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Release 4.14 drivers/sbus/char/bbc_i2c.h

/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
#ifndef _BBC_I2C_H

#define _BBC_I2C_H

#include <linux/of.h>
#include <linux/of_device.h>
#include <linux/list.h>

struct bbc_i2c_client {
struct bbc_i2c_bus		*bp;
struct platform_device		*op;
int				bus;
int				address;


struct bbc_cpu_temperature {
struct list_head		bp_list;
struct list_head		glob_list;

struct bbc_i2c_client		*client;
int				index;

	/* Current readings, and history. */
s8				curr_cpu_temp;
s8				curr_amb_temp;
s8				prev_cpu_temp;
s8				prev_amb_temp;
s8				avg_cpu_temp;
s8				avg_amb_temp;

int				sample_tick;

enum fan_action			fan_todo[2];

#define FAN_AMBIENT	0

#define FAN_CPU		1

struct bbc_fan_control {
struct list_head		bp_list;
struct list_head		glob_list;

struct bbc_i2c_client 		*client;
int 				index;

int				psupply_fan_on;
int				cpu_fan_speed;
int				system_fan_speed;

#define NUM_CHILDREN	8

struct bbc_i2c_bus {
struct bbc_i2c_bus		*next;
int				index;
spinlock_t			lock;
void				__iomem *i2c_bussel_reg;
void				__iomem *i2c_control_regs;

unsigned char			own, clock;

wait_queue_head_t		wq;
volatile int			waiting;

struct list_head		temps;
struct list_head		fans;

struct platform_device		*op;
	struct {
struct platform_device	*device;
int			client_claimed;

/* Probing and attachment. */
extern struct platform_device *bbc_i2c_getdev(struct bbc_i2c_bus *, int);
extern struct bbc_i2c_client *bbc_i2c_attach(struct bbc_i2c_bus *bp, struct platform_device *);
extern void bbc_i2c_detach(struct bbc_i2c_client *);

/* Register read/write.  NOTE: Blocking! */
extern int bbc_i2c_writeb(struct bbc_i2c_client *, unsigned char val, int off);
extern int bbc_i2c_readb(struct bbc_i2c_client *, unsigned char *byte, int off);
extern int bbc_i2c_write_buf(struct bbc_i2c_client *, char *buf, int len, int off);
extern int bbc_i2c_read_buf(struct bbc_i2c_client *, char *buf, int len, int off);

#endif /* _BBC_I2C_H */

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