cregit-Linux how code gets into the kernel

Release 4.8 crypto/camellia_generic.c

Directory: crypto
 * Copyright (C) 2006
 * NTT (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation).
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
 * as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
 * of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * GNU General Public License for more details.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
 * Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307, USA.

 * Algorithm Specification

 * NOTE --- NOTE --- NOTE --- NOTE
 * This implementation assumes that all memory addresses passed
 * as parameters are four-byte aligned.

#include <linux/crypto.h>
#include <linux/errno.h>
#include <linux/init.h>
#include <linux/kernel.h>
#include <linux/module.h>
#include <linux/bitops.h>
#include <asm/unaligned.h>

static const u32 camellia_sp1110[256] = {
	0x70707000, 0x82828200, 0x2c2c2c00, 0xececec00,
	0xb3b3b300, 0x27272700, 0xc0c0c000, 0xe5e5e500,
	0xe4e4e400, 0x85858500, 0x57575700, 0x35353500,
	0xeaeaea00, 0x0c0c0c00, 0xaeaeae00, 0x41414100,
	0x23232300, 0xefefef00, 0x6b6b6b00, 0x93939300,
	0x45454500, 0x19191900, 0xa5a5a500, 0x21212100,
	0xededed00, 0x0e0e0e00, 0x4f4f4f00, 0x4e4e4e00,
	0x1d1d1d00, 0x65656500, 0x92929200, 0xbdbdbd00,
	0x86868600, 0xb8b8b800, 0xafafaf00, 0x8f8f8f00,
	0x7c7c7c00, 0xebebeb00, 0x1f1f1f00, 0xcecece00,
	0x3e3e3e00, 0x30303000, 0xdcdcdc00, 0x5f5f5f00,
	0x5e5e5e00, 0xc5c5c500, 0x0b0b0b00, 0x1a1a1a00,
	0xa6a6a600, 0xe1e1e100, 0x39393900, 0xcacaca00,
	0xd5d5d500, 0x47474700, 0x5d5d5d00, 0x3d3d3d00,
	0xd9d9d900, 0x01010100, 0x5a5a5a00, 0xd6d6d600,
	0x51515100, 0x56565600, 0x6c6c6c00, 0x4d4d4d00,
	0x8b8b8b00, 0x0d0d0d00, 0x9a9a9a00, 0x66666600,
	0xfbfbfb00, 0xcccccc00, 0xb0b0b000, 0x2d2d2d00,
	0x74747400, 0x12121200, 0x2b2b2b00, 0x20202000,
	0xf0f0f000, 0xb1b1b100, 0x84848400, 0x99999900,
	0xdfdfdf00, 0x4c4c4c00, 0xcbcbcb00, 0xc2c2c200,
	0x34343400, 0x7e7e7e00, 0x76767600, 0x05050500,
	0x6d6d6d00, 0xb7b7b700, 0xa9a9a900, 0x31313100,
