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Release 4.8 net/caif/cfcnfg.c

Directory: net/caif
 * Copyright (C) ST-Ericsson AB 2010
 * Author:      Sjur Brendeland
 * License terms: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2

#define pr_fmt(fmt) KBUILD_MODNAME ":%s(): " fmt, __func__

#include <linux/kernel.h>
#include <linux/stddef.h>
#include <linux/slab.h>
#include <linux/netdevice.h>
#include <linux/module.h>
#include <net/caif/caif_layer.h>
#include <net/caif/cfpkt.h>
#include <net/caif/cfcnfg.h>
#include <net/caif/cfctrl.h>
#include <net/caif/cfmuxl.h>
#include <net/caif/cffrml.h>
#include <net/caif/cfserl.h>
#include <net/caif/cfsrvl.h>
#include <net/caif/caif_dev.h>

#define container_obj(layr) container_of(layr, struct cfcnfg, layer)

/* Information about CAIF physical interfaces held by Config Module in order
 * to manage physical interfaces

struct cfcnfg_phyinfo {
struct list_head node;
bool up;

	/* Pointer to the layer below the MUX (framing layer) */
struct cflayer *frm_layer;
	/* Pointer to the lowest actual physical layer */
struct cflayer *phy_layer;
	/* Unique identifier of the physical interface */
unsigned int id;
	/* Preference of the physical in interface */
enum cfcnfg_phy_preference pref;

	/* Information about the physical device */
struct dev_info dev_info;

	/* Interface index */
int ifindex;

	/* Protocol head room added for CAIF link layer */
int head_room;

	/* Use Start of frame checksum */
bool use_fcs;

struct cfcnfg {
struct cflayer layer;
struct cflayer *ctrl;
struct cflayer *mux;
struct list_head phys;
struct mutex lock;

static void cfcnfg_linkup_rsp(struct cflayer *layer, u8 channel_id,
			      enum cfctrl_srv serv, u8 phyid,
			      struct cflayer *adapt_layer);
static void cfcnfg_linkdestroy_rsp(struct cflayer *layer, u8 channel_id);
static void cfcnfg_reject_rsp(struct cflayer *layer, u8 channel_id,
			      struct cflayer *adapt_layer);
static void cfctrl_resp_func(void);
static void cfctrl_enum_resp(void);

struct cfcnfg *cfcnfg_create(void) { struct cfcnfg *this; struct cfctrl_rsp *resp; might_sleep(); /* Initiate this layer */ this = kzalloc(sizeof(struct cfcnfg), GFP_ATOMIC); if (!this) return NULL; this->mux = cfmuxl_create(); if (!this->mux) goto out_of_mem; this->ctrl = cfctrl_create(); if (!this->ctrl) goto out_of_mem; /* Initiate response functions */ resp = cfctrl_get_respfuncs(this->ctrl); resp->enum_rsp = cfctrl_enum_resp; resp->linkerror_ind = cfctrl_resp_func; resp->linkdestroy_rsp = cfcnfg_linkdestroy_rsp; resp->sleep_rsp = cfctrl_resp_func; resp->wake_rsp = cfctrl_resp_func; resp->restart_rsp = cfctrl_resp_func; resp->radioset_rsp = cfctrl_resp_func; resp->linksetup_rsp = cfcnfg_linkup_rsp; resp->reject_rsp = cfcnfg_reject_rsp; INIT_LIST_HEAD(&this->phys); cfmuxl_set_uplayer(this->mux, this->ctrl, 0); layer_set_dn(this->ctrl, this->mux); layer_set_up(this->ctrl, this); mutex_init(&this->lock); return this; out_of_mem: synchronize_rcu(); kfree(this->mux); kfree(this->ctrl); kfree(this); return NULL; }


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void cfcnfg_remove(struct cfcnfg *cfg) { might_sleep(); if (cfg) { synchronize_rcu(); kfree(cfg->mux); cfctrl_remove(cfg->ctrl); kfree(cfg); } }


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static void cfctrl_resp_func(void) { }


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static struct cfcnfg_phyinfo *cfcnfg_get_phyinfo_rcu(struct cfcnfg *cnfg, u8 phyid) { struct cfcnfg_phyinfo *phy; list_for_each_entry_rcu(phy, &cnfg->phys, node) if (phy->id == phyid) return phy; return NULL; }


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static void cfctrl_enum_resp(void) { }


