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Release 4.14 net/caif/cfveil.c

Directory: net/caif
 * Copyright (C) ST-Ericsson AB 2010
 * Author:      Sjur Brendeland
 * License terms: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2

#define pr_fmt(fmt) KBUILD_MODNAME ":%s(): " fmt, __func__

#include <linux/stddef.h>
#include <linux/slab.h>
#include <net/caif/caif_layer.h>
#include <net/caif/cfsrvl.h>
#include <net/caif/cfpkt.h>

#define VEI_PAYLOAD  0x00

#define VEI_CMD_BIT  0x80

#define VEI_FLOW_OFF 0x81

#define VEI_FLOW_ON  0x80

#define VEI_SET_PIN  0x82

#define container_obj(layr) container_of(layr, struct cfsrvl, layer)

static int cfvei_receive(struct cflayer *layr, struct cfpkt *pkt);
static int cfvei_transmit(struct cflayer *layr, struct cfpkt *pkt);

struct cflayer *cfvei_create(u8 channel_id, struct dev_info *dev_info) { struct cfsrvl *vei = kzalloc(sizeof(struct cfsrvl), GFP_ATOMIC); if (!vei) return NULL; caif_assert(offsetof(struct cfsrvl, layer) == 0); cfsrvl_init(vei, channel_id, dev_info, true); vei->layer.receive = cfvei_receive; vei->layer.transmit = cfvei_transmit; snprintf(vei->, CAIF_LAYER_NAME_SZ - 1, "vei%d", channel_id); return &vei->layer; }


Sjur Brændeland10199.02%266.67%
Joe Perches10.98%133.33%

static int cfvei_receive(struct cflayer *layr, struct cfpkt *pkt) { u8 cmd; int ret; caif_assert(layr->up != NULL); caif_assert(layr->receive != NULL); caif_assert(layr->ctrlcmd != NULL); if (cfpkt_extr_head(pkt, &cmd, 1) < 0) { pr_err("Packet is erroneous!\n"); cfpkt_destroy(pkt); return -EPROTO; } switch (cmd) { case VEI_PAYLOAD: ret = layr->up->receive(layr->up, pkt); return ret; case VEI_FLOW_OFF: layr->ctrlcmd(layr, CAIF_CTRLCMD_FLOW_OFF_IND, 0); cfpkt_destroy(pkt); return 0; case VEI_FLOW_ON: layr->ctrlcmd(layr, CAIF_CTRLCMD_FLOW_ON_IND, 0); cfpkt_destroy(pkt); return 0; case VEI_SET_PIN: /* SET RS232 PIN */ cfpkt_destroy(pkt); return 0; default: /* SET RS232 PIN */ pr_warn("Unknown VEI control packet %d (0x%x)!\n", cmd, cmd); cfpkt_destroy(pkt); return -EPROTO; } }


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Joe Perches31.65%150.00%

static int cfvei_transmit(struct cflayer *layr, struct cfpkt *pkt) { u8 tmp = 0; struct caif_payload_info *info; int ret; struct cfsrvl *service = container_obj(layr); if (!cfsrvl_ready(service, &ret)) goto err; caif_assert(layr->dn != NULL); caif_assert(layr->dn->transmit != NULL); if (cfpkt_add_head(pkt, &tmp, 1) < 0) { pr_err("Packet is erroneous!\n"); ret = -EPROTO; goto err; } /* Add info-> for MUX-layer to route the packet out. */ info = cfpkt_info(pkt); info->channel_id = service->; info->hdr_len = 1; info->dev_info = &service->dev_info; return layr->dn->transmit(layr->dn, pkt); err: cfpkt_destroy(pkt); return ret; }


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Joe Perches10.63%125.00%

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