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Release 4.7 sound/firewire/cmp.h

Directory: sound/firewire


#include <linux/mutex.h>
#include <linux/types.h>
#include "iso-resources.h"

struct fw_unit;

enum cmp_direction {

 * struct cmp_connection - manages an isochronous connection to a device
 * @speed: the connection's actual speed
 * This structure manages (using CMP) an isochronous stream between the local
 * computer and a device's input plug (iPCR) and output plug (oPCR).
 * There is no corresponding oPCR created on the local computer, so it is not
 * possible to overlay connections on top of this one.

struct cmp_connection {
int speed;
	/* private: */
bool connected;
struct mutex mutex;
struct fw_iso_resources resources;
__be32 last_pcr_value;
unsigned int pcr_index;
unsigned int max_speed;
enum cmp_direction direction;

int cmp_connection_init(struct cmp_connection *connection,
			struct fw_unit *unit,
			enum cmp_direction direction,
			unsigned int pcr_index);
int cmp_connection_check_used(struct cmp_connection *connection, bool *used);
void cmp_connection_destroy(struct cmp_connection *connection);

int cmp_connection_establish(struct cmp_connection *connection,
			     unsigned int max_payload);
int cmp_connection_update(struct cmp_connection *connection);
void cmp_connection_break(struct cmp_connection *connection);


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