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Release 4.14 net/sched/act_police.c

Directory: net/sched
 * net/sched/act_police.c       Input police filter
 *              This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 *              modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
 *              as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version
 *              2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
 * Authors:     Alexey Kuznetsov, <>
 *              J Hadi Salim (action changes)

#include <linux/module.h>
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <linux/kernel.h>
#include <linux/string.h>
#include <linux/errno.h>
#include <linux/skbuff.h>
#include <linux/rtnetlink.h>
#include <linux/init.h>
#include <linux/slab.h>
#include <net/act_api.h>
#include <net/netlink.h>

struct tcf_police {
struct tc_action	common;
int			tcfp_result;
u32			tcfp_ewma_rate;
s64			tcfp_burst;
u32			tcfp_mtu;
s64			tcfp_toks;
s64			tcfp_ptoks;
s64			tcfp_mtu_ptoks;
s64			tcfp_t_c;
struct psched_ratecfg	rate;
bool			rate_present;
struct psched_ratecfg	peak;
bool			peak_present;

#define to_police(pc) ((struct tcf_police *)pc)

/* old policer structure from before tc actions */

struct tc_police_compat {
u32			index;
int			action;
u32			limit;
u32			burst;
u32			mtu;
struct tc_ratespec	rate;
struct tc_ratespec	peakrate;

/* Each policer is serialized by its individual spinlock */

static unsigned int police_net_id;

static struct tc_action_ops act_police_ops;

static int tcf_act_police_walker(struct net *net, struct sk_buff *skb, struct netlink_callback *cb, int type, const struct tc_action_ops *ops) { struct tc_action_net *tn = net_generic(net, police_net_id); return tcf_generic_walker(tn, skb, cb, type, ops); }


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Américo Wang1933.93%225.00%
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Linus Torvalds (pre-git)610.71%112.50%
Patrick McHardy11.79%112.50%
David S. Miller11.79%112.50%

static const struct nla_policy police_policy[TCA_POLICE_MAX + 1] = { [TCA_POLICE_RATE] = { .len = TC_RTAB_SIZE }, [TCA_POLICE_PEAKRATE] = { .len = TC_RTAB_SIZE }, [TCA_POLICE_AVRATE] = { .type = NLA_U32 }, [TCA_POLICE_RESULT] = { .type = NLA_U32 }, };
static int tcf_act_police_init(struct net *net, struct nlattr *nla, struct nlattr *est, struct tc_action **a, int ovr, int bind) { int ret = 0, err; struct nlattr *tb[TCA_POLICE_MAX + 1]; struct tc_police *parm; struct tcf_police *police; struct qdisc_rate_table *R_tab = NULL, *P_tab = NULL; struct tc_action_net *tn = net_generic(net, police_net_id); bool exists = false; int size; if (nla == NULL) return -EINVAL; err = nla_parse_nested(tb, TCA_POLICE_MAX, nla, police_policy, NULL); if (err < 0) return err; if (tb[TCA_POLICE_TBF] == NULL) return -EINVAL; size = nla_len(tb[TCA_POLICE_TBF]); if (size != sizeof(*parm) && size != sizeof(struct tc_police_compat)) return -EINVAL; parm = nla_data(tb[TCA_POLICE_TBF]); exists = tcf_idr_check(tn, parm->index, a, bind); if (exists && bind) return 0; if (!exists) { ret = tcf_idr_create(tn, parm->index, NULL, a, &act_police_ops, bind, false); if (ret) return ret; ret = ACT_P_CREATED; } else { tcf_idr_release(*a, bind); if (!ovr) return -EEXIST; } police = to_police(*a); if (parm->rate.rate) { err = -ENOMEM; R_tab = qdisc_get_rtab(&parm->rate, tb[TCA_POLICE_RATE]); if (R_tab == NULL) goto failure; if (parm->peakrate.rate) { P_tab = qdisc_get_rtab(&parm->peakrate, tb[TCA_POLICE_PEAKRATE]); if (P_tab == NULL) goto failure; } } if (est) { err = gen_replace_estimator(&police->tcf_bstats, NULL, &police->tcf_rate_est, &police->tcf_lock, NULL, est); if (err) goto failure; } else if (tb[TCA_POLICE_AVRATE] && (ret == ACT_P_CREATED || !gen_estimator_active(&police->tcf_rate_est))) { err = -EINVAL; goto failure; } spin_lock_bh(&police->tcf_lock); /* No failure allowed after this point */ police->tcfp_mtu = parm->mtu; if (police->tcfp_mtu == 0) { police->tcfp_mtu = ~0; if (R_tab) police->tcfp_mtu = 255 << R_tab->rate.cell_log; } if (R_tab) { police->rate_present = true; psched_ratecfg_precompute(&police->rate, &R_tab->rate, 0); qdisc_put_rtab(R_tab); } else { police->rate_present = false; } if (P_tab) { police->peak_present = true; psched_ratecfg_precompute(&police->peak, &P_tab->rate, 0); qdisc_put_rtab(P_tab); } else { police->peak_present = false; } if (tb[TCA_POLICE_RESULT]) police->tcfp_result = nla_get_u32(tb[TCA_POLICE_RESULT]); police->tcfp_burst = PSCHED_TICKS2NS(parm->burst); police->tcfp_toks = police->tcfp_burst; if (police->peak_present) { police->tcfp_mtu_ptoks = (s64) psched_l2t_ns(&police->peak, police->tcfp_mtu); police->tcfp_ptoks = police->tcfp_mtu_ptoks; } police->tcf_action = parm->action; if (tb[TCA_POLICE_AVRATE]) police->tcfp_ewma_rate = nla_get_u32(tb[TCA_POLICE_AVRATE]); spin_unlock_bh(&police->tcf_lock); if (ret != ACT_P_CREATED) return ret; police->tcfp_t_c = ktime_get_ns(); tcf_idr_insert(tn, *a); return ret; failure: qdisc_put_rtab(P_tab); qdisc_put_rtab(R_tab); if (ret == ACT_P_CREATED) tcf_idr_cleanup(*a, est); return err; }