	0xd1d1d100, 0x17171700, 0x04040400, 0xd7d7d700,
	0x14141400, 0x58585800, 0x3a3a3a00, 0x61616100,
	0xdedede00, 0x1b1b1b00, 0x11111100, 0x1c1c1c00,
	0x32323200, 0x0f0f0f00, 0x9c9c9c00, 0x16161600,
	0x53535300, 0x18181800, 0xf2f2f200, 0x22222200,
	0xfefefe00, 0x44444400, 0xcfcfcf00, 0xb2b2b200,
	0xc3c3c300, 0xb5b5b500, 0x7a7a7a00, 0x91919100,
	0x24242400, 0x08080800, 0xe8e8e800, 0xa8a8a800,
	0x60606000, 0xfcfcfc00, 0x69696900, 0x50505000,
	0xaaaaaa00, 0xd0d0d000, 0xa0a0a000, 0x7d7d7d00,
	0xa1a1a100, 0x89898900, 0x62626200, 0x97979700,
	0x54545400, 0x5b5b5b00, 0x1e1e1e00, 0x95959500,
	0xe0e0e000, 0xffffff00, 0x64646400, 0xd2d2d200,
	0x10101000, 0xc4c4c400, 0x00000000, 0x48484800,
	0xa3a3a300, 0xf7f7f700, 0x75757500, 0xdbdbdb00,
	0x8a8a8a00, 0x03030300, 0xe6e6e600, 0xdadada00,
	0x09090900, 0x3f3f3f00, 0xdddddd00, 0x94949400,
	0x87878700, 0x5c5c5c00, 0x83838300, 0x02020200,
	0xcdcdcd00, 0x4a4a4a00, 0x90909000, 0x33333300,
	0x73737300, 0x67676700, 0xf6f6f600, 0xf3f3f300,
	0x9d9d9d00, 0x7f7f7f00, 0xbfbfbf00, 0xe2e2e200,
	0x52525200, 0x9b9b9b00, 0xd8d8d800, 0x26262600,
	0xc8c8c800, 0x37373700, 0xc6c6c600, 0x3b3b3b00,
	0x81818100, 0x96969600, 0x6f6f6f00, 0x4b4b4b00,
	0x13131300, 0xbebebe00, 0x63636300, 0x2e2e2e00,
	0xe9e9e900, 0x79797900, 0xa7a7a700, 0x8c8c8c00,
	0x9f9f9f00, 0x6e6e6e00, 0xbcbcbc00, 0x8e8e8e00,
	0x29292900, 0xf5f5f500, 0xf9f9f900, 0xb6b6b600,
	0x2f2f2f00, 0xfdfdfd00, 0xb4b4b400, 0x59595900,
	0x78787800, 0x98989800, 0x06060600, 0x6a6a6a00,
	0xe7e7e700, 0x46464600, 0x71717100, 0xbababa00,
	0xd4d4d400, 0x25252500, 0xababab00, 0x42424200,
	0x88888800, 0xa2a2a200, 0x8d8d8d00, 0xfafafa00,
	0x72727200, 0x07070700, 0xb9b9b900, 0x55555500,
	0xf8f8f800, 0xeeeeee00, 0xacacac00, 0x0a0a0a00,
	0x36363600, 0x49494900, 0x2a2a2a00, 0x68686800,
	0x3c3c3c00, 0x38383800, 0xf1f1f100, 0xa4a4a400,
	0x40404000, 0x28282800, 0xd3d3d300, 0x7b7b7b00,
	0xbbbbbb00, 0xc9c9c900, 0x43434300, 0xc1c1c100,
	0x15151500, 0xe3e3e300, 0xadadad00, 0xf4f4f400,
	0x77777700, 0xc7c7c700, 0x80808000, 0x9e9e9e00,

