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Release 4.15 kernel/sched/sched-pelt.h

Directory: kernel/sched
/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
/* Generated by Documentation/scheduler/sched-pelt; do not modify. */

static const u32 runnable_avg_yN_inv[] = {
	0xffffffff, 0xfa83b2da, 0xf5257d14, 0xefe4b99a, 0xeac0c6e6, 0xe5b906e6,
	0xe0ccdeeb, 0xdbfbb796, 0xd744fcc9, 0xd2a81d91, 0xce248c14, 0xc9b9bd85,
	0xc5672a10, 0xc12c4cc9, 0xbd08a39e, 0xb8fbaf46, 0xb504f333, 0xb123f581,
	0xad583ee9, 0xa9a15ab4, 0xa5fed6a9, 0xa2704302, 0x9ef5325f, 0x9b8d39b9,
	0x9837f050, 0x94f4efa8, 0x91c3d373, 0x8ea4398a, 0x8b95c1e3, 0x88980e80,
	0x85aac367, 0x82cd8698,

#define LOAD_AVG_PERIOD 32

#define LOAD_AVG_MAX 47742

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Peter Zijlstra8198.78%150.00%
Greg Kroah-Hartman11.22%150.00%
Directory: kernel/sched
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