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Release 4.14 tools/include/linux/coresight-pmu.h

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#define CORESIGHT_ETM_PMU_NAME "cs_etm"


/* ETMv3.5/PTM's ETMCR config bit */

#define ETM_OPT_CYCACC  12

#define ETM_OPT_TS      28

#define ETM_OPT_RETSTK	29

/* ETMv4 CONFIGR programming bits for the ETM OPTs */


#define ETM4_CFG_BIT_TS		11

#define ETM4_CFG_BIT_RETSTK	12

static inline int coresight_get_trace_id(int cpu) { /* * A trace ID of value 0 is invalid, so let's start at some * random value that fits in 7 bits and go from there. Since * the common convention is to have data trace IDs be I(N) + 1, * set instruction trace IDs as a function of the CPU number. */ return (CORESIGHT_ETM_PMU_SEED + (cpu * 2)); }


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