static const u32 camellia_sp0222[256] = {
	0x00e0e0e0, 0x00050505, 0x00585858, 0x00d9d9d9,
	0x00676767, 0x004e4e4e, 0x00818181, 0x00cbcbcb,
	0x00c9c9c9, 0x000b0b0b, 0x00aeaeae, 0x006a6a6a,
	0x00d5d5d5, 0x00181818, 0x005d5d5d, 0x00828282,
	0x00464646, 0x00dfdfdf, 0x00d6d6d6, 0x00272727,
	0x008a8a8a, 0x00323232, 0x004b4b4b, 0x00424242,
	0x00dbdbdb, 0x001c1c1c, 0x009e9e9e, 0x009c9c9c,
	0x003a3a3a, 0x00cacaca, 0x00252525, 0x007b7b7b,
	0x000d0d0d, 0x00717171, 0x005f5f5f, 0x001f1f1f,
	0x00f8f8f8, 0x00d7d7d7, 0x003e3e3e, 0x009d9d9d,
	0x007c7c7c, 0x00606060, 0x00b9b9b9, 0x00bebebe,
	0x00bcbcbc, 0x008b8b8b, 0x00161616, 0x00343434,
	0x004d4d4d, 0x00c3c3c3, 0x00727272, 0x00959595,
	0x00ababab, 0x008e8e8e, 0x00bababa, 0x007a7a7a,
	0x00b3b3b3, 0x00020202, 0x00b4b4b4, 0x00adadad,
	0x00a2a2a2, 0x00acacac, 0x00d8d8d8, 0x009a9a9a,
	0x00171717, 0x001a1a1a, 0x00353535, 0x00cccccc,
	0x00f7f7f7, 0x00999999, 0x00616161, 0x005a5a5a,
	0x00e8e8e8, 0x00242424, 0x00565656, 0x00404040,
	0x00e1e1e1, 0x00636363, 0x00090909, 0x00333333,
	0x00bfbfbf, 0x00989898, 0x00979797, 0x00858585,
	0x00686868, 0x00fcfcfc, 0x00ececec, 0x000a0a0a,
	0x00dadada, 0x006f6f6f, 0x00535353, 0x00626262,
	0x00a3a3a3, 0x002e2e2e, 0x00080808, 0x00afafaf,
	0x00282828, 0x00b0b0b0, 0x00747474, 0x00c2c2c2,
	0x00bdbdbd, 0x00363636, 0x00222222, 0x00383838,
	0x00646464, 0x001e1e1e, 0x00393939, 0x002c2c2c,
	0x00a6a6a6, 0x00303030, 0x00e5e5e5, 0x00444444,
	0x00fdfdfd, 0x00888888, 0x009f9f9f, 0x00656565,
	0x00878787, 0x006b6b6b, 0x00f4f4f4, 0x00232323,
	0x00484848, 0x00101010, 0x00d1d1d1, 0x00515151,
	0x00c0c0c0, 0x00f9f9f9, 0x00d2d2d2, 0x00a0a0a0,
	0x00555555, 0x00a1a1a1, 0x00414141, 0x00fafafa,
	0x00434343, 0x00131313, 0x00c4c4c4, 0x002f2f2f,
	0x00a8a8a8, 0x00b6b6b6, 0x003c3c3c, 0x002b2b2b,
	0x00c1c1c1, 0x00ffffff, 0x00c8c8c8, 0x00a5a5a5,
	0x00202020, 0x00898989, 0x00000000, 0x00909090,
	0x00474747, 0x00efefef, 0x00eaeaea, 0x00b7b7b7,
	0x00151515, 0x00060606, 0x00cdcdcd, 0x00b5b5b5,
	0x00121212, 0x007e7e7e, 0x00bbbbbb, 0x00292929,
	0x000f0f0f, 0x00b8b8b8, 0x00070707, 0x00040404,
	0x009b9b9b, 0x00949494, 0x00212121, 0x00666666,
	0x00e6e6e6, 0x00cecece, 0x00ededed, 0x00e7e7e7,
	0x003b3b3b, 0x00fefefe, 0x007f7f7f, 0x00c5c5c5,
	0x00a4a4a4, 0x00373737, 0x00b1b1b1, 0x004c4c4c,
	0x00919191, 0x006e6e6e, 0x008d8d8d, 0x00767676,
	0x00030303, 0x002d2d2d, 0x00dedede, 0x00969696,
	0x00262626, 0x007d7d7d, 0x00c6c6c6, 0x005c5c5c,
	0x00d3d3d3, 0x00f2f2f2, 0x004f4f4f, 0x00191919,
	0x003f3f3f, 0x00dcdcdc, 0x00797979, 0x001d1d1d,
	0x00525252, 0x00ebebeb, 0x00f3f3f3, 0x006d6d6d,
	0x005e5e5e, 0x00fbfbfb, 0x00696969, 0x00b2b2b2,
	0x00f0f0f0, 0x00313131, 0x000c0c0c, 0x00d4d4d4,
	0x00cfcfcf, 0x008c8c8c, 0x00e2e2e2, 0x00757575,
	0x00a9a9a9, 0x004a4a4a, 0x00575757, 0x00848484,
	0x00111111, 0x00454545, 0x001b1b1b, 0x00f5f5f5,
	0x00e4e4e4, 0x000e0e0e, 0x00737373, 0x00aaaaaa,
	0x00f1f1f1, 0x00dddddd, 0x00595959, 0x00141414,
	0x006c6c6c, 0x00929292, 0x00545454, 0x00d0d0d0,
	0x00787878, 0x00707070, 0x00e3e3e3, 0x00494949,
	0x00808080, 0x00505050, 0x00a7a7a7, 0x00f6f6f6,
	0x00777777, 0x00939393, 0x00868686, 0x00838383,
	0x002a2a2a, 0x00c7c7c7, 0x005b5b5b, 0x00e9e9e9,
	0x00eeeeee, 0x008f8f8f, 0x00010101, 0x003d3d3d,

