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 * Ultra Wide Band
 * Information Element Handling
 * Copyright (C) 2005-2006 Intel Corporation
 * Inaky Perez-Gonzalez <>
 * Reinette Chatre <>
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version
 * 2 as published by the Free Software Foundation.
 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * GNU General Public License for more details.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
 * Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA
 * 02110-1301, USA.
 * FIXME: docs

#include <linux/slab.h>
#include <linux/export.h>
#include "uwb-internal.h"

 * uwb_ie_next - get the next IE in a buffer
 * @ptr: start of the buffer containing the IE data
 * @len: length of the buffer
 * Both @ptr and @len are updated so subsequent calls to uwb_ie_next()
 * will get the next IE.
 * NULL is returned (and @ptr and @len will not be updated) if there
 * are no more IEs in the buffer or the buffer is too short.

struct uwb_ie_hdr *uwb_ie_next(void **ptr, size_t *len) { struct uwb_ie_hdr *hdr; size_t ie_len; if (*len < sizeof(struct uwb_ie_hdr)) return NULL; hdr = *ptr; ie_len = sizeof(struct uwb_ie_hdr) + hdr->length; if (*len < ie_len) return NULL; *ptr += ie_len; *len -= ie_len; return hdr; }


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EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL(uwb_ie_next); /** * uwb_ie_dump_hex - print IEs to a character buffer * @ies: the IEs to print. * @len: length of all the IEs. * @buf: the destination buffer. * @size: size of @buf. * * Returns the number of characters written. */
int uwb_ie_dump_hex(const struct uwb_ie_hdr *ies, size_t len, char *buf, size_t size) { void *ptr; const struct uwb_ie_hdr *ie; int r = 0; u8 *d; ptr = (void *)ies; for (;;) { ie = uwb_ie_next(&ptr, &len); if (!ie) break; r += scnprintf(buf + r, size - r, "%02x %02x", (unsigned)ie->element_id, (unsigned)ie->length); d = (uint8_t *)ie + sizeof(struct uwb_ie_hdr); while (d != ptr && r < size) r += scnprintf(buf + r, size - r, " %02x", (unsigned)*d++); if (r < size) buf[r++] = '\n'; }; return r; }


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/** * Get the IEs that a radio controller is sending in its beacon * * @uwb_rc: UWB Radio Controller * @returns: Size read from the system * * We don't need to lock the uwb_rc's mutex because we don't modify * anything. Once done with the iedata buffer, call * uwb_rc_ie_release(iedata). Don't call kfree on it. */
static ssize_t uwb_rc_get_ie(struct uwb_rc *uwb_rc, struct uwb_rc_evt_get_ie **pget_ie) { ssize_t result; struct device *dev = &uwb_rc->; struct uwb_rccb *cmd = NULL; struct uwb_rceb *reply = NULL; struct uwb_rc_evt_get_ie *get_ie; cmd = kzalloc(sizeof(*cmd), GFP_KERNEL); if (cmd == NULL) return -ENOMEM; cmd->bCommandType = UWB_RC_CET_GENERAL; cmd->wCommand = cpu_to_le16(UWB_RC_CMD_GET_IE); result = uwb_rc_vcmd(uwb_rc, "GET_IE", cmd, sizeof(*cmd), UWB_RC_CET_GENERAL, UWB_RC_CMD_GET_IE, &reply); kfree(cmd); if (result < 0) return result; get_ie = container_of(reply, struct uwb_rc_evt_get_ie, rceb); if (result < sizeof(*get_ie)) { dev_err(dev, "not enough data returned for decoding GET IE " "(%zu bytes received vs %zu needed)\n", result, sizeof(*get_ie)); return -EINVAL; } else if (result < sizeof(*get_ie) + le16_to_cpu(get_ie->wIELength)) { dev_err(dev, "not enough data returned for decoding GET IE " "payload (%zu bytes received vs %zu needed)\n", result, sizeof(*get_ie) + le16_to_cpu(get_ie->wIELength)); return -EINVAL; } *pget_ie = get_ie; return result; }


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David Vrabel177.52%150.00%

/** * Replace all IEs currently being transmitted by a device * * @cmd: pointer to the SET-IE command with the IEs to set * @size: size of @buf */
int uwb_rc_set_ie(struct uwb_rc *rc, struct uwb_rc_cmd_set_ie *cmd) { int result; struct device *dev = &rc->; struct uwb_rc_evt_set_ie reply; reply.rceb.bEventType = UWB_RC_CET_GENERAL; reply.rceb.wEvent = UWB_RC_CMD_SET_IE; result = uwb_rc_cmd(rc, "SET-IE", &cmd->rccb, sizeof(*cmd) + le16_to_cpu(cmd->wIELength), &reply.rceb, sizeof(reply)); if (result < 0) goto error_cmd; else if (result != sizeof(reply)) { dev_err(dev, "SET-IE: not enough data to decode reply " "(%d bytes received vs %zu needed)\n", result, sizeof(reply)); result = -EIO; } else if (reply.bResultCode != UWB_RC_RES_SUCCESS) { dev_err(dev, "SET-IE: command execution failed: %s (%d)\n", uwb_rc_strerror(reply.bResultCode), reply.bResultCode); result = -EIO; } else result = 0; error_cmd: return result; }


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David Vrabel5733.14%150.00%

/* Cleanup the whole IE management subsystem */
void uwb_rc_ie_init(struct uwb_rc *uwb_rc) { mutex_init(&uwb_rc->ies_mutex); }


