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Release 4.8 net/caif/caif_dev.c

Directory: net/caif
 * CAIF Interface registration.
 * Copyright (C) ST-Ericsson AB 2010
 * Author:      Sjur Brendeland
 * License terms: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
 * Borrowed heavily from file: pn_dev.c. Thanks to Remi Denis-Courmont
 *  and Sakari Ailus <>

#define pr_fmt(fmt) KBUILD_MODNAME ":%s(): " fmt, __func__

#include <linux/kernel.h>
#include <linux/if_arp.h>
#include <linux/net.h>
#include <linux/netdevice.h>
#include <linux/mutex.h>
#include <linux/module.h>
#include <linux/spinlock.h>
#include <net/netns/generic.h>
#include <net/net_namespace.h>
#include <net/pkt_sched.h>
#include <net/caif/caif_device.h>
#include <net/caif/caif_layer.h>
#include <net/caif/caif_dev.h>
#include <net/caif/cfpkt.h>
#include <net/caif/cfcnfg.h>
#include <net/caif/cfserl.h>


/* Used for local tracking of the CAIF net devices */

struct caif_device_entry {
struct cflayer layer;
struct list_head list;
struct net_device *netdev;
int __percpu *pcpu_refcnt;
spinlock_t flow_lock;
struct sk_buff *xoff_skb;
void (*xoff_skb_dtor)(struct sk_buff *skb);
bool xoff;

struct caif_device_entry_list {
struct list_head list;
	/* Protects simulanous deletes in list */
struct mutex lock;

struct caif_net {
struct cfcnfg *cfg;
struct caif_device_entry_list caifdevs;

static int caif_net_id;

static int q_high = 50; 
/* Percent */

struct cfcnfg *get_cfcnfg(struct net *net) { struct caif_net *caifn; caifn = net_generic(net, caif_net_id); return caifn->cfg; }


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static struct caif_device_entry_list *caif_device_list(struct net *net) { struct caif_net *caifn; caifn = net_generic(net, caif_net_id); return &caifn->caifdevs; }


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static void caifd_put(struct caif_device_entry *e) { this_cpu_dec(*e->pcpu_refcnt); }


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static void caifd_hold(struct caif_device_entry *e) { this_cpu_inc(*e->pcpu_refcnt); }


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static int caifd_refcnt_read(struct caif_device_entry *e) { int i, refcnt = 0; for_each_possible_cpu(i) refcnt += *per_cpu_ptr(e->pcpu_refcnt, i); return refcnt; }


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/* Allocate new CAIF device. */
static struct caif_device_entry *caif_device_alloc(struct net_device *dev) { struct caif_device_entry *caifd; caifd = kzalloc(sizeof(*caifd), GFP_KERNEL); if (!caifd) return NULL; caifd->pcpu_refcnt = alloc_percpu(int); if (!caifd->pcpu_refcnt) { kfree(caifd); return NULL; } caifd->netdev = dev; dev_hold(dev); return caifd; }


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static struct caif_device_entry *caif_get(struct net_device *dev) { struct caif_device_entry_list *caifdevs = caif_device_list(dev_net(dev)); struct caif_device_entry *caifd; list_for_each_entry_rcu(caifd, &caifdevs->list, list) { if (caifd->netdev == dev) return caifd; } return NULL; }


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static void caif_flow_cb(struct sk_buff *skb) { struct caif_device_entry *caifd; void (*dtor)(struct sk_buff *skb) = NULL; bool send_xoff; WARN_ON(skb->dev == NULL); rcu_read_lock(); caifd = caif_get(skb->dev); WARN_ON(caifd == NULL); if (caifd == NULL) return; caifd_hold(caifd); rcu_read_unlock(); spin_lock_bh(&caifd->flow_lock); send_xoff = caifd->xoff; caifd->xoff = 0; dtor = caifd->xoff_skb_dtor; if (WARN_ON(caifd->xoff_skb != skb)) skb = NULL; caifd->xoff_skb = NULL; caifd->xoff_skb_dtor = NULL; spin_unlock_bh(&caifd->flow_lock); if (dtor && skb) dtor(skb); if (send_xoff) caifd->layer.up-> ctrlcmd(caifd->layer.up, _CAIF_CTRLCMD_PHYIF_FLOW_ON_IND, caifd->; caifd_put(caifd); }