static const u32 camellia_sp3033[256] = {
	0x38003838, 0x41004141, 0x16001616, 0x76007676,
	0xd900d9d9, 0x93009393, 0x60006060, 0xf200f2f2,
	0x72007272, 0xc200c2c2, 0xab00abab, 0x9a009a9a,
	0x75007575, 0x06000606, 0x57005757, 0xa000a0a0,
	0x91009191, 0xf700f7f7, 0xb500b5b5, 0xc900c9c9,
	0xa200a2a2, 0x8c008c8c, 0xd200d2d2, 0x90009090,
	0xf600f6f6, 0x07000707, 0xa700a7a7, 0x27002727,
	0x8e008e8e, 0xb200b2b2, 0x49004949, 0xde00dede,
	0x43004343, 0x5c005c5c, 0xd700d7d7, 0xc700c7c7,
	0x3e003e3e, 0xf500f5f5, 0x8f008f8f, 0x67006767,
	0x1f001f1f, 0x18001818, 0x6e006e6e, 0xaf00afaf,
	0x2f002f2f, 0xe200e2e2, 0x85008585, 0x0d000d0d,
	0x53005353, 0xf000f0f0, 0x9c009c9c, 0x65006565,
	0xea00eaea, 0xa300a3a3, 0xae00aeae, 0x9e009e9e,
	0xec00ecec, 0x80008080, 0x2d002d2d, 0x6b006b6b,
	0xa800a8a8, 0x2b002b2b, 0x36003636, 0xa600a6a6,
	0xc500c5c5, 0x86008686, 0x4d004d4d, 0x33003333,
	0xfd00fdfd, 0x66006666, 0x58005858, 0x96009696,
	0x3a003a3a, 0x09000909, 0x95009595, 0x10001010,
	0x78007878, 0xd800d8d8, 0x42004242, 0xcc00cccc,
	0xef00efef, 0x26002626, 0xe500e5e5, 0x61006161,
	0x1a001a1a, 0x3f003f3f, 0x3b003b3b, 0x82008282,
	0xb600b6b6, 0xdb00dbdb, 0xd400d4d4, 0x98009898,
	0xe800e8e8, 0x8b008b8b, 0x02000202, 0xeb00ebeb,
	0x0a000a0a, 0x2c002c2c, 0x1d001d1d, 0xb000b0b0,
	0x6f006f6f, 0x8d008d8d, 0x88008888, 0x0e000e0e,
	0x19001919, 0x87008787, 0x4e004e4e, 0x0b000b0b,
	0xa900a9a9, 0x0c000c0c, 0x79007979, 0x11001111,
	0x7f007f7f, 0x22002222, 0xe700e7e7, 0x59005959,
	0xe100e1e1, 0xda00dada, 0x3d003d3d, 0xc800c8c8,
	0x12001212, 0x04000404, 0x74007474, 0x54005454,
	0x30003030, 0x7e007e7e, 0xb400b4b4, 0x28002828,
	0x55005555, 0x68006868, 0x50005050, 0xbe00bebe,
	0xd000d0d0, 0xc400c4c4, 0x31003131, 0xcb00cbcb,
	0x2a002a2a, 0xad00adad, 0x0f000f0f, 0xca00caca,
	0x70007070, 0xff00ffff, 0x32003232, 0x69006969,
	0x08000808, 0x62006262, 0x00000000, 0x24002424,
	0xd100d1d1, 0xfb00fbfb, 0xba00baba, 0xed00eded,
	0x45004545, 0x81008181, 0x73007373, 0x6d006d6d,
	0x84008484, 0x9f009f9f, 0xee00eeee, 0x4a004a4a,
	0xc300c3c3, 0x2e002e2e, 0xc100c1c1, 0x01000101,
	0xe600e6e6, 0x25002525, 0x48004848, 0x99009999,
	0xb900b9b9, 0xb300b3b3, 0x7b007b7b, 0xf900f9f9,
	0xce00cece, 0xbf00bfbf, 0xdf00dfdf, 0x71007171,
	0x29002929, 0xcd00cdcd, 0x6c006c6c, 0x13001313,
	0x64006464, 0x9b009b9b, 0x63006363, 0x9d009d9d,
	0xc000c0c0, 0x4b004b4b, 0xb700b7b7, 0xa500a5a5,
	0x89008989, 0x5f005f5f, 0xb100b1b1, 0x17001717,
	0xf400f4f4, 0xbc00bcbc, 0xd300d3d3, 0x46004646,
	0xcf00cfcf, 0x37003737, 0x5e005e5e, 0x47004747,
	0x94009494, 0xfa00fafa, 0xfc00fcfc, 0x5b005b5b,
	0x97009797, 0xfe00fefe, 0x5a005a5a, 0xac00acac,
	0x3c003c3c, 0x4c004c4c, 0x03000303, 0x35003535,
	0xf300f3f3, 0x23002323, 0xb800b8b8, 0x5d005d5d,
	0x6a006a6a, 0x92009292, 0xd500d5d5, 0x21002121,
	0x44004444, 0x51005151, 0xc600c6c6, 0x7d007d7d,
	0x39003939, 0x83008383, 0xdc00dcdc, 0xaa00aaaa,
	0x7c007c7c, 0x77007777, 0x56005656, 0x05000505,
	0x1b001b1b, 0xa400a4a4, 0x15001515, 0x34003434,
	0x1e001e1e, 0x1c001c1c, 0xf800f8f8, 0x52005252,
	0x20002020, 0x14001414, 0xe900e9e9, 0xbd00bdbd,
	0xdd00dddd, 0xe400e4e4, 0xa100a1a1, 0xe000e0e0,
	0x8a008a8a, 0xf100f1f1, 0xd600d6d6, 0x7a007a7a,
	0xbb00bbbb, 0xe300e3e3, 0x40004040, 0x4f004f4f,

