(ndev))->netdev; isdn_net_local *lp = isdn_net_get_locked_lp(nd); IX25DEBUG("isdn_concap_dl_data_req: %s \n", concap->net_dev->name); if (!lp) { IX25DEBUG("isdn_concap_dl_data_req: %s : isdn_net_send_skb returned %d\n", concap->net_dev->name, 1); return 1; } lp->huptimer = 0; isdn_net_writebuf_skb(lp, skb); spin_unlock_bh(&lp->xmit_lock); IX25DEBUG("isdn_concap_dl_data_req: %s : isdn_net_send_skb returned %d\n", concap->net_dev->name, 0); return 0; }


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Wang Chen32.46%116.67%
Andrew Morton10.82%116.67%
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static int isdn_concap_dl_connect_req(struct concap_proto *concap) { struct net_device *ndev = concap->net_dev; isdn_net_local *lp = netdev_priv(ndev); int ret; IX25DEBUG("isdn_concap_dl_connect_req: %s \n", ndev->name); /* dial ... */ ret = isdn_net_dial_req(lp); if (ret) IX25DEBUG("dialing failed\n"); return ret; }


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Andrew Morton11.64%116.67%
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static int isdn_concap_dl_disconn_req(struct concap_proto *concap) { IX25DEBUG("isdn_concap_dl_disconn_req: %s \n", concap->net_dev->name); isdn_net_hangup(concap->net_dev); return 0; }


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struct concap_device_ops isdn_concap_reliable_dl_dops = { .data_req = &isdn_concap_dl_data_req, .connect_req = &isdn_concap_dl_connect_req, .disconn_req = &isdn_concap_dl_disconn_req }; /* The following should better go into a dedicated source file such that this sourcefile does not need to include any protocol specific header files. For now: */
struct concap_proto *isdn_concap_new(int encap) { switch (encap) { case ISDN_NET_ENCAP_X25IFACE: return isdn_x25iface_proto_new(); } return NULL; }


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Directory: drivers/isdn/i4l
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