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static struct dev_info *cfcnfg_get_phyid(struct cfcnfg *cnfg, enum cfcnfg_phy_preference phy_pref) { /* Try to match with specified preference */ struct cfcnfg_phyinfo *phy; list_for_each_entry_rcu(phy, &cnfg->phys, node) { if (phy->up && phy->pref == phy_pref && phy->frm_layer != NULL) return &phy->dev_info; } /* Otherwise just return something */ list_for_each_entry_rcu(phy, &cnfg->phys, node) if (phy->up) return &phy->dev_info; return NULL; }


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static int cfcnfg_get_id_from_ifi(struct cfcnfg *cnfg, int ifi) { struct cfcnfg_phyinfo *phy; list_for_each_entry_rcu(phy, &cnfg->phys, node) if (phy->ifindex == ifi && phy->up) return phy->id; return -ENODEV; }


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int caif_disconnect_client(struct net *net, struct cflayer *adap_layer) { u8 channel_id; struct cfcnfg *cfg = get_cfcnfg(net); caif_assert(adap_layer != NULL); cfctrl_cancel_req(cfg->ctrl, adap_layer); channel_id = adap_layer->id; if (channel_id != 0) { struct cflayer *servl; servl = cfmuxl_remove_uplayer(cfg->mux, channel_id); cfctrl_linkdown_req(cfg->ctrl, channel_id, adap_layer); if (servl != NULL) layer_set_up(servl, NULL); } else pr_debug("nothing to disconnect\n"); /* Do RCU sync before initiating cleanup */ synchronize_rcu(); if (adap_layer->ctrlcmd != NULL) adap_layer->ctrlcmd(adap_layer, CAIF_CTRLCMD_DEINIT_RSP, 0); return 0; }


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static void cfcnfg_linkdestroy_rsp(struct cflayer *layer, u8 channel_id) { }


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static const int protohead[CFCTRL_SRV_MASK] = { [CFCTRL_SRV_VEI] = 4, [CFCTRL_SRV_DATAGRAM] = 7, [CFCTRL_SRV_UTIL] = 4, [CFCTRL_SRV_RFM] = 3, [CFCTRL_SRV_DBG] = 3, };
static int caif_connect_req_to_link_param(struct cfcnfg *cnfg, struct caif_connect_request *s, struct cfctrl_link_param *l) { struct dev_info *dev_info; enum cfcnfg_phy_preference pref; int res; memset(l, 0, sizeof(*l)); /* In caif protocol low value is high priority */ l->priority = CAIF_PRIO_MAX - s->priority + 1; if (s->ifindex != 0) { res = cfcnfg_get_id_from_ifi(cnfg, s->ifindex); if (res < 0) return res; l->phyid = res; } else { switch (s->link_selector) { case CAIF_LINK_HIGH_BANDW: pref = CFPHYPREF_HIGH_BW; break; case CAIF_LINK_LOW_LATENCY: pref = CFPHYPREF_LOW_LAT; break; default: return -EINVAL; } dev_info = cfcnfg_get_phyid(cnfg, pref); if (dev_info == NULL) return -ENODEV; l->phyid = dev_info->id; } switch (s->protocol) { case CAIFPROTO_AT: l->linktype = CFCTRL_SRV_VEI; l->endpoint = (s-> >> 2) & 0x3; l->chtype = s-> & 0x3; break; case CAIFPROTO_DATAGRAM: l->linktype = CFCTRL_SRV_DATAGRAM; l->chtype = 0x00; l->u.datagram.connid = s->sockaddr.u.dgm.connection_id; break; case CAIFPROTO_DATAGRAM_LOOP: l->linktype = CFCTRL_SRV_DATAGRAM; l->chtype = 0x03; l->endpoint = 0x00; l->u.datagram.connid = s->sockaddr.u.dgm.connection_id; break; case CAIFPROTO_RFM: l->linktype = CFCTRL_SRV_RFM; l->u.datagram.connid = s->sockaddr.u.rfm.connection_id; strncpy(l->u.rfm.volume, s->sockaddr.u.rfm.volume, sizeof(l->u.rfm.volume)-1); l->u.rfm.volume[sizeof(l->u.rfm.volume)-1] = 0; break; case CAIFPROTO_UTIL: l->linktype = CFCTRL_SRV_UTIL; l->endpoint = 0x00; l->chtype = 0x00; strncpy(l->, s->sockaddr.u.util.service, sizeof(l->; l->[sizeof(l->] = 0; caif_assert(sizeof(l-> > 10); l->u.utility.paramlen = s->param.size; if (l->u.utility.paramlen > sizeof(l->u.utility.params)) l->u.utility.paramlen = sizeof(l->u.utility.params); memcpy(l->u.utility.params, s->, l->u.utility.paramlen); break; case CAIFPROTO_DEBUG: l->linktype = CFCTRL_SRV_DBG; l->endpoint = s->sockaddr.u.dbg.service; l->chtype = s->sockaddr.u.dbg.type; break; default: return -EINVAL; } return 0; }