static const u32 camellia_sp4404[256] = {
	0x70700070, 0x2c2c002c, 0xb3b300b3, 0xc0c000c0,
	0xe4e400e4, 0x57570057, 0xeaea00ea, 0xaeae00ae,
	0x23230023, 0x6b6b006b, 0x45450045, 0xa5a500a5,
	0xeded00ed, 0x4f4f004f, 0x1d1d001d, 0x92920092,
	0x86860086, 0xafaf00af, 0x7c7c007c, 0x1f1f001f,
	0x3e3e003e, 0xdcdc00dc, 0x5e5e005e, 0x0b0b000b,
	0xa6a600a6, 0x39390039, 0xd5d500d5, 0x5d5d005d,
	0xd9d900d9, 0x5a5a005a, 0x51510051, 0x6c6c006c,
	0x8b8b008b, 0x9a9a009a, 0xfbfb00fb, 0xb0b000b0,
	0x74740074, 0x2b2b002b, 0xf0f000f0, 0x84840084,
	0xdfdf00df, 0xcbcb00cb, 0x34340034, 0x76760076,
	0x6d6d006d, 0xa9a900a9, 0xd1d100d1, 0x04040004,
	0x14140014, 0x3a3a003a, 0xdede00de, 0x11110011,
	0x32320032, 0x9c9c009c, 0x53530053, 0xf2f200f2,
	0xfefe00fe, 0xcfcf00cf, 0xc3c300c3, 0x7a7a007a,
	0x24240024, 0xe8e800e8, 0x60600060, 0x69690069,
	0xaaaa00aa, 0xa0a000a0, 0xa1a100a1, 0x62620062,
	0x54540054, 0x1e1e001e, 0xe0e000e0, 0x64640064,
	0x10100010, 0x00000000, 0xa3a300a3, 0x75750075,
	0x8a8a008a, 0xe6e600e6, 0x09090009, 0xdddd00dd,
	0x87870087, 0x83830083, 0xcdcd00cd, 0x90900090,
	0x73730073, 0xf6f600f6, 0x9d9d009d, 0xbfbf00bf,
	0x52520052, 0xd8d800d8, 0xc8c800c8, 0xc6c600c6,
	0x81810081, 0x6f6f006f, 0x13130013, 0x63630063,
	0xe9e900e9, 0xa7a700a7, 0x9f9f009f, 0xbcbc00bc,
	0x29290029, 0xf9f900f9, 0x2f2f002f, 0xb4b400b4,
	0x78780078, 0x06060006, 0xe7e700e7, 0x71710071,
	0xd4d400d4, 0xabab00ab, 0x88880088, 0x8d8d008d,
	0x72720072, 0xb9b900b9, 0xf8f800f8, 0xacac00ac,
	0x36360036, 0x2a2a002a, 0x3c3c003c, 0xf1f100f1,
	0x40400040, 0xd3d300d3, 0xbbbb00bb, 0x43430043,
	0x15150015, 0xadad00ad, 0x77770077, 0x80800080,
	0x82820082, 0xecec00ec, 0x27270027, 0xe5e500e5,
	0x85850085, 0x35350035, 0x0c0c000c, 0x41410041,
	0xefef00ef, 0x93930093, 0x19190019, 0x21210021,
	0x0e0e000e, 0x4e4e004e, 0x65650065, 0xbdbd00bd,
	0xb8b800b8, 0x8f8f008f, 0xebeb00eb, 0xcece00ce,
	0x30300030, 0x5f5f005f, 0xc5c500c5, 0x1a1a001a,
	0xe1e100e1, 0xcaca00ca, 0x47470047, 0x3d3d003d,
	0x01010001, 0xd6d600d6, 0x56560056, 0x4d4d004d,
	0x0d0d000d, 0x66660066, 0xcccc00cc, 0x2d2d002d,
	0x12120012, 0x20200020, 0xb1b100b1, 0x99990099,
	0x4c4c004c, 0xc2c200c2, 0x7e7e007e, 0x05050005,
	0xb7b700b7, 0x31310031, 0x17170017, 0xd7d700d7,
	0x58580058, 0x61610061, 0x1b1b001b, 0x1c1c001c,
	0x0f0f000f, 0x16160016, 0x18180018, 0x22220022,
	0x44440044, 0xb2b200b2, 0xb5b500b5, 0x91910091,
	0x08080008, 0xa8a800a8, 0xfcfc00fc, 0x50500050,
	0xd0d000d0, 0x7d7d007d, 0x89890089, 0x97970097,
	0x5b5b005b, 0x95950095, 0xffff00ff, 0xd2d200d2,
	0xc4c400c4, 0x48480048, 0xf7f700f7, 0xdbdb00db,
	0x03030003, 0xdada00da, 0x3f3f003f, 0x94940094,
	0x5c5c005c, 0x02020002, 0x4a4a004a, 0x33330033,
	0x67670067, 0xf3f300f3, 0x7f7f007f, 0xe2e200e2,
	0x9b9b009b, 0x26260026, 0x37370037, 0x3b3b003b,
	0x96960096, 0x4b4b004b, 0xbebe00be, 0x2e2e002e,
	0x79790079, 0x8c8c008c, 0x6e6e006e, 0x8e8e008e,
	0xf5f500f5, 0xb6b600b6, 0xfdfd00fd, 0x59590059,
	0x98980098, 0x6a6a006a, 0x46460046, 0xbaba00ba,
	0x25250025, 0x42420042, 0xa2a200a2, 0xfafa00fa,
	0x07070007, 0x55550055, 0xeeee00ee, 0x0a0a000a,
	0x49490049, 0x68680068, 0x38380038, 0xa4a400a4,
	0x28280028, 0x7b7b007b, 0xc9c900c9, 0xc1c100c1,
	0xe3e300e3, 0xf4f400f4, 0xc7c700c7, 0x9e9e009e,

