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Release 4.8 net/8021q/vlan.c

Directory: net/8021q
 * INET         802.1Q VLAN
 *              Ethernet-type device handling.
 * Authors:     Ben Greear <>
 *              Please send support related email to:
 *              VLAN Home Page:
 * Fixes:
 *              Fix for packet capture - Nick Eggleston <>;
 *              Add HW acceleration hooks - David S. Miller <>;
 *              Correct all the locking - David S. Miller <>;
 *              Use hash table for VLAN groups - David S. Miller <>
 *              This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 *              modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
 *              as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version
 *              2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

#define pr_fmt(fmt) KBUILD_MODNAME ": " fmt

#include <linux/capability.h>
#include <linux/module.h>
#include <linux/netdevice.h>
#include <linux/skbuff.h>
#include <linux/slab.h>
#include <linux/init.h>
#include <linux/rculist.h>
#include <net/p8022.h>
#include <net/arp.h>
#include <linux/rtnetlink.h>
#include <linux/notifier.h>
#include <net/rtnetlink.h>
#include <net/net_namespace.h>
#include <net/netns/generic.h>
#include <asm/uaccess.h>

#include <linux/if_vlan.h>
#include "vlan.h"
#include "vlanproc.h"

#define DRV_VERSION "1.8"

/* Global VLAN variables */

int vlan_net_id __read_mostly;

const char vlan_fullname[] = "802.1Q VLAN Support";

const char vlan_version[] = DRV_VERSION;

/* End of global variables definitions. */

static int vlan_group_prealloc_vid(struct vlan_group *vg, __be16 vlan_proto, u16 vlan_id) { struct net_device **array; unsigned int pidx, vidx; unsigned int size; ASSERT_RTNL(); pidx = vlan_proto_idx(vlan_proto); vidx = vlan_id / VLAN_GROUP_ARRAY_PART_LEN; array = vg->vlan_devices_arrays[pidx][vidx]; if (array != NULL) return 0; size = sizeof(struct net_device *) * VLAN_GROUP_ARRAY_PART_LEN; array = kzalloc(size, GFP_KERNEL); if (array == NULL) return -ENOBUFS; vg->vlan_devices_arrays[pidx][vidx] = array; return 0; }


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void unregister_vlan_dev(struct net_device *dev, struct list_head *head) { struct vlan_dev_priv *vlan = vlan_dev_priv(dev); struct net_device *real_dev = vlan->real_dev; struct vlan_info *vlan_info; struct vlan_group *grp; u16 vlan_id = vlan->vlan_id; ASSERT_RTNL(); vlan_info = rtnl_dereference(real_dev->vlan_info); BUG_ON(!vlan_info); grp = &vlan_info->grp; grp->nr_vlan_devs--; if (vlan->flags & VLAN_FLAG_MVRP) vlan_mvrp_request_leave(dev); if (vlan->flags & VLAN_FLAG_GVRP) vlan_gvrp_request_leave(dev); vlan_group_set_device(grp, vlan->vlan_proto, vlan_id, NULL); netdev_upper_dev_unlink(real_dev, dev); /* Because unregister_netdevice_queue() makes sure at least one rcu * grace period is respected before device freeing, * we dont need to call synchronize_net() here. */ unregister_netdevice_queue(dev, head); if (grp->nr_vlan_devs == 0) { vlan_mvrp_uninit_applicant(real_dev); vlan_gvrp_uninit_applicant(real_dev); } /* Take it out of our own structures, but be sure to interlock with * HW accelerating devices or SW vlan input packet processing if * VLAN is not 0 (leave it there for 802.1p). */ if (vlan_id) vlan_vid_del(real_dev, vlan->vlan_proto, vlan_id); /* Get rid of the vlan's reference to real_dev */ dev_put(real_dev); }


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int vlan_check_real_dev(struct net_device *real_dev, __be16 protocol, u16 vlan_id) { const char *name = real_dev->name; if (real_dev->features & NETIF_F_VLAN_CHALLENGED) { pr_info("VLANs not supported on %s\n", name); return -EOPNOTSUPP; } if (vlan_find_dev(real_dev, protocol, vlan_id) != NULL) return -EEXIST; return 0; }


