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/* Copyright (c) 2017 Covalent IO, Inc.
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of version 2 of the GNU General Public
 * License as published by the Free Software Foundation.
 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
 * WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * General Public License for more details.

/* Devmaps primary use is as a backend map for XDP BPF helper call
 * bpf_redirect_map(). Because XDP is mostly concerned with performance we
 * spent some effort to ensure the datapath with redirect maps does not use
 * any locking. This is a quick note on the details.
 * We have three possible paths to get into the devmap control plane bpf
 * syscalls, bpf programs, and driver side xmit/flush operations. A bpf syscall
 * will invoke an update, delete, or lookup operation. To ensure updates and
 * deletes appear atomic from the datapath side xchg() is used to modify the
 * netdev_map array. Then because the datapath does a lookup into the netdev_map
 * array (read-only) from an RCU critical section we use call_rcu() to wait for
 * an rcu grace period before free'ing the old data structures. This ensures the
 * datapath always has a valid copy. However, the datapath does a "flush"
 * operation that pushes any pending packets in the driver outside the RCU
 * critical section. Each bpf_dtab_netdev tracks these pending operations using
 * an atomic per-cpu bitmap. The bpf_dtab_netdev object will not be destroyed
 * until all bits are cleared indicating outstanding flush operations have
 * completed.
 * BPF syscalls may race with BPF program calls on any of the update, delete
 * or lookup operations. As noted above the xchg() operation also keep the
 * netdev_map consistent in this case. From the devmap side BPF programs
 * calling into these operations are the same as multiple user space threads
 * making system calls.
 * Finally, any of the above may race with a netdev_unregister notifier. The
 * unregister notifier must search for net devices in the map structure that
 * contain a reference to the net device and remove them. This is a two step
 * process (a) dereference the bpf_dtab_netdev object in netdev_map and (b)
 * check to see if the ifindex is the same as the net_device being removed.
 * When removing the dev a cmpxchg() is used to ensure the correct dev is
 * removed, in the case of a concurrent update or delete operation it is
 * possible that the initially referenced dev is no longer in the map. As the
 * notifier hook walks the map we know that new dev references can not be
 * added by the user because core infrastructure ensures dev_get_by_index()
 * calls will fail at this point.
#include <linux/bpf.h>
#include <linux/filter.h>


struct bpf_dtab_netdev {
struct net_device *dev;
struct bpf_dtab *dtab;
unsigned int bit;
struct rcu_head rcu;

struct bpf_dtab {
struct bpf_map map;
struct bpf_dtab_netdev **netdev_map;
unsigned long __percpu *flush_needed;
struct list_head list;

static DEFINE_SPINLOCK(dev_map_lock);
static LIST_HEAD(dev_map_list);

static u64 dev_map_bitmap_size(const union bpf_attr *attr) { return BITS_TO_LONGS((u64) attr->max_entries) * sizeof(unsigned long); }


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static struct bpf_map *dev_map_alloc(union bpf_attr *attr) { struct bpf_dtab *dtab; int err = -EINVAL; u64 cost; if (!capable(CAP_NET_ADMIN)) return ERR_PTR(-EPERM); /* check sanity of attributes */ if (attr->max_entries == 0 || attr->key_size != 4 || attr->value_size != 4 || attr->map_flags & ~DEV_CREATE_FLAG_MASK) return ERR_PTR(-EINVAL); dtab = kzalloc(sizeof(*dtab), GFP_USER); if (!dtab) return ERR_PTR(-ENOMEM); /* mandatory map attributes */ dtab->map.map_type = attr->map_type; dtab->map.key_size = attr->key_size; dtab->map.value_size = attr->value_size; dtab->map.max_entries = attr->max_entries; dtab->map.map_flags = attr->map_flags; dtab->map.numa_node = bpf_map_attr_numa_node(attr); /* make sure page count doesn't overflow */ cost = (u64) dtab->map.max_entries * sizeof(struct bpf_dtab_netdev *); cost += dev_map_bitmap_size(attr) * num_possible_cpus(); if (cost >= U32_MAX - PAGE_SIZE) goto free_dtab; dtab->map.pages = round_up(cost, PAGE_SIZE) >> PAGE_SHIFT; /* if map size is larger than memlock limit, reject it early */ err = bpf_map_precharge_memlock(dtab->map.pages); if (err) goto free_dtab; err = -ENOMEM; /* A per cpu bitfield with a bit per possible net device */ dtab->flush_needed = __alloc_percpu_gfp(dev_map_bitmap_size(attr), __alignof__(unsigned long), GFP_KERNEL | __GFP_NOWARN); if (!dtab->flush_needed) goto free_dtab; dtab->netdev_map = bpf_map_area_alloc(dtab->map.max_entries * sizeof(struct bpf_dtab_netdev *), dtab->map.numa_node); if (!dtab->netdev_map) goto free_dtab; spin_lock(&dev_map_lock); list_add_tail_rcu(&dtab->list, &dev_map_list); spin_unlock(&dev_map_lock); return &dtab->map; free_dtab: free_percpu(dtab->flush_needed); kfree(dtab); return ERR_PTR(err); }


