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Release 4.14 net/bridge/br_forward.c

Directory: net/bridge
 *      Forwarding decision
 *      Linux ethernet bridge
 *      Authors:
 *      Lennert Buytenhek               <>
 *      This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 *      modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
 *      as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version
 *      2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

#include <linux/err.h>
#include <linux/slab.h>
#include <linux/kernel.h>
#include <linux/netdevice.h>
#include <linux/netpoll.h>
#include <linux/skbuff.h>
#include <linux/if_vlan.h>
#include <linux/netfilter_bridge.h>
#include "br_private.h"

/* Don't forward packets to originating port or forwarding disabled */

static inline int should_deliver(const struct net_bridge_port *p, const struct sk_buff *skb) { struct net_bridge_vlan_group *vg; vg = nbp_vlan_group_rcu(p); return ((p->flags & BR_HAIRPIN_MODE) || skb->dev != p->dev) && br_allowed_egress(vg, skb) && p->state == BR_STATE_FORWARDING && nbp_switchdev_allowed_egress(p, skb); }


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Stephen Hemminger710.00%222.22%
Ido Schimmel710.00%111.11%
Vlad Yasevich68.57%111.11%
Linus Torvalds11.43%111.11%

int br_dev_queue_push_xmit(struct net *net, struct sock *sk, struct sk_buff *skb) { if (!is_skb_forwardable(skb->dev, skb)) goto drop; skb_push(skb, ETH_HLEN); br_drop_fake_rtable(skb); if (skb->ip_summed == CHECKSUM_PARTIAL && (skb->protocol == htons(ETH_P_8021Q) || skb->protocol == htons(ETH_P_8021AD))) { int depth; if (!__vlan_get_protocol(skb, skb->protocol, &depth)) goto drop; skb_set_network_header(skb, depth); } dev_queue_xmit(skb); return 0; drop: kfree_skb(skb); return 0; }


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Vlad Yasevich32.44%110.00%
Vlad Drukker21.63%110.00%
Bart De Schuymer10.81%110.00%

int br_forward_finish(struct net *net, struct sock *sk, struct sk_buff *skb) { return NF_HOOK(NFPROTO_BRIDGE, NF_BR_POST_ROUTING, net, sk, skb, NULL, skb->dev, br_dev_queue_push_xmit); }


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Eric W. Biedermann716.67%228.57%
Bart De Schuymer24.76%114.29%
Jan Engelhardt12.38%114.29%
Stephen Hemminger12.38%114.29%

static void __br_forward(const struct net_bridge_port *to, struct sk_buff *skb, bool local_orig) { struct net_bridge_vlan_group *vg; struct net_device *indev; struct net *net; int br_hook; vg = nbp_vlan_group_rcu(to); skb = br_handle_vlan(to->br, to, vg, skb); if (!skb) return; indev = skb->dev; skb->dev = to->dev; if (!local_orig) { if (skb_warn_if_lro(skb)) { kfree_skb(skb); return; } br_hook = NF_BR_FORWARD; skb_forward_csum(skb); net = dev_net(indev); } else { if (unlikely(netpoll_tx_running(to->br->dev))) { if (!is_skb_forwardable(skb->dev, skb)) { kfree_skb(skb); } else { skb_push(skb, ETH_HLEN); br_netpoll_send_skb(to, skb); } return; } br_hook = NF_BR_LOCAL_OUT; net = dev_net(skb->dev); indev = NULL; } NF_HOOK(NFPROTO_BRIDGE, br_hook, net, NULL, skb, indev, skb->dev, br_forward_finish); }


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Roopa Prabhu20.94%17.14%
Stephen Hemminger10.47%17.14%
Bart De Schuymer10.47%17.14%

static int deliver_clone(const struct net_bridge_port *prev, struct sk_buff *skb, bool local_orig) { struct net_device *dev = BR_INPUT_SKB_CB(skb)->brdev; skb = skb_clone(skb, GFP_ATOMIC); if (!skb) { dev->stats.tx_dropped++; return -ENOMEM; } __br_forward(prev, skb, local_orig); return 0; }


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Linus Torvalds1014.08%114.29%
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/** * br_forward - forward a packet to a specific port * @to: destination port * @skb: packet being forwarded * @local_rcv: packet will be received locally after forwarding * @local_orig: packet is locally originated * * Should be called with rcu_read_lock. */
void br_forward(const struct net_bridge_port *to, struct sk_buff *skb, bool local_rcv, bool local_orig) { if (to && should_deliver(to, skb)) { if (local_rcv) deliver_clone(to, skb, local_orig); else __br_forward(to, skb, local_orig); return; } if (!local_rcv) kfree_skb(skb); }


