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Release 4.15 kernel/time/ntp_internal.h

Directory: kernel/time
/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */


extern void ntp_init(void);
extern void ntp_clear(void);
/* Returns how long ticks are at present, in ns / 2^NTP_SCALE_SHIFT. */
extern u64 ntp_tick_length(void);
extern ktime_t ntp_get_next_leap(void);
extern int second_overflow(time64_t secs);
extern int __do_adjtimex(struct timex *, struct timespec64 *, s32 *);
extern void __hardpps(const struct timespec64 *, const struct timespec64 *);
#endif /* _LINUX_NTP_INTERNAL_H */

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Directory: kernel/time
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