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static void dev_map_free(struct bpf_map *map) { struct bpf_dtab *dtab = container_of(map, struct bpf_dtab, map); int i, cpu; /* At this point bpf_prog->aux->refcnt == 0 and this map->refcnt == 0, * so the programs (can be more than one that used this map) were * disconnected from events. Wait for outstanding critical sections in * these programs to complete. The rcu critical section only guarantees * no further reads against netdev_map. It does __not__ ensure pending * flush operations (if any) are complete. */ spin_lock(&dev_map_lock); list_del_rcu(&dtab->list); spin_unlock(&dev_map_lock); synchronize_rcu(); /* To ensure all pending flush operations have completed wait for flush * bitmap to indicate all flush_needed bits to be zero on _all_ cpus. * Because the above synchronize_rcu() ensures the map is disconnected * from the program we can assume no new bits will be set. */ for_each_online_cpu(cpu) { unsigned long *bitmap = per_cpu_ptr(dtab->flush_needed, cpu); while (!bitmap_empty(bitmap, dtab->map.max_entries)) cond_resched(); } for (i = 0; i < dtab->map.max_entries; i++) { struct bpf_dtab_netdev *dev; dev = dtab->netdev_map[i]; if (!dev) continue; dev_put(dev->dev); kfree(dev); } free_percpu(dtab->flush_needed); bpf_map_area_free(dtab->netdev_map); kfree(dtab); }


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static int dev_map_get_next_key(struct bpf_map *map, void *key, void *next_key) { struct bpf_dtab *dtab = container_of(map, struct bpf_dtab, map); u32 index = key ? *(u32 *)key : U32_MAX; u32 *next = next_key; if (index >= dtab->map.max_entries) { *next = 0; return 0; } if (index == dtab->map.max_entries - 1) return -ENOENT; *next = index + 1; return 0; }


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void __dev_map_insert_ctx(struct bpf_map *map, u32 bit) { struct bpf_dtab *dtab = container_of(map, struct bpf_dtab, map); unsigned long *bitmap = this_cpu_ptr(dtab->flush_needed); __set_bit(bit, bitmap); }


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/* __dev_map_flush is called from xdp_do_flush_map() which _must_ be signaled * from the driver before returning from its napi->poll() routine. The poll() * routine is called either from busy_poll context or net_rx_action signaled * from NET_RX_SOFTIRQ. Either way the poll routine must complete before the * net device can be torn down. On devmap tear down we ensure the ctx bitmap * is zeroed before completing to ensure all flush operations have completed. */
void __dev_map_flush(struct bpf_map *map) { struct bpf_dtab *dtab = container_of(map, struct bpf_dtab, map); unsigned long *bitmap = this_cpu_ptr(dtab->flush_needed); u32 bit; for_each_set_bit(bit, bitmap, map->max_entries) { struct bpf_dtab_netdev *dev = READ_ONCE(dtab->netdev_map[bit]); struct net_device *netdev; /* This is possible if the dev entry is removed by user space * between xdp redirect and flush op. */ if (unlikely(!dev)) continue; __clear_bit(bit, bitmap); netdev = dev->dev; if (likely(netdev->netdev_ops->ndo_xdp_flush)) netdev->netdev_ops->ndo_xdp_flush(netdev); } }


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/* rcu_read_lock (from syscall and BPF contexts) ensures that if a delete and/or * update happens in parallel here a dev_put wont happen until after reading the * ifindex. */
struct net_device *__dev_map_lookup_elem(struct bpf_map *map, u32 key) { struct bpf_dtab *dtab = container_of(map, struct bpf_dtab, map); struct bpf_dtab_netdev *dev; if (key >= map->max_entries) return NULL; dev = READ_ONCE(dtab->netdev_map[key]); return dev ? dev->dev : NULL; }