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int register_vlan_dev(struct net_device *dev) { struct vlan_dev_priv *vlan = vlan_dev_priv(dev); struct net_device *real_dev = vlan->real_dev; u16 vlan_id = vlan->vlan_id; struct vlan_info *vlan_info; struct vlan_group *grp; int err; err = vlan_vid_add(real_dev, vlan->vlan_proto, vlan_id); if (err) return err; vlan_info = rtnl_dereference(real_dev->vlan_info); /* vlan_info should be there now. vlan_vid_add took care of it */ BUG_ON(!vlan_info); grp = &vlan_info->grp; if (grp->nr_vlan_devs == 0) { err = vlan_gvrp_init_applicant(real_dev); if (err < 0) goto out_vid_del; err = vlan_mvrp_init_applicant(real_dev); if (err < 0) goto out_uninit_gvrp; } err = vlan_group_prealloc_vid(grp, vlan->vlan_proto, vlan_id); if (err < 0) goto out_uninit_mvrp; vlan->nest_level = dev_get_nest_level(real_dev) + 1; err = register_netdevice(dev); if (err < 0) goto out_uninit_mvrp; err = netdev_upper_dev_link(real_dev, dev); if (err) goto out_unregister_netdev; /* Account for reference in struct vlan_dev_priv */ dev_hold(real_dev); netif_stacked_transfer_operstate(real_dev, dev); linkwatch_fire_event(dev); /* _MUST_ call rfc2863_policy() */ /* So, got the sucker initialized, now lets place * it into our local structure. */ vlan_group_set_device(grp, vlan->vlan_proto, vlan_id, dev); grp->nr_vlan_devs++; return 0; out_unregister_netdev: unregister_netdevice(dev); out_uninit_mvrp: if (grp->nr_vlan_devs == 0) vlan_mvrp_uninit_applicant(real_dev); out_uninit_gvrp: if (grp->nr_vlan_devs == 0) vlan_gvrp_uninit_applicant(real_dev); out_vid_del: vlan_vid_del(real_dev, vlan->vlan_proto, vlan_id); return err; }


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/* Attach a VLAN device to a mac address (ie Ethernet Card). * Returns 0 if the device was created or a negative error code otherwise. */
static int register_vlan_device(struct net_device *real_dev, u16 vlan_id) { struct net_device *new_dev; struct vlan_dev_priv *vlan; struct net *net = dev_net(real_dev); struct vlan_net *vn = net_generic(net, vlan_net_id); char name[IFNAMSIZ]; int err; if (vlan_id >= VLAN_VID_MASK) return -ERANGE; err = vlan_check_real_dev(real_dev, htons(ETH_P_8021Q), vlan_id); if (err < 0) return err; /* Gotta set up the fields for the device. */ switch (vn->name_type) { case VLAN_NAME_TYPE_RAW_PLUS_VID: /* name will look like: eth1.0005 */ snprintf(name, IFNAMSIZ, "%s.%.4i", real_dev->name, vlan_id); break; case VLAN_NAME_TYPE_PLUS_VID_NO_PAD: /* Put our vlan.VID in the name. * Name will look like: vlan5 */ snprintf(name, IFNAMSIZ, "vlan%i", vlan_id); break; case VLAN_NAME_TYPE_RAW_PLUS_VID_NO_PAD: /* Put our vlan.VID in the name. * Name will look like: eth0.5 */ snprintf(name, IFNAMSIZ, "%s.%i", real_dev->name, vlan_id); break; case VLAN_NAME_TYPE_PLUS_VID: /* Put our vlan.VID in the name. * Name will look like: vlan0005 */ default: snprintf(name, IFNAMSIZ, "vlan%.4i", vlan_id); } new_dev = alloc_netdev(sizeof(struct vlan_dev_priv), name, NET_NAME_UNKNOWN, vlan_setup); if (new_dev == NULL) return -ENOBUFS; dev_net_set(new_dev, net); /* need 4 bytes for extra VLAN header info, * hope the underlying device can handle it. */ new_dev->mtu = real_dev->mtu; vlan = vlan_dev_priv(new_dev); vlan->vlan_proto = htons(ETH_P_8021Q); vlan->vlan_id = vlan_id; vlan->real_dev = real_dev; vlan->dent = NULL; vlan->flags = VLAN_FLAG_REORDER_HDR; new_dev->rtnl_link_ops = &vlan_link_ops; err = register_vlan_dev(new_dev); if (err < 0) goto out_free_newdev; return 0; out_free_newdev: free_netdev(new_dev); return err; }