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/** * uwb_rc_ie_setup - setup a radio controller's IE manager * @uwb_rc: the radio controller. * * The current set of IEs are obtained from the hardware with a GET-IE * command (since the radio controller is not yet beaconing this will * be just the hardware's MAC and PHY Capability IEs). * * Returns 0 on success; -ve on an error. */
int uwb_rc_ie_setup(struct uwb_rc *uwb_rc) { struct uwb_rc_evt_get_ie *ie_info = NULL; int capacity; capacity = uwb_rc_get_ie(uwb_rc, &ie_info); if (capacity < 0) return capacity; mutex_lock(&uwb_rc->ies_mutex); uwb_rc->ies = (struct uwb_rc_cmd_set_ie *)ie_info; uwb_rc->ies->rccb.bCommandType = UWB_RC_CET_GENERAL; uwb_rc->ies->rccb.wCommand = cpu_to_le16(UWB_RC_CMD_SET_IE); uwb_rc->ies_capacity = capacity; mutex_unlock(&uwb_rc->ies_mutex); return 0; }


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/* Cleanup the whole IE management subsystem */
void uwb_rc_ie_release(struct uwb_rc *uwb_rc) { kfree(uwb_rc->ies); uwb_rc->ies = NULL; uwb_rc->ies_capacity = 0; }


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static int uwb_rc_ie_add_one(struct uwb_rc *rc, const struct uwb_ie_hdr *new_ie) { struct uwb_rc_cmd_set_ie *new_ies; void *ptr, *prev_ie; struct uwb_ie_hdr *ie; size_t length, new_ie_len, new_capacity, size, prev_size; length = le16_to_cpu(rc->ies->wIELength); new_ie_len = sizeof(struct uwb_ie_hdr) + new_ie->length; new_capacity = sizeof(struct uwb_rc_cmd_set_ie) + length + new_ie_len; if (new_capacity > rc->ies_capacity) { new_ies = krealloc(rc->ies, new_capacity, GFP_KERNEL); if (!new_ies) return -ENOMEM; rc->ies = new_ies; } ptr = rc->ies->IEData; size = length; for (;;) { prev_ie = ptr; prev_size = size; ie = uwb_ie_next(&ptr, &size); if (!ie || ie->element_id > new_ie->element_id) break; } memmove(prev_ie + new_ie_len, prev_ie, prev_size); memcpy(prev_ie, new_ie, new_ie_len); rc->ies->wIELength = cpu_to_le16(length + new_ie_len); return 0; }


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/** * uwb_rc_ie_add - add new IEs to the radio controller's beacon * @uwb_rc: the radio controller. * @ies: the buffer containing the new IE or IEs to be added to * the device's beacon. * @size: length of all the IEs. * * According to WHCI 0.95 [4.13.6] the driver will only receive the RCEB * after the device sent the first beacon that includes the IEs specified * in the SET IE command. We thus cannot send this command if the device is * not beaconing. Instead, a SET IE command will be sent later right after * we start beaconing. * * Setting an IE on the device will overwrite all current IEs in device. So * we take the current IEs being transmitted by the device, insert the * new one, and call SET IE with all the IEs needed. * * Returns 0 on success; or -ENOMEM. */
int uwb_rc_ie_add(struct uwb_rc *uwb_rc, const struct uwb_ie_hdr *ies, size_t size) { int result = 0; void *ptr; const struct uwb_ie_hdr *ie; mutex_lock(&uwb_rc->ies_mutex); ptr = (void *)ies; for (;;) { ie = uwb_ie_next(&ptr, &size); if (!ie) break; result = uwb_rc_ie_add_one(uwb_rc, ie); if (result < 0) break; } if (result >= 0) { if (size == 0) { if (uwb_rc->beaconing != -1) result = uwb_rc_set_ie(uwb_rc, uwb_rc->ies); } else result = -EINVAL; } mutex_unlock(&uwb_rc->ies_mutex); return result; }


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EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL(uwb_rc_ie_add); /* * Remove an IE from internal cache * * We are dealing with our internal IE cache so no need to verify that the * IEs are valid (it has been done already). * * Should be called with ies_mutex held * * We do not break out once an IE is found in the cache. It is currently * possible to have more than one IE with the same ID included in the * beacon. We don't reallocate, we just mark the size smaller. */
static void uwb_rc_ie_cache_rm(struct uwb_rc *uwb_rc, enum uwb_ie to_remove) { struct uwb_ie_hdr *ie; size_t len = le16_to_cpu(uwb_rc->ies->wIELength); void *ptr; size_t size; ptr = uwb_rc->ies->IEData; size = len; for (;;) { ie = uwb_ie_next(&ptr, &size); if (!ie) break; if (ie->element_id == to_remove) { len -= sizeof(struct uwb_ie_hdr) + ie->length; memmove(ie, ptr, size); ptr = ie; } } uwb_rc->ies->wIELength = cpu_to_le16(len); }


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/** * uwb_rc_ie_rm - remove an IE from the radio controller's beacon * @uwb_rc: the radio controller. * @element_id: the element ID of the IE to remove. * * Only IEs previously added with uwb_rc_ie_add() may be removed. * * Returns 0 on success; or -ve the SET-IE command to the radio * controller failed. */
int uwb_rc_ie_rm(struct uwb_rc *uwb_rc, enum uwb_ie element_id) { int result = 0; mutex_lock(&uwb_rc->ies_mutex); uwb_rc_ie_cache_rm(uwb_rc, element_id); if (uwb_rc->beaconing != -1) result = uwb_rc_set_ie(uwb_rc, uwb_rc->ies); mutex_unlock(&uwb_rc->ies_mutex); return result; }


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