#define CAMELLIA_MIN_KEY_SIZE        16

#define CAMELLIA_MAX_KEY_SIZE        32

#define CAMELLIA_BLOCK_SIZE          16


 * NB: L and R below stand for 'left' and 'right' as in written numbers.
 * That is, in (xxxL,xxxR) pair xxxL holds most significant digits,
 * _not_ least significant ones!

/* key constants */

#define CAMELLIA_SIGMA1L (0xA09E667FL)

#define CAMELLIA_SIGMA1R (0x3BCC908BL)

#define CAMELLIA_SIGMA2L (0xB67AE858L)

#define CAMELLIA_SIGMA2R (0x4CAA73B2L)

#define CAMELLIA_SIGMA3L (0xC6EF372FL)

#define CAMELLIA_SIGMA3R (0xE94F82BEL)

#define CAMELLIA_SIGMA4L (0x54FF53A5L)

#define CAMELLIA_SIGMA4R (0xF1D36F1CL)

#define CAMELLIA_SIGMA5L (0x10E527FAL)

#define CAMELLIA_SIGMA5R (0xDE682D1DL)

#define CAMELLIA_SIGMA6L (0xB05688C2L)


 *  macros

#define ROLDQ(ll, lr, rl, rr, w0, w1, bits) ({              \
        w0 = ll;                                        \
        ll = (ll << bits) + (lr >> (32 - bits));        \
        lr = (lr << bits) + (rl >> (32 - bits));        \
        rl = (rl << bits) + (rr >> (32 - bits));        \
        rr = (rr << bits) + (w0 >> (32 - bits));        \