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static void vlan_sync_address(struct net_device *dev, struct net_device *vlandev) { struct vlan_dev_priv *vlan = vlan_dev_priv(vlandev); /* May be called without an actual change */ if (ether_addr_equal(vlan->real_dev_addr, dev->dev_addr)) return; /* vlan continues to inherit address of lower device */ if (vlan_dev_inherit_address(vlandev, dev)) goto out; /* vlan address was different from the old address and is equal to * the new address */ if (!ether_addr_equal(vlandev->dev_addr, vlan->real_dev_addr) && ether_addr_equal(vlandev->dev_addr, dev->dev_addr)) dev_uc_del(dev, vlandev->dev_addr); /* vlan address was equal to the old address and is different from * the new address */ if (ether_addr_equal(vlandev->dev_addr, vlan->real_dev_addr) && !ether_addr_equal(vlandev->dev_addr, dev->dev_addr)) dev_uc_add(dev, vlandev->dev_addr); out: ether_addr_copy(vlan->real_dev_addr, dev->dev_addr); }


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static void vlan_transfer_features(struct net_device *dev, struct net_device *vlandev) { struct vlan_dev_priv *vlan = vlan_dev_priv(vlandev); vlandev->gso_max_size = dev->gso_max_size; vlandev->gso_max_segs = dev->gso_max_segs; if (vlan_hw_offload_capable(dev->features, vlan->vlan_proto)) vlandev->hard_header_len = dev->hard_header_len; else vlandev->hard_header_len = dev->hard_header_len + VLAN_HLEN; #if IS_ENABLED(CONFIG_FCOE) vlandev->fcoe_ddp_xid = dev->fcoe_ddp_xid; #endif netdev_update_features(vlandev); }


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static int __vlan_device_event(struct net_device *dev, unsigned long event) { int err = 0; switch (event) { case NETDEV_CHANGENAME: vlan_proc_rem_dev(dev); err = vlan_proc_add_dev(dev); break; case NETDEV_REGISTER: err = vlan_proc_add_dev(dev); break; case NETDEV_UNREGISTER: vlan_proc_rem_dev(dev); break; } return err; }