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static int transmit(struct cflayer *layer, struct cfpkt *pkt) { int err, high = 0, qlen = 0; struct caif_device_entry *caifd = container_of(layer, struct caif_device_entry, layer); struct sk_buff *skb; struct netdev_queue *txq; rcu_read_lock_bh(); skb = cfpkt_tonative(pkt); skb->dev = caifd->netdev; skb_reset_network_header(skb); skb->protocol = htons(ETH_P_CAIF); /* Check if we need to handle xoff */ if (likely(caifd->netdev->priv_flags & IFF_NO_QUEUE)) goto noxoff; if (unlikely(caifd->xoff)) goto noxoff; if (likely(!netif_queue_stopped(caifd->netdev))) { /* If we run with a TX queue, check if the queue is too long*/ txq = netdev_get_tx_queue(skb->dev, 0); qlen = qdisc_qlen(rcu_dereference_bh(txq->qdisc)); if (likely(qlen == 0)) goto noxoff; high = (caifd->netdev->tx_queue_len * q_high) / 100; if (likely(qlen < high)) goto noxoff; } /* Hold lock while accessing xoff */ spin_lock_bh(&caifd->flow_lock); if (caifd->xoff) { spin_unlock_bh(&caifd->flow_lock); goto noxoff; } /* * Handle flow off, we do this by temporary hi-jacking this * skb's destructor function, and replace it with our own * flow-on callback. The callback will set flow-on and call * the original destructor. */ pr_debug("queue has stopped(%d) or is full (%d > %d)\n", netif_queue_stopped(caifd->netdev), qlen, high); caifd->xoff = 1; caifd->xoff_skb = skb; caifd->xoff_skb_dtor = skb->destructor; skb->destructor = caif_flow_cb; spin_unlock_bh(&caifd->flow_lock); caifd->layer.up->ctrlcmd(caifd->layer.up, _CAIF_CTRLCMD_PHYIF_FLOW_OFF_IND, caifd->; noxoff: rcu_read_unlock_bh(); err = dev_queue_xmit(skb); if (err > 0) err = -EIO; return err; }


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/* * Stuff received packets into the CAIF stack. * On error, returns non-zero and releases the skb. */
static int receive(struct sk_buff *skb, struct net_device *dev, struct packet_type *pkttype, struct net_device *orig_dev) { struct cfpkt *pkt; struct caif_device_entry *caifd; int err; pkt = cfpkt_fromnative(CAIF_DIR_IN, skb); rcu_read_lock(); caifd = caif_get(dev); if (!caifd || !caifd->layer.up || !caifd->layer.up->receive || !netif_oper_up(caifd->netdev)) { rcu_read_unlock(); kfree_skb(skb); return NET_RX_DROP; } /* Hold reference to netdevice while using CAIF stack */ caifd_hold(caifd); rcu_read_unlock(); err = caifd->layer.up->receive(caifd->layer.up, pkt); /* For -EILSEQ the packet is not freed so so it now */ if (err == -EILSEQ) cfpkt_destroy(pkt); /* Release reference to stack upwards */ caifd_put(caifd); if (err != 0) err = NET_RX_DROP; return err; }