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int caif_connect_client(struct net *net, struct caif_connect_request *conn_req, struct cflayer *adap_layer, int *ifindex, int *proto_head, int *proto_tail) { struct cflayer *frml; struct cfcnfg_phyinfo *phy; int err; struct cfctrl_link_param param; struct cfcnfg *cfg = get_cfcnfg(net); rcu_read_lock(); err = caif_connect_req_to_link_param(cfg, conn_req, &param); if (err) goto unlock; phy = cfcnfg_get_phyinfo_rcu(cfg, param.phyid); if (!phy) { err = -ENODEV; goto unlock; } err = -EINVAL; if (adap_layer == NULL) { pr_err("adap_layer is zero\n"); goto unlock; } if (adap_layer->receive == NULL) { pr_err("adap_layer->receive is NULL\n"); goto unlock; } if (adap_layer->ctrlcmd == NULL) { pr_err("adap_layer->ctrlcmd == NULL\n"); goto unlock; } err = -ENODEV; frml = phy->frm_layer; if (frml == NULL) { pr_err("Specified PHY type does not exist!\n"); goto unlock; } caif_assert(param.phyid == phy->id); caif_assert(phy->frm_layer->id == param.phyid); caif_assert(phy->phy_layer->id == param.phyid); *ifindex = phy->ifindex; *proto_tail = 2; *proto_head = protohead[param.linktype] + phy->head_room; rcu_read_unlock(); /* FIXME: ENUMERATE INITIALLY WHEN ACTIVATING PHYSICAL INTERFACE */ cfctrl_enum_req(cfg->ctrl, param.phyid); return cfctrl_linkup_request(cfg->ctrl, &param, adap_layer); unlock: rcu_read_unlock(); return err; }


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static void cfcnfg_reject_rsp(struct cflayer *layer, u8 channel_id, struct cflayer *adapt_layer) { if (adapt_layer != NULL && adapt_layer->ctrlcmd != NULL) adapt_layer->ctrlcmd(adapt_layer, CAIF_CTRLCMD_INIT_FAIL_RSP, 0); }


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static void cfcnfg_linkup_rsp(struct cflayer *layer, u8 channel_id, enum cfctrl_srv serv, u8 phyid, struct cflayer *adapt_layer) { struct cfcnfg *cnfg = container_obj(layer); struct cflayer *servicel = NULL; struct cfcnfg_phyinfo *phyinfo; struct net_device *netdev; if (channel_id == 0) { pr_warn("received channel_id zero\n"); if (adapt_layer != NULL && adapt_layer->ctrlcmd != NULL) adapt_layer->ctrlcmd(adapt_layer, CAIF_CTRLCMD_INIT_FAIL_RSP, 0); return; } rcu_read_lock(); if (adapt_layer == NULL) { pr_debug("link setup response but no client exist," "send linkdown back\n"); cfctrl_linkdown_req(cnfg->ctrl, channel_id, NULL); goto unlock; } caif_assert(cnfg != NULL); caif_assert(phyid != 0); phyinfo = cfcnfg_get_phyinfo_rcu(cnfg, phyid); if (phyinfo == NULL) { pr_err("ERROR: Link Layer Device disappeared" "while connecting\n"); goto unlock; } caif_assert(phyinfo != NULL); caif_assert(phyinfo->id == phyid); caif_assert(phyinfo->phy_layer != NULL); caif_assert(phyinfo->phy_layer->id == phyid); adapt_layer->id = channel_id; switch (serv) { case CFCTRL_SRV_VEI: servicel = cfvei_create(channel_id, &phyinfo->dev_info); break; case CFCTRL_SRV_DATAGRAM: servicel = cfdgml_create(channel_id, &phyinfo->dev_info); break; case CFCTRL_SRV_RFM: netdev = phyinfo->; servicel = cfrfml_create(channel_id, &phyinfo->dev_info, netdev->mtu); break; case CFCTRL_SRV_UTIL: servicel = cfutill_create(channel_id, &phyinfo->dev_info); break; case CFCTRL_SRV_VIDEO: servicel = cfvidl_create(channel_id, &phyinfo->dev_info); break; case CFCTRL_SRV_DBG: servicel = cfdbgl_create(channel_id, &phyinfo->dev_info); break; default: pr_err("Protocol error. Link setup response " "- unknown channel type\n"); goto unlock; } if (!servicel) goto unlock; layer_set_dn(servicel, cnfg->mux); cfmuxl_set_uplayer(cnfg->mux, servicel, channel_id); layer_set_up(servicel, adapt_layer); layer_set_dn(adapt_layer, servicel); rcu_read_unlock(); servicel->ctrlcmd(servicel, CAIF_CTRLCMD_INIT_RSP, 0); return; unlock: rcu_read_unlock(); }


