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Release 4.8 net/bridge/br_ioctl.c

Directory: net/bridge
 *      Ioctl handler
 *      Linux ethernet bridge
 *      Authors:
 *      Lennert Buytenhek               <>
 *      This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 *      modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
 *      as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version
 *      2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

#include <linux/capability.h>
#include <linux/kernel.h>
#include <linux/if_bridge.h>
#include <linux/netdevice.h>
#include <linux/slab.h>
#include <linux/times.h>
#include <net/net_namespace.h>
#include <asm/uaccess.h>
#include "br_private.h"

static int get_bridge_ifindices(struct net *net, int *indices, int num) { struct net_device *dev; int i = 0; rcu_read_lock(); for_each_netdev_rcu(net, dev) { if (i >= num) break; if (dev->priv_flags & IFF_EBRIDGE) indices[i++] = dev->ifindex; } rcu_read_unlock(); return i; }


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/* called with RTNL */
static void get_port_ifindices(struct net_bridge *br, int *ifindices, int num) { struct net_bridge_port *p; list_for_each_entry(p, &br->port_list, list) { if (p->port_no < num) ifindices[p->port_no] = p->dev->ifindex; } }


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/* * Format up to a page worth of forwarding table entries * userbuf -- where to copy result * maxnum -- maximum number of entries desired * (limited to a page for sanity) * offset -- number of records to skip */
static int get_fdb_entries(struct net_bridge *br, void __user *userbuf, unsigned long maxnum, unsigned long offset) { int num; void *buf; size_t size; /* Clamp size to PAGE_SIZE, test maxnum to avoid overflow */ if (maxnum > PAGE_SIZE/sizeof(struct __fdb_entry)) maxnum = PAGE_SIZE/sizeof(struct __fdb_entry); size = maxnum * sizeof(struct __fdb_entry); buf = kmalloc(size, GFP_USER); if (!buf) return -ENOMEM; num = br_fdb_fillbuf(br, buf, maxnum, offset); if (num > 0) { if (copy_to_user(userbuf, buf, num*sizeof(struct __fdb_entry))) num = -EFAULT; } kfree(buf); return num; }


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/* called with RTNL */
static int add_del_if(struct net_bridge *br, int ifindex, int isadd) { struct net *net = dev_net(br->dev); struct net_device *dev; int ret; if (!ns_capable(net->user_ns, CAP_NET_ADMIN)) return -EPERM; dev = __dev_get_by_index(net, ifindex); if (dev == NULL) return -EINVAL; if (isadd) ret = br_add_if(br, dev); else ret = br_del_if(br, dev); return ret; }