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static struct packet_type caif_packet_type __read_mostly = { .type = cpu_to_be16(ETH_P_CAIF), .func = receive, };
static void dev_flowctrl(struct net_device *dev, int on) { struct caif_device_entry *caifd; rcu_read_lock(); caifd = caif_get(dev); if (!caifd || !caifd->layer.up || !caifd->layer.up->ctrlcmd) { rcu_read_unlock(); return; } caifd_hold(caifd); rcu_read_unlock(); caifd->layer.up->ctrlcmd(caifd->layer.up, on ? _CAIF_CTRLCMD_PHYIF_FLOW_ON_IND : _CAIF_CTRLCMD_PHYIF_FLOW_OFF_IND, caifd->; caifd_put(caifd); }


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void caif_enroll_dev(struct net_device *dev, struct caif_dev_common *caifdev, struct cflayer *link_support, int head_room, struct cflayer **layer, int (**rcv_func)(struct sk_buff *, struct net_device *, struct packet_type *, struct net_device *)) { struct caif_device_entry *caifd; enum cfcnfg_phy_preference pref; struct cfcnfg *cfg = get_cfcnfg(dev_net(dev)); struct caif_device_entry_list *caifdevs; caifdevs = caif_device_list(dev_net(dev)); caifd = caif_device_alloc(dev); if (!caifd) return; *layer = &caifd->layer; spin_lock_init(&caifd->flow_lock); switch (caifdev->link_select) { case CAIF_LINK_HIGH_BANDW: pref = CFPHYPREF_HIGH_BW; break; case CAIF_LINK_LOW_LATENCY: pref = CFPHYPREF_LOW_LAT; break; default: pref = CFPHYPREF_HIGH_BW; break; } mutex_lock(&caifdevs->lock); list_add_rcu(&caifd->list, &caifdevs->list); strncpy(caifd->, dev->name, sizeof(caifd-> - 1); caifd->[sizeof(caifd-> - 1] = 0; caifd->layer.transmit = transmit; cfcnfg_add_phy_layer(cfg, dev, &caifd->layer, pref, link_support, caifdev->use_fcs, head_room); mutex_unlock(&caifdevs->lock); if (rcv_func) *rcv_func = receive; }


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EXPORT_SYMBOL(caif_enroll_dev); /* notify Caif of device events */
static int caif_device_notify(struct notifier_block *me, unsigned long what, void *ptr) { struct net_device *dev = netdev_notifier_info_to_dev(ptr); struct caif_device_entry *caifd = NULL; struct caif_dev_common *caifdev; struct cfcnfg *cfg; struct cflayer *layer, *link_support; int head_room = 0; struct caif_device_entry_list *caifdevs; cfg = get_cfcnfg(dev_net(dev)); caifdevs = caif_device_list(dev_net(dev)); caifd = caif_get(dev); if (caifd == NULL && dev->type != ARPHRD_CAIF) return 0; switch (what) { case NETDEV_REGISTER: if (caifd != NULL) break; caifdev = netdev_priv(dev); link_support = NULL; if (caifdev->use_frag) { head_room = 1; link_support = cfserl_create(dev->ifindex, caifdev->use_stx); if (!link_support) { pr_warn("Out of memory\n"); break; } } caif_enroll_dev(dev, caifdev, link_support, head_room, &layer, NULL); caifdev->flowctrl = dev_flowctrl; break; case NETDEV_UP: rcu_read_lock(); caifd = caif_get(dev); if (caifd == NULL) { rcu_read_unlock(); break; } caifd->xoff = 0; cfcnfg_set_phy_state(cfg, &caifd->layer, true); rcu_read_unlock(); break; case NETDEV_DOWN: rcu_read_lock(); caifd = caif_get(dev); if (!caifd || !caifd->layer.up || !caifd->layer.up->ctrlcmd) { rcu_read_unlock(); return -EINVAL; } cfcnfg_set_phy_state(cfg, &caifd->layer, false); caifd_hold(caifd); rcu_read_unlock(); caifd->layer.up->ctrlcmd(caifd->layer.up, _CAIF_CTRLCMD_PHYIF_DOWN_IND, caifd->; spin_lock_bh(&caifd->flow_lock); /* * Replace our xoff-destructor with original destructor. * We trust that skb->destructor *always* is called before * the skb reference is invalid. The hijacked SKB destructor * takes the flow_lock so manipulating the skb->destructor here * should be safe. */ if (caifd->xoff_skb_dtor != NULL && caifd->xoff_skb != NULL) caifd->xoff_skb->destructor = caifd->xoff_skb_dtor; caifd->xoff = 0; caifd->xoff_skb_dtor = NULL; caifd->xoff_skb = NULL; spin_unlock_bh(&caifd->flow_lock); caifd_put(caifd); break; case NETDEV_UNREGISTER: mutex_lock(&caifdevs->lock); caifd = caif_get(dev); if (caifd == NULL) { mutex_unlock(&caifdevs->lock); break; } list_del_rcu(&caifd->list); /* * NETDEV_UNREGISTER is called repeatedly until all reference * counts for the net-device are released. If references to * caifd is taken, simply ignore NETDEV_UNREGISTER and wait for * the next call to NETDEV_UNREGISTER. * * If any packets are in flight down the CAIF Stack, * cfcnfg_del_phy_layer will return nonzero. * If no packets are in flight, the CAIF Stack associated * with the net-device un-registering is freed. */ if (caifd_refcnt_read(caifd) != 0 || cfcnfg_del_phy_layer(cfg, &caifd->layer) != 0) { pr_info("Wait for device inuse\n"); /* Enrole device if CAIF Stack is still in use */ list_add_rcu(&caifd->list, &caifdevs->list); mutex_unlock(&caifdevs->lock); break; } synchronize_rcu(); dev_put(caifd->netdev); free_percpu(caifd->pcpu_refcnt); kfree(caifd); mutex_unlock(&caifdevs->lock); break; } return 0; }


