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Release 4.14 drivers/thunderbolt/ctl.h

/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
 * Thunderbolt Cactus Ridge driver - control channel and configuration commands
 * Copyright (c) 2014 Andreas Noever <>

#ifndef _TB_CFG

#define _TB_CFG

#include <linux/kref.h>

#include "nhi.h"
#include "tb_msgs.h"

/* control channel */
struct tb_ctl;

typedef void (*event_cb)(void *data, enum tb_cfg_pkg_type type,
			 const void *buf, size_t size);

struct tb_ctl *tb_ctl_alloc(struct tb_nhi *nhi, event_cb cb, void *cb_data);
void tb_ctl_start(struct tb_ctl *ctl);
void tb_ctl_stop(struct tb_ctl *ctl);
void tb_ctl_free(struct tb_ctl *ctl);

/* configuration commands */

/* msec */

struct tb_cfg_result {
u64 response_route;
u32 response_port; /*
                            * If err = 1 then this is the port that send the
                            * error.
                            * If err = 0 and if this was a cfg_read/write then
                            * this is the the upstream port of the responding
                            * switch.
                            * Otherwise the field is set to zero.
int err; /* negative errors, 0 for success, 1 for tb errors */
enum tb_cfg_error tb_error; /* valid if err == 1 */

struct ctl_pkg {
struct tb_ctl *ctl;
void *buffer;
struct ring_frame frame;

 * struct tb_cfg_request - Control channel request
 * @kref: Reference count
 * @ctl: Pointer to the control channel structure. Only set when the
 *       request is queued.
 * @request_size: Size of the request packet (in bytes)
 * @request_type: Type of the request packet
 * @response: Response is stored here
 * @response_size: Maximum size of one response packet
 * @response_type: Expected type of the response packet
 * @npackets: Number of packets expected to be returned with this request
 * @match: Function used to match the incoming packet
 * @copy: Function used to copy the incoming packet to @response
 * @callback: Callback called when the request is finished successfully
 * @callback_data: Data to be passed to @callback
 * @flags: Flags for the request
 * @work: Work item used to complete the request
 * @result: Result after the request has been completed
 * @list: Requests are queued using this field
 * An arbitrary request over Thunderbolt control channel. For standard
 * control channel message, one should use tb_cfg_read/write() and
 * friends if possible.

struct tb_cfg_request {
struct kref kref;
struct tb_ctl *ctl;
const void *request;
size_t request_size;
enum tb_cfg_pkg_type request_type;
void *response;
size_t response_size;
enum tb_cfg_pkg_type response_type;
size_t npackets;
bool (*match)(const struct tb_cfg_request *req,
		      const struct ctl_pkg *pkg);
bool (*copy)(struct tb_cfg_request *req, const struct ctl_pkg *pkg);
void (*callback)(void *callback_data);
void *callback_data;
unsigned long flags;
struct work_struct work;
struct tb_cfg_result result;
struct list_head list;



struct tb_cfg_request *tb_cfg_request_alloc(void);
void tb_cfg_request_get(struct tb_cfg_request *req);
void tb_cfg_request_put(struct tb_cfg_request *req);
int tb_cfg_request(struct tb_ctl *ctl, struct tb_cfg_request *req,
		   void (*callback)(void *), void *callback_data);
void tb_cfg_request_cancel(struct tb_cfg_request *req, int err);
struct tb_cfg_result tb_cfg_request_sync(struct tb_ctl *ctl,
			struct tb_cfg_request *req, int timeout_msec);

static inline u64 tb_cfg_get_route(const struct tb_cfg_header *header) { return (u64) header->route_hi << 32 | header->route_lo; }


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static inline struct tb_cfg_header tb_cfg_make_header(u64 route) { struct tb_cfg_header header = { .route_hi = route >> 32, .route_lo = route, }; /* check for overflow, route_hi is not 32 bits! */ WARN_ON(tb_cfg_get_route(&header) != route); return header; }


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int tb_cfg_error(struct tb_ctl *ctl, u64 route, u32 port, enum tb_cfg_error error); struct tb_cfg_result tb_cfg_reset(struct tb_ctl *ctl, u64 route, int timeout_msec); struct tb_cfg_result tb_cfg_read_raw(struct tb_ctl *ctl, void *buffer, u64 route, u32 port, enum tb_cfg_space space, u32 offset, u32 length, int timeout_msec); struct tb_cfg_result tb_cfg_write_raw(struct tb_ctl *ctl, const void *buffer, u64 route, u32 port, enum tb_cfg_space space, u32 offset, u32 length, int timeout_msec); int tb_cfg_read(struct tb_ctl *ctl, void *buffer, u64 route, u32 port, enum tb_cfg_space space, u32 offset, u32 length); int tb_cfg_write(struct tb_ctl *ctl, const void *buffer, u64 route, u32 port, enum tb_cfg_space space, u32 offset, u32 length); int tb_cfg_get_upstream_port(struct tb_ctl *ctl, u64 route); #endif

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