#define ROLDQo32(ll, lr, rl, rr, w0, w1, bits) ({      \
        w0 = ll;                                        \
        w1 = lr;                                        \
        ll = (lr << (bits - 32)) + (rl >> (64 - bits)); \
        lr = (rl << (bits - 32)) + (rr >> (64 - bits)); \
        rl = (rr << (bits - 32)) + (w0 >> (64 - bits)); \
        rr = (w0 << (bits - 32)) + (w1 >> (64 - bits)); \

#define CAMELLIA_F(xl, xr, kl, kr, yl, yr, il, ir, t0, t1) ({      \
        il = xl ^ kl;                                           \
        ir = xr ^ kr;                                           \
        t0 = il >> 16;                                          \
        t1 = ir >> 16;                                          \
        yl = camellia_sp1110[(u8)(ir)]                          \
           ^ camellia_sp0222[(u8)(t1 >> 8)]                     \
           ^ camellia_sp3033[(u8)(t1)]                          \
           ^ camellia_sp4404[(u8)(ir >> 8)];                    \
        yr = camellia_sp1110[(u8)(t0 >> 8)]                     \
           ^ camellia_sp0222[(u8)(t0)]                          \
           ^ camellia_sp3033[(u8)(il >> 8)]                     \
           ^ camellia_sp4404[(u8)(il)];                         \
        yl ^= yr;                                               \
        yr = ror32(yr, 8);                                      \
        yr ^= yl;                                               \

#define SUBKEY_L(INDEX) (subkey[(INDEX)*2])

#define SUBKEY_R(INDEX) (subkey[(INDEX)*2 + 1])

static void camellia_setup_tail(u32 *subkey, u32 *subL, u32 *subR, int max) { u32 dw, tl, tr; u32 kw4l, kw4r; /* absorb kw2 to other subkeys */ /* round 2 */ subL[3] ^= subL[1]; subR[3] ^= subR[1]; /* round 4 */ subL[5] ^= subL[1]; subR[5] ^= subR[1]; /* round 6 */ subL[7] ^= subL[1]; subR[7] ^= subR[1]; subL[1] ^= subR[1] & ~subR[9]; dw = subL[1] & subL[9]; subR[1] ^= rol32(dw, 1); /* modified for FLinv(kl2) */ /* round 8 */ subL[11] ^= subL[1]; subR[11] ^= subR[1]; /* round 10 */ subL[13] ^= subL[1]; subR[13] ^= subR[1]; /* round 12 */ subL[15] ^= subL[1]; subR[15] ^= subR[1]; subL[1] ^= subR[1] & ~subR[17]; dw = subL[1] & subL[17]; subR[1] ^= rol32(dw, 1); /* modified for FLinv(kl4) */ /* round 14 */ subL[19] ^= subL[1]; subR[19] ^= subR[1]; /* round 16 */ subL[21] ^= subL[1]; subR[21] ^= subR[1]; /* round 18 */ subL[23] ^= subL[1]; subR[23] ^= subR[1]; if (max == 24) { /* kw3 */ subL[24] ^= subL[1]; subR[24] ^= subR[1]; /* absorb kw4 to other subkeys */ kw4l = subL[25]; kw4r = subR[25]; } else { subL[1] ^= subR[1] & ~subR[25]; dw = subL[1] & subL[25]; subR[1] ^= rol32(dw, 1); /* modified for FLinv(kl6) */ /* round 20 */ subL[27] ^= subL[1]; subR[27] ^= subR[1]; /* round 22 */ subL[29] ^= subL[1]; subR[29] ^= subR[1]; /* round 24 */ subL[31] ^= subL[1]; subR[31] ^= subR[1]; /* kw3 */ subL[32] ^= subL[1]; subR[32] ^= subR[1]; /* absorb kw4 to other subkeys */ kw4l = subL[33]; kw4r = subR[33]; /* round 23 */ subL[30] ^= kw4l; subR[30] ^= kw4r; /* round 21 */ subL[28] ^= kw4l; subR[28] ^= kw4r; /* round 19 */ subL[26] ^= kw4l; subR[26] ^= kw4r; kw4l ^= kw4r & ~subR[24]; dw = kw4l & subL[24]; kw4r ^= rol32(dw, 1); /* modified for FL(kl5) */ } /* round 17 */ subL[22] ^= kw4l; subR[22] ^= kw4r; /* round 15 */ subL[