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static struct notifier_block caif_device_notifier = { .notifier_call = caif_device_notify, .priority = 0, }; /* Per-namespace Caif devices handling */
static int caif_init_net(struct net *net) { struct caif_net *caifn = net_generic(net, caif_net_id); INIT_LIST_HEAD(&caifn->caifdevs.list); mutex_init(&caifn->caifdevs.lock); caifn->cfg = cfcnfg_create(); if (!caifn->cfg) return -ENOMEM; return 0; }


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static void caif_exit_net(struct net *net) { struct caif_device_entry *caifd, *tmp; struct caif_device_entry_list *caifdevs = caif_device_list(net); struct cfcnfg *cfg = get_cfcnfg(net); rtnl_lock(); mutex_lock(&caifdevs->lock); list_for_each_entry_safe(caifd, tmp, &caifdevs->list, list) { int i = 0; list_del_rcu(&caifd->list); cfcnfg_set_phy_state(cfg, &caifd->layer, false); while (i < 10 && (caifd_refcnt_read(caifd) != 0 || cfcnfg_del_phy_layer(cfg, &caifd->layer) != 0)) { pr_info("Wait for device inuse\n"); msleep(250); i++; } synchronize_rcu(); dev_put(caifd->netdev); free_percpu(caifd->pcpu_refcnt); kfree(caifd); } cfcnfg_remove(cfg); mutex_unlock(&caifdevs->lock); rtnl_unlock(); }


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static struct pernet_operations caif_net_ops = { .init = caif_init_net, .exit = caif_exit_net, .id = &caif_net_id, .size = sizeof(struct caif_net), }; /* Initialize Caif devices list */
static int __init caif_device_init(void) { int result; result = register_pernet_subsys(&caif_net_ops); if (result) return result; register_netdevice_notifier(&caif_device_notifier); dev_add_pack(&caif_packet_type); return result; }


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static void __exit caif_device_exit(void) { unregister_netdevice_notifier(&caif_device_notifier); dev_remove_pack(&caif_packet_type); unregister_pernet_subsys(&caif_net_ops); }


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module_init(caif_device_init); module_exit(caif_device_exit);

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