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void cfcnfg_add_phy_layer(struct cfcnfg *cnfg, struct net_device *dev, struct cflayer *phy_layer, enum cfcnfg_phy_preference pref, struct cflayer *link_support, bool fcs, int head_room) { struct cflayer *frml; struct cfcnfg_phyinfo *phyinfo = NULL; int i; u8 phyid; mutex_lock(&cnfg->lock); /* CAIF protocol allow maximum 6 link-layers */ for (i = 0; i < 7; i++) { phyid = (dev->ifindex + i) & 0x7; if (phyid == 0) continue; if (cfcnfg_get_phyinfo_rcu(cnfg, phyid) == NULL) goto got_phyid; } pr_warn("Too many CAIF Link Layers (max 6)\n"); goto out; got_phyid: phyinfo = kzalloc(sizeof(struct cfcnfg_phyinfo), GFP_ATOMIC); if (!phyinfo) goto out_err; phy_layer->id = phyid; phyinfo->pref = pref; phyinfo->id = phyid; phyinfo-> = phyid; phyinfo-> = dev; phyinfo->phy_layer = phy_layer; phyinfo->ifindex = dev->ifindex; phyinfo->head_room = head_room; phyinfo->use_fcs = fcs; frml = cffrml_create(phyid, fcs); if (!frml) goto out_err; phyinfo->frm_layer = frml; layer_set_up(frml, cnfg->mux); if (link_support != NULL) { link_support->id = phyid; layer_set_dn(frml, link_support); layer_set_up(link_support, frml); layer_set_dn(link_support, phy_layer); layer_set_up(phy_layer, link_support); } else { layer_set_dn(frml, phy_layer); layer_set_up(phy_layer, frml); } list_add_rcu(&phyinfo->node, &cnfg->phys); out: mutex_unlock(&cnfg->lock); return; out_err: kfree(phyinfo); mutex_unlock(&cnfg->lock); }


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int cfcnfg_set_phy_state(struct cfcnfg *cnfg, struct cflayer *phy_layer, bool up) { struct cfcnfg_phyinfo *phyinfo; rcu_read_lock(); phyinfo = cfcnfg_get_phyinfo_rcu(cnfg, phy_layer->id); if (phyinfo == NULL) { rcu_read_unlock(); return -ENODEV; } if (phyinfo->up == up) { rcu_read_unlock(); return 0; } phyinfo->up = up; if (up) { cffrml_hold(phyinfo->frm_layer); cfmuxl_set_dnlayer(cnfg->mux, phyinfo->frm_layer, phy_layer->id); } else { cfmuxl_remove_dnlayer(cnfg->mux, phy_layer->id); cffrml_put(phyinfo->frm_layer); } rcu_read_unlock(); return 0; }


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int cfcnfg_del_phy_layer(struct cfcnfg *cnfg, struct cflayer *phy_layer) { struct cflayer *frml, *frml_dn; u16 phyid; struct cfcnfg_phyinfo *phyinfo; might_sleep(); mutex_lock(&cnfg->lock); phyid = phy_layer->id; phyinfo = cfcnfg_get_phyinfo_rcu(cnfg, phyid); if (phyinfo == NULL) { mutex_unlock(&cnfg->lock); return 0; } caif_assert(phyid == phyinfo->id); caif_assert(phy_layer == phyinfo->phy_layer); caif_assert(phy_layer->id == phyid); caif_assert(phyinfo->frm_layer->id == phyid); list_del_rcu(&phyinfo->node); synchronize_rcu(); /* Fail if reference count is not zero */ if (cffrml_refcnt_read(phyinfo->frm_layer) != 0) { pr_info("Wait for device inuse\n"); list_add_rcu(&phyinfo->node, &cnfg->phys); mutex_unlock(&cnfg->lock); return -EAGAIN; } frml = phyinfo->frm_layer; frml_dn = frml->dn; cffrml_set_uplayer(frml, NULL); cffrml_set_dnlayer(frml, NULL); if (phy_layer != frml_dn) { layer_set_up(frml_dn, NULL); layer_set_dn(frml_dn, NULL); } layer_set_up(phy_layer, NULL); if (phyinfo->phy_layer != frml_dn) kfree(frml_dn); cffrml_free(frml); kfree(phyinfo); mutex_unlock(&cnfg->lock); return 0; }


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