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static int tcf_act_police(struct sk_buff *skb, const struct tc_action *a, struct tcf_result *res) { struct tcf_police *police = to_police(a); s64 now; s64 toks; s64 ptoks = 0; spin_lock(&police->tcf_lock); bstats_update(&police->tcf_bstats, skb); tcf_lastuse_update(&police->tcf_tm); if (police->tcfp_ewma_rate) { struct gnet_stats_rate_est64 sample; if (!gen_estimator_read(&police->tcf_rate_est, &sample) || sample.bps >= police->tcfp_ewma_rate) { police->tcf_qstats.overlimits++; if (police->tcf_action == TC_ACT_SHOT) police->tcf_qstats.drops++; spin_unlock(&police->tcf_lock); return police->tcf_action; } } if (qdisc_pkt_len(skb) <= police->tcfp_mtu) { if (!police->rate_present) { spin_unlock(&police->tcf_lock); return police->tcfp_result; } now = ktime_get_ns(); toks = min_t(s64, now - police->tcfp_t_c, police->tcfp_burst); if (police->peak_present) { ptoks = toks + police->tcfp_ptoks; if (ptoks > police->tcfp_mtu_ptoks) ptoks = police->tcfp_mtu_ptoks; ptoks -= (s64) psched_l2t_ns(&police->peak, qdisc_pkt_len(skb)); } toks += police->tcfp_toks; if (toks > police->tcfp_burst) toks = police->tcfp_burst; toks -= (s64) psched_l2t_ns(&police->rate, qdisc_pkt_len(skb)); if ((toks|ptoks) >= 0) { police->tcfp_t_c = now; police->tcfp_toks = toks; police->tcfp_ptoks = ptoks; if (police->tcfp_result == TC_ACT_SHOT) police->tcf_qstats.drops++; spin_unlock(&police->tcf_lock); return police->tcfp_result; } } police->tcf_qstats.overlimits++; if (police->tcf_action == TC_ACT_SHOT) police->tcf_qstats.drops++; spin_unlock(&police->tcf_lock); return police->tcf_action; }


