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Release 4.15 kernel/irq/debug.h

Directory: kernel/irq
/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
 * Debugging printout:

#include <linux/kallsyms.h>

#define ___P(f) if (desc->status_use_accessors & f) printk("%14s set\n", #f)

#define ___PS(f) if (desc->istate & f) printk("%14s set\n", #f)
/* FIXME */

#define ___PD(f) do { } while (0)

static inline void print_irq_desc(unsigned int irq, struct irq_desc *desc) { static DEFINE_RATELIMIT_STATE(ratelimit, 5 * HZ, 5); if (!__ratelimit(&ratelimit)) return; printk("irq %d, desc: %p, depth: %d, count: %d, unhandled: %d\n", irq, desc, desc->depth, desc->irq_count, desc->irqs_unhandled); printk("->handle_irq(): %p, ", desc->handle_irq); print_symbol("%s\n", (unsigned long)desc->handle_irq); printk("->irq_data.chip(): %p, ", desc->irq_data.chip); print_symbol("%s\n", (unsigned long)desc->irq_data.chip); printk("->action(): %p\n", desc->action); if (desc->action) { printk("->action->handler(): %p, ", desc->action->handler); print_symbol("%s\n", (unsigned long)desc->action->handler); } ___P(IRQ_LEVEL); ___P(IRQ_PER_CPU); ___P(IRQ_NOPROBE); ___P(IRQ_NOREQUEST); ___P(IRQ_NOTHREAD); ___P(IRQ_NOAUTOEN); ___PS(IRQS_AUTODETECT); ___PS(IRQS_REPLAY); ___PS(IRQS_WAITING); ___PS(IRQS_PENDING); ___PD(IRQS_INPROGRESS); ___PD(IRQS_DISABLED); ___PD(IRQS_MASKED); }


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#undef ___P #undef ___PS #undef ___PD

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Directory: kernel/irq
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