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static void *dev_map_lookup_elem(struct bpf_map *map, void *key) { struct net_device *dev = __dev_map_lookup_elem(map, *(u32 *)key); return dev ? &dev->ifindex : NULL; }


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static void dev_map_flush_old(struct bpf_dtab_netdev *dev) { if (dev->dev->netdev_ops->ndo_xdp_flush) { struct net_device *fl = dev->dev; unsigned long *bitmap; int cpu; for_each_online_cpu(cpu) { bitmap = per_cpu_ptr(dev->dtab->flush_needed, cpu); __clear_bit(dev->bit, bitmap); fl->netdev_ops->ndo_xdp_flush(dev->dev); } } }


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static void __dev_map_entry_free(struct rcu_head *rcu) { struct bpf_dtab_netdev *dev; dev = container_of(rcu, struct bpf_dtab_netdev, rcu); dev_map_flush_old(dev); dev_put(dev->dev); kfree(dev); }


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static int dev_map_delete_elem(struct bpf_map *map, void *key) { struct bpf_dtab *dtab = container_of(map, struct bpf_dtab, map); struct bpf_dtab_netdev *old_dev; int k = *(u32 *)key; if (k >= map->max_entries) return -EINVAL; /* Use call_rcu() here to ensure any rcu critical sections have * completed, but this does not guarantee a flush has happened * yet. Because driver side rcu_read_lock/unlock only protects the * running XDP program. However, for pending flush operations the * dev and ctx are stored in another per cpu map. And additionally, * the driver tear down ensures all soft irqs are complete before * removing the net device in the case of dev_put equals zero. */ old_dev = xchg(&dtab->netdev_map[k], NULL); if (old_dev) call_rcu(&old_dev->rcu, __dev_map_entry_free); return 0; }


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static int dev_map_update_elem(struct bpf_map *map, void *key, void *value, u64 map_flags) { struct bpf_dtab *dtab = container_of(map, struct bpf_dtab, map); struct net *net = current->nsproxy->net_ns; struct bpf_dtab_netdev *dev, *old_dev; u32 i = *(u32 *)key; u32 ifindex = *(u32 *)value; if (unlikely(map_flags > BPF_EXIST)) return -EINVAL; if (unlikely(i >= dtab->map.max_entries)) return -E2BIG; if (unlikely(map_flags == BPF_NOEXIST)) return -EEXIST; if (!ifindex) { dev = NULL; } else { dev = kmalloc_node(sizeof(*dev), GFP_ATOMIC | __GFP_NOWARN, map->numa_node); if (!dev) return -ENOMEM; dev->dev = dev_get_by_index(net, ifindex); if (!dev->dev) { kfree(dev); return -EINVAL; } dev->bit = i; dev->dtab = dtab; } /* Use call_rcu() here to ensure rcu critical sections have completed * Remembering the driver side flush operation will happen before the * net device is removed. */ old_dev = xchg(&dtab->netdev_map[i], dev); if (old_dev) call_rcu(&old_dev->rcu, __dev_map_entry_free); return 0; }


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const struct bpf_map_ops dev_map_ops = { .map_alloc = dev_map_alloc, .map_free = dev_map_free, .map_get_next_key = dev_map_get_next_key, .map_lookup_elem = dev_map_lookup_elem, .map_update_elem = dev_map_update_elem, .map_delete_elem = dev_map_delete_elem, };
static int dev_map_notification(struct notifier_block *notifier, ulong event, void *ptr) { struct net_device *netdev = netdev_notifier_info_to_dev(ptr); struct bpf_dtab *dtab; int i; switch (event) { case NETDEV_UNREGISTER: /* This rcu_read_lock/unlock pair is needed because * dev_map_list is an RCU list AND to ensure a delete * operation does not free a netdev_map entry while we * are comparing it against the netdev being unregistered. */ rcu_read_lock(); list_for_each_entry_rcu(dtab, &dev_map_list, list) { for (i = 0; i < dtab->map.max_entries; i++) { struct bpf_dtab_netdev *dev, *odev; dev = READ_ONCE(dtab->netdev_map[i]); if (!dev || dev->dev->ifindex != netdev->ifindex) continue; odev = cmpxchg(&dtab->netdev_map[i], dev, NULL); if (dev == odev) call_rcu(&dev->rcu, __dev_map_entry_free); } } rcu_read_unlock(); break; default: break; } return NOTIFY_OK; }


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static struct notifier_block dev_map_notifier = { .notifier_call = dev_map_notification, };
static int __init dev_map_init(void) { register_netdevice_notifier(&dev_map_notifier); return 0; }


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