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static int vlan_device_event(struct notifier_block *unused, unsigned long event, void *ptr) { struct net_device *dev = netdev_notifier_info_to_dev(ptr); struct vlan_group *grp; struct vlan_info *vlan_info; int i, flgs; struct net_device *vlandev; struct vlan_dev_priv *vlan; bool last = false; LIST_HEAD(list); if (is_vlan_dev(dev)) { int err = __vlan_device_event(dev, event); if (err) return notifier_from_errno(err); } if ((event == NETDEV_UP) && (dev->features & NETIF_F_HW_VLAN_CTAG_FILTER)) { pr_info("adding VLAN 0 to HW filter on device %s\n", dev->name); vlan_vid_add(dev, htons(ETH_P_8021Q), 0); } vlan_info = rtnl_dereference(dev->vlan_info); if (!vlan_info) goto out; grp = &vlan_info->grp; /* It is OK that we do not hold the group lock right now, * as we run under the RTNL lock. */ switch (event) { case NETDEV_CHANGE: /* Propagate real device state to vlan devices */ vlan_group_for_each_dev(grp, i, vlandev) netif_stacked_transfer_operstate(dev, vlandev); break; case NETDEV_CHANGEADDR: /* Adjust unicast filters on underlying device */ vlan_group_for_each_dev(grp, i, vlandev) { flgs = vlandev->flags; if (!(flgs & IFF_UP)) continue; vlan_sync_address(dev, vlandev); } break; case NETDEV_CHANGEMTU: vlan_group_for_each_dev(grp, i, vlandev) { if (vlandev->mtu <= dev->mtu) continue; dev_set_mtu(vlandev, dev->mtu); } break; case NETDEV_FEAT_CHANGE: /* Propagate device features to underlying device */ vlan_group_for_each_dev(grp, i, vlandev) vlan_transfer_features(dev, vlandev); break; case NETDEV_DOWN: { struct net_device *tmp; LIST_HEAD(close_list); if (dev->features & NETIF_F_HW_VLAN_CTAG_FILTER) vlan_vid_del(dev, htons(ETH_P_8021Q), 0); /* Put all VLANs for this dev in the down state too. */ vlan_group_for_each_dev(grp, i, vlandev) { flgs = vlandev->flags; if (!(flgs & IFF_UP)) continue; vlan = vlan_dev_priv(vlandev); if (!(vlan->flags & VLAN_FLAG_LOOSE_BINDING)) list_add(&vlandev->close_list, &close_list); } dev_close_many(&close_list, false); list_for_each_entry_safe(vlandev, tmp, &close_list, close_list) { netif_stacked_transfer_operstate(dev, vlandev); list_del_init(&vlandev->close_list); } list_del(&close_list); break; } case NETDEV_UP: /* Put all VLANs for this dev in the up state too. */ vlan_group_for_each_dev(grp, i, vlandev) { flgs = dev_get_flags(vlandev); if (flgs & IFF_UP) continue; vlan = vlan_dev_priv(vlandev); if (!(vlan->flags & VLAN_FLAG_LOOSE_BINDING)) dev_change_flags(vlandev, flgs | IFF_UP); netif_stacked_transfer_operstate(dev, vlandev); } break; case NETDEV_UNREGISTER: /* twiddle thumbs on netns device moves */ if (dev->reg_state != NETREG_UNREGISTERING) break; vlan_group_for_each_dev(grp, i, vlandev) { /* removal of last vid destroys vlan_info, abort * afterwards */ if (vlan_info->nr_vids == 1) last = true; unregister_vlan_dev(vlandev, &list); if (last) break; } unregister_netdevice_many(&list); break; case NETDEV_PRE_TYPE_CHANGE: /* Forbid underlaying device to change its type. */ if (vlan_uses_dev(dev)) return NOTIFY_BAD; break; case NETDEV_NOTIFY_PEERS: case NETDEV_BONDING_FAILOVER: case NETDEV_RESEND_IGMP: /* Propagate to vlan devices */ vlan_group_for_each_dev(grp, i, vlandev) call_netdevice_notifiers(event, vlandev); break; } out: return NOTIFY_DONE; }


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static struct notifier_block vlan_notifier_block __read_mostly = { .notifier_call = vlan_device_event, }; /* * VLAN IOCTL handler. * o execute requested action or pass command to the device driver * arg is really a struct vlan_ioctl_args __user *. */
static int vlan_ioctl_handler(struct net *net, void __user *arg) { int err; struct vlan_ioctl_args args; struct net_device *dev = NULL; if (copy_from_user(&args, arg, sizeof(struct vlan_ioctl_args))) return -EFAULT; /* Null terminate this sucker, just in case. */ args.device1[23] = 0; args.u.device2[23] = 0; rtnl_lock(); switch (args.cmd) { case SET_VLAN_INGRESS_PRIORITY_CMD: case SET_VLAN_EGRESS_PRIORITY_CMD: case SET_VLAN_FLAG_CMD: case ADD_VLAN_CMD: case DEL_VLAN_CMD: case GET_VLAN_REALDEV_NAME_CMD: case GET_VLAN_VID_CMD: err = -ENODEV; dev = __dev_get_by_name(net, args.device1); if (!dev) goto out; err = -EINVAL; if (args.cmd != ADD_VLAN_CMD && !is_vlan_dev(dev)) goto out; } switch (args.cmd) { case SET_VLAN_INGRESS_PRIORITY_CMD: err = -EPERM; if (!ns_capable(net->user_ns, CAP_NET_ADMIN)) break; vlan_dev_set_ingress_priority(dev, args.u.skb_priority, args.vlan_qos); err = 0; break; case SET_VLAN_EGRESS_PRIORITY_CMD: err = -EPERM; if (!ns_capable(net->user_ns, CAP_NET_ADMIN)) break; err = vlan_dev_set_egress_priority(dev, args.u.skb_priority, args.vlan_qos); break; case SET_VLAN_FLAG_CMD: err = -EPERM; if (!ns_capable(net->user_ns, CAP_NET_ADMIN)) break; err = vlan_dev_change_flags(dev, args.vlan_qos ? args.u.flag : 0, args.u.flag); break; case SET_VLAN_NAME_TYPE_CMD: err = -EPERM; if (!ns_capable(net->user_ns, CAP_NET_ADMIN)) break; if ((args.u.name_type >= 0) && (args.u.name_type < VLAN_NAME_TYPE_HIGHEST)) { struct vlan_net *vn; vn = net_generic(net, vlan_net_id); vn->name_type = args.u.name_type; err = 0; } else { err = -EINVAL; } break; case ADD_VLAN_CMD: err = -EPERM; if (!ns_capable(net->user_ns, CAP_NET_ADMIN)) break; err = register_vlan_device(dev, args.u.VID); break; case DEL_VLAN_CMD: err = -EPERM; if (!ns_capable(net->user_ns, CAP_NET_ADMIN)) break; unregister_vlan_dev(dev, NULL); err = 0; break; case GET_VLAN_REALDEV_NAME_CMD: err = 0; vlan_dev_get_realdev_name(dev, args.u.device2); if (copy_to_user(arg, &args, sizeof(struct vlan_ioctl_args))) err = -EFAULT; break; case GET_VLAN_VID_CMD: err = 0; args.u.VID = vlan_dev_vlan_id(dev); if (copy_to_user(arg, &args, sizeof(struct vlan_ioctl_args))) err = -EFAULT; break; default: err = -EOPNOTSUPP; break; } out: rtnl_unlock(); return err; }