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Jussi Kivilinna102.66%15.88%
Patrick McHardy102.66%423.53%
Américo Wang30.80%15.88%
Adrian Bunk10.27%15.88%

static int tcf_act_police_dump(struct sk_buff *skb, struct tc_action *a, int bind, int ref) { unsigned char *b = skb_tail_pointer(skb); struct tcf_police *police = to_police(a); struct tc_police opt = { .index = police->tcf_index, .action = police->tcf_action, .mtu = police->tcfp_mtu, .burst = PSCHED_NS2TICKS(police->tcfp_burst), .refcnt = police->tcf_refcnt - ref, .bindcnt = police->tcf_bindcnt - bind, }; struct tcf_t t; if (police->rate_present) psched_ratecfg_getrate(&opt.rate, &police->rate); if (police->peak_present) psched_ratecfg_getrate(&opt.peakrate, &police->peak); if (nla_put(skb, TCA_POLICE_TBF, sizeof(opt), &opt)) goto nla_put_failure; if (police->tcfp_result && nla_put_u32(skb, TCA_POLICE_RESULT, police->tcfp_result)) goto nla_put_failure; if (police->tcfp_ewma_rate && nla_put_u32(skb, TCA_POLICE_AVRATE, police->tcfp_ewma_rate)) goto nla_put_failure; t.install = jiffies_to_clock_t(jiffies - police->tcf_tm.install); t.lastuse = jiffies_to_clock_t(jiffies - police->tcf_tm.lastuse); t.firstuse = jiffies_to_clock_t(jiffies - police->tcf_tm.firstuse); t.expires = jiffies_to_clock_t(police->tcf_tm.expires); if (nla_put_64bit(skb, TCA_POLICE_TM, sizeof(t), &t, TCA_POLICE_PAD)) goto nla_put_failure; return skb->len; nla_put_failure: nlmsg_trim(skb, b); return -1; }


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Américo Wang31.01%16.25%
Patrick McHardy20.67%212.50%
Adrian Bunk10.34%16.25%

static int tcf_police_search(struct net *net, struct tc_action **a, u32 index) { struct tc_action_net *tn = net_generic(net, police_net_id); return tcf_idr_search(tn, a, index); }


Américo Wang4197.62%266.67%
Chris Mi12.38%133.33%

MODULE_AUTHOR("Alexey Kuznetsov"); MODULE_DESCRIPTION("Policing actions"); MODULE_LICENSE("GPL"); static struct tc_action_ops act_police_ops = { .kind = "police", .type = TCA_ID_POLICE, .owner = THIS_MODULE, .act = tcf_act_police, .dump = tcf_act_police_dump, .init = tcf_act_police_init, .walk = tcf_act_police_walker, .lookup = tcf_police_search, .size = sizeof(struct tcf_police), };
static __net_init int police_init_net(struct net *net) { struct tc_action_net *tn = net_generic(net, police_net_id); return tc_action_net_init(tn, &act_police_ops); }


Américo Wang3296.97%150.00%
Linus Torvalds (pre-git)13.03%150.00%

static void __net_exit police_exit_net(struct net *net) { struct tc_action_net *tn = net_generic(net, police_net_id); tc_action_net_exit(tn); }


Américo Wang29100.00%1100.00%

static struct pernet_operations police_net_ops = { .init = police_init_net, .exit = police_exit_net, .id = &police_net_id, .size = sizeof(struct tc_action_net), };
static int __init police_init_module(void) { return tcf_register_action(&act_police_ops, &police_net_ops); }


Jamal Hadi Salim1157.89%125.00%
David S. Miller526.32%125.00%
Américo Wang315.79%250.00%

static void __exit police_cleanup_module(void) { tcf_unregister_action(&act_police_ops, &police_net_ops); }


David S. Miller1583.33%150.00%
Américo Wang316.67%150.00%

module_init(police_init_module); module_exit(police_cleanup_module);

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