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Release 4.7 sound/firewire/iso-resources.h

Directory: sound/firewire


#include <linux/mutex.h>
#include <linux/types.h>

struct fw_unit;

 * struct fw_iso_resources - manages channel/bandwidth allocation
 * @channels_mask: if the device does not support all channel numbers, set this
 *                 bit mask to something else than the default (all ones)
 * This structure manages (de)allocation of isochronous resources (channel and
 * bandwidth) for one isochronous stream.

struct fw_iso_resources {
u64 channels_mask;
	/* private: */
struct fw_unit *unit;
struct mutex mutex;
unsigned int channel;
unsigned int bandwidth; /* in bandwidth units, without overhead */
unsigned int bandwidth_overhead;
int generation; /* in which allocation is valid */
bool allocated;

int fw_iso_resources_init(struct fw_iso_resources *r,
			  struct fw_unit *unit);
void fw_iso_resources_destroy(struct fw_iso_resources *r);

int fw_iso_resources_allocate(struct fw_iso_resources *r,
			      unsigned int max_payload_bytes, int speed);
int fw_iso_resources_update(struct fw_iso_resources *r);
void fw_iso_resources_free(struct fw_iso_resources *r);


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Directory: sound/firewire
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