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static struct sk_buff **vlan_gro_receive(struct sk_buff **head, struct sk_buff *skb) { struct sk_buff *p, **pp = NULL; struct vlan_hdr *vhdr; unsigned int hlen, off_vlan; const struct packet_offload *ptype; __be16 type; int flush = 1; off_vlan = skb_gro_offset(skb); hlen = off_vlan + sizeof(*vhdr); vhdr = skb_gro_header_fast(skb, off_vlan); if (skb_gro_header_hard(skb, hlen)) { vhdr = skb_gro_header_slow(skb, hlen, off_vlan); if (unlikely(!vhdr)) goto out; } type = vhdr->h_vlan_encapsulated_proto; rcu_read_lock(); ptype = gro_find_receive_by_type(type); if (!ptype) goto out_unlock; flush = 0; for (p = *head; p; p = p->next) { struct vlan_hdr *vhdr2; if (!NAPI_GRO_CB(p)->same_flow) continue; vhdr2 = (struct vlan_hdr *)(p->data + off_vlan); if (compare_vlan_header(vhdr, vhdr2)) NAPI_GRO_CB(p)->same_flow = 0; } skb_gro_pull(skb, sizeof(*vhdr)); skb_gro_postpull_rcsum(skb, vhdr, sizeof(*vhdr)); pp = ptype->callbacks.gro_receive(head, skb); out_unlock: rcu_read_unlock(); out: NAPI_GRO_CB(skb)->flush |= flush; return pp; }


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static int vlan_gro_complete(struct sk_buff *skb, int nhoff) { struct vlan_hdr *vhdr = (struct vlan_hdr *)(skb->data + nhoff); __be16 type = vhdr->h_vlan_encapsulated_proto; struct packet_offload *ptype; int err = -ENOENT; rcu_read_lock(); ptype = gro_find_complete_by_type(type); if (ptype) err = ptype->callbacks.gro_complete(skb, nhoff + sizeof(*vhdr)); rcu_read_unlock(); return err; }


toshiaki makitatoshiaki makita89100.00%1100.00%

static struct packet_offload vlan_packet_offloads[] __read_mostly = { { .type = cpu_to_be16(ETH_P_8021Q), .priority = 10, .callbacks = { .gro_receive = vlan_gro_receive, .gro_complete = vlan_gro_complete, }, }, { .type = cpu_to_be16(ETH_P_8021AD), .priority = 10, .callbacks = { .gro_receive = vlan_gro_receive, .gro_complete = vlan_gro_complete, }, }, };
static int __net_init vlan_init_net(struct net *net) { struct vlan_net *vn = net_generic(net, vlan_net_id); int err; vn->name_type = VLAN_NAME_TYPE_RAW_PLUS_VID_NO_PAD; err =