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/* * Legacy ioctl's through SIOCDEVPRIVATE * This interface is deprecated because it was too difficult to * to do the translation for 32/64bit ioctl compatibility. */
static int old_dev_ioctl(struct net_device *dev, struct ifreq *rq, int cmd) { struct net_bridge *br = netdev_priv(dev); struct net_bridge_port *p = NULL; unsigned long args[4]; int ret = -EOPNOTSUPP; if (copy_from_user(args, rq->ifr_data, sizeof(args))) return -EFAULT; switch (args[0]) { case BRCTL_ADD_IF: case BRCTL_DEL_IF: return add_del_if(br, args[1], args[0] == BRCTL_ADD_IF); case BRCTL_GET_BRIDGE_INFO: { struct __bridge_info b; memset(&b, 0, sizeof(struct __bridge_info)); rcu_read_lock(); memcpy(&b.designated_root, &br->designated_root, 8); memcpy(&b.bridge_id, &br->bridge_id, 8); b.root_path_cost = br->root_path_cost; b.max_age = jiffies_to_clock_t(br->max_age); b.hello_time = jiffies_to_clock_t(br->hello_time); b.forward_delay = br->forward_delay; b.bridge_max_age = br->bridge_max_age; b.bridge_hello_time = br->bridge_hello_time; b.bridge_forward_delay = jiffies_to_clock_t(br->bridge_forward_delay); b.topology_change = br->topology_change; b.topology_change_detected = br->topology_change_detected; b.root_port = br->root_port; b.stp_enabled = (br->stp_enabled != BR_NO_STP); b.ageing_time = jiffies_to_clock_t(br->ageing_time); b.hello_timer_value = br_timer_value(&br->hello_timer); b.tcn_timer_value = br_timer_value(&br->tcn_timer); b.topology_change_timer_value = br_timer_value(&br->topology_change_timer); b.gc_timer_value = br_timer_value(&br->gc_timer); rcu_read_unlock(); if (copy_to_user((void __user *)args[1], &b, sizeof(b))) return -EFAULT; return 0; } case BRCTL_GET_PORT_LIST: { int num, *indices; num = args[2]; if (num < 0) return -EINVAL; if (num == 0) num = 256; if (num > BR_MAX_PORTS) num = BR_MAX_PORTS; indices = kcalloc(num, sizeof(int), GFP_KERNEL); if (indices == NULL) return -ENOMEM; get_port_ifindices(br, indices, num); if (copy_to_user((void __user *)args[1], indices, num*sizeof(int))) num = -EFAULT; kfree(indices); return num; } case BRCTL_SET_BRIDGE_FORWARD_DELAY: if (!ns_capable(dev_net(dev)->user_ns, CAP_NET_ADMIN)) return -EPERM; ret = br_set_forward_delay(br, args[1]); break; case BRCTL_SET_BRIDGE_HELLO_TIME: if (!ns_capable(dev_net(dev)->user_ns, CAP_NET_ADMIN)) return -EPERM; ret = br_set_hello_time(br, args[1]); break; case BRCTL_SET_BRIDGE_MAX_AGE: if (!ns_capable(dev_net(dev)->user_ns, CAP_NET_ADMIN)) return -EPERM; ret = br_set_max_age(br, args[1]); break; case BRCTL_SET_AGEING_TIME: if (!ns_capable(dev_net(dev)->user_ns, CAP_NET_ADMIN)) return -EPERM; ret = br_set_ageing_time(br, args[1]); break; case BRCTL_GET_PORT_INFO: { struct __port_info p; struct net_bridge_port *pt; rcu_read_lock(); if ((pt = br_get_port(br, args[2])) == NULL) { rcu_read_unlock(); return -EINVAL; } memset(&p, 0, sizeof(struct __port_info)); memcpy(&p.designated_root, &pt->designated_root, 8); memcpy(&p.designated_bridge, &pt->designated_bridge, 8); p.port_id = pt->port_id; p.designated_port = pt->designated_port; p.path_cost = pt->path_cost; p.designated_cost = pt->designated_cost; p.state = pt->state; p.top_change_ack = pt->topology_change_ack; p.config_pending = pt->config_pending; p.message_age_timer_value = br_timer_value(&pt->message_age_timer); p.forward_delay_timer_value = br_timer_value(&pt->forward_delay_timer); p.hold_timer_value = br_timer_value(&pt->hold_timer); rcu_read_unlock(); if (copy_to_user((void __user *)args[1], &p, sizeof(p))) return -EFAULT; return 0; } case BRCTL_SET_BRIDGE_STP_STATE: if (!ns_capable(dev_net(dev)->user_ns, CAP_NET_ADMIN)) return -EPERM; br_stp_set_enabled(br, args[1]); ret = 0; break; case BRCTL_SET_BRIDGE_PRIORITY: if (!ns_capable(dev_net(dev)->user_ns, CAP_NET_ADMIN)) return -EPERM; br_stp_set_bridge_priority(br, args[1]); ret = 0; break; case BRCTL_SET_PORT_PRIORITY: { if (!ns_capable(dev_net(dev)->user_ns, CAP_NET_ADMIN)) return -EPERM; spin_lock_bh(&br->lock); if ((p = br_get_port(br, args[1])) == NULL) ret = -EINVAL; else ret = br_stp_set_port_priority(p, args[2]); spin_unlock_bh(&br->lock); break; } case BRCTL_SET_PATH_COST: { if (!ns_capable(dev_net(dev)->user_ns, CAP_NET_ADMIN)) return -EPERM; spin_lock_bh(&br->lock); if ((p = br_get_port(br, args[1])) == NULL) ret = -EINVAL; else ret = br_stp_set_path_cost(p, args[2]); spin_unlock_bh(&br->lock); break; } case BRCTL_GET_FDB_ENTRIES: return get_fdb_entries(br, (void __user *)args[1], args[2], args[3]); } if (!ret) { if (p) br_ifinfo_notify(RTM_NEWLINK, p); else netdev_state_change(br->dev); } return ret; }


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static int old_deviceless(struct net *net, void __user *uarg) { unsigned long args[3]; if (copy_from_user(args, uarg, sizeof(args))) return -EFAULT; switch (args[0]) { case BRCTL_GET_VERSION: return BRCTL_VERSION; case BRCTL_GET_BRIDGES: { int *indices; int ret = 0; if (args[2] >= 2048) return -ENOMEM; indices = kcalloc(args[2], sizeof(int), GFP_KERNEL); if (indices == NULL) return -ENOMEM; args[2] = get_bridge_ifindices(net, indices, args[2]); ret = copy_to_user((void __user *)args[1], indices, args[2]*sizeof(int)) ? -EFAULT : args[2]; kfree(indices); return ret; } case BRCTL_ADD_BRIDGE: case BRCTL_DEL_BRIDGE: { char buf[IFNAMSIZ]; if (!ns_capable(net->user_ns, CAP_NET_ADMIN)) return -EPERM; if (copy_from_user(buf, (void __user *)args[1], IFNAMSIZ)) return -EFAULT; buf[IFNAMSIZ-1] = 0; if (args[0] == BRCTL_ADD_BRIDGE) return br_add_bridge(net, buf); return br_del_bridge(net, buf); } } return -EOPNOTSUPP; }


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int br_ioctl_deviceless_stub(struct net *net, unsigned int cmd, void __user *uarg) { switch (cmd) { case SIOCGIFBR: case SIOCSIFBR: return old_deviceless(net, uarg); case SIOCBRADDBR: case SIOCBRDELBR: { char buf[IFNAMSIZ]; if (!ns_capable(net->user_ns, CAP_NET_ADMIN)) return -EPERM; if (copy_from_user(buf, uarg, IFNAMSIZ)) return -EFAULT; buf[IFNAMSIZ-1] = 0; if (cmd == SIOCBRADDBR) return br_add_bridge(net, buf); return br_del_bridge(net, buf); } } return -EOPNOTSUPP; }


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int br_dev_ioctl(struct net_device *dev, struct ifreq *rq, int cmd) { struct net_bridge *br = netdev_priv(dev); switch (cmd) { case SIOCDEVPRIVATE: return old_dev_ioctl(dev, rq, cmd); case SIOCBRADDIF: case SIOCBRDELIF: return add_del_if(br, rq->ifr_ifindex, cmd == SIOCBRADDIF); } br_debug(br, "Bridge does not support ioctl 0x%x\n", cmd); return -EOPNOTSUPP; }


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