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Herbert Xu1724.64%222.22%
Linus Torvalds (pre-git)1724.64%111.11%
Roopa Prabhu22.90%111.11%
Stephen Hemminger11.45%111.11%
Michael Braun11.45%111.11%
Linus Torvalds11.45%111.11%

static struct net_bridge_port *maybe_deliver( struct net_bridge_port *prev, struct net_bridge_port *p, struct sk_buff *skb, bool local_orig) { int err; if (!should_deliver(p, skb)) return prev; if (!prev) goto out; err = deliver_clone(prev, skb, local_orig); if (err) return ERR_PTR(err); out: return p; }


Herbert Xu7396.05%150.00%
Nikolay Aleksandrov33.95%150.00%

/* called under rcu_read_lock */
void br_flood(struct net_bridge *br, struct sk_buff *skb, enum br_pkt_type pkt_type, bool local_rcv, bool local_orig) { u8 igmp_type = br_multicast_igmp_type(skb); struct net_bridge_port *prev = NULL; struct net_bridge_port *p; list_for_each_entry_rcu(p, &br->port_list, list) { /* Do not flood unicast traffic to ports that turn it off, nor * other traffic if flood off, except for traffic we originate */ switch (pkt_type) { case BR_PKT_UNICAST: if (!(p->flags & BR_FLOOD)) continue; break; case BR_PKT_MULTICAST: if (!(p->flags & BR_MCAST_FLOOD) && skb->dev != br->dev) continue; break; case BR_PKT_BROADCAST: if (!(p->flags & BR_BCAST_FLOOD) && skb->dev != br->dev) continue; break; } /* Do not flood to ports that enable proxy ARP */ if (p->flags & BR_PROXYARP) continue; if ((p->flags & BR_PROXYARP_WIFI) && BR_INPUT_SKB_CB(skb)->proxyarp_replied) continue; prev = maybe_deliver(prev, p, skb, local_orig); if (IS_ERR(prev)) goto out; if (prev == p) br_multicast_count(p->br, p, skb, igmp_type, BR_MCAST_DIR_TX); } if (!prev) goto out; if (local_rcv) deliver_clone(prev, skb, local_orig); else __br_forward(prev, skb, local_orig); return; out: if (!local_rcv) kfree_skb(skb); }


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Vlad Yasevich135.37%16.25%
Kyeyoon Park104.13%16.25%
Stephen Hemminger83.31%212.50%

static void maybe_deliver_addr(struct net_bridge_port *p, struct sk_buff *skb, const unsigned char *addr, bool local_orig) { struct net_device *dev = BR_INPUT_SKB_CB(skb)->brdev; const unsigned char *src = eth_hdr(skb)->h_source; if (!should_deliver(p, skb)) return; /* Even with hairpin, no soliloquies - prevent breaking IPv6 DAD */ if (skb->dev == p->dev && ether_addr_equal(src, addr)) return; skb = skb_copy(skb, GFP_ATOMIC); if (!skb) { dev->stats.tx_dropped++; return; } if (!is_broadcast_ether_addr(addr)) memcpy(eth_hdr(skb)->h_dest, addr, ETH_ALEN); __br_forward(p, skb, local_orig); }


Arnd Bergmann135100.00%1100.00%

/* called with rcu_read_lock */
void br_multicast_flood(struct net_bridge_mdb_entry *mdst, struct sk_buff *skb, bool local_rcv, bool local_orig) { struct net_device *dev = BR_INPUT_SKB_CB(skb)->brdev; u8 igmp_type = br_multicast_igmp_type(skb); struct net_bridge *br = netdev_priv(dev); struct net_bridge_port *prev = NULL; struct net_bridge_port_group *p; struct hlist_node *rp; rp = rcu_dereference(hlist_first_rcu(&br->router_list)); p = mdst ? rcu_dereference(mdst->ports) : NULL; while (p || rp) { struct net_bridge_port *port, *lport, *rport; lport = p ? p->port : NULL; rport = rp ? hlist_entry(rp, struct net_bridge_port, rlist) : NULL; if ((unsigned long)lport > (unsigned long)rport) { port = lport; if (port->flags & BR_MULTICAST_TO_UNICAST) { maybe_deliver_addr(lport, skb, p->eth_addr, local_orig); goto delivered; } } else { port = rport; } prev = maybe_deliver(prev, port, skb, local_orig); delivered: if (IS_ERR(prev)) goto out; if (prev == port) br_multicast_count(port->br, port, skb, igmp_type, BR_MCAST_DIR_TX); if ((unsigned long)lport >= (unsigned long)port) p = rcu_dereference(p->next); if ((unsigned long)rport >= (unsigned long)port) rp = rcu_dereference(hlist_next_rcu(rp)); } if (!prev) goto out; if (local_rcv) deliver_clone(prev, skb, local_orig); else __br_forward(prev, skb, local_orig); return; out: if (!local_rcv) kfree_skb(skb); }


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