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Release 4.8 net/ipv6/ip6_vti.c

Directory: net/ipv6
 *      IPv6 virtual tunneling interface
 *      Copyright (C) 2013 secunet Security Networks AG
 *      Author:
 *      Steffen Klassert <>
 *      Based on:
 *      net/ipv6/ip6_tunnel.c
 *      This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 *      modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
 *      as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version
 *      2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

#include <linux/module.h>
#include <linux/capability.h>
#include <linux/errno.h>
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <linux/sockios.h>
#include <linux/icmp.h>
#include <linux/if.h>
#include <linux/in.h>
#include <linux/ip.h>
#include <linux/net.h>
#include <linux/in6.h>
#include <linux/netdevice.h>
#include <linux/if_arp.h>
#include <linux/icmpv6.h>
#include <linux/init.h>
#include <linux/route.h>
#include <linux/rtnetlink.h>
#include <linux/netfilter_ipv6.h>
#include <linux/slab.h>
#include <linux/hash.h>

#include <linux/uaccess.h>
#include <linux/atomic.h>

#include <net/icmp.h>
#include <net/ip.h>
#include <net/ip_tunnels.h>
#include <net/ipv6.h>
#include <net/ip6_route.h>
#include <net/addrconf.h>
#include <net/ip6_tunnel.h>
#include <net/xfrm.h>
#include <net/net_namespace.h>
#include <net/netns/generic.h>

#define HASH_SIZE_SHIFT  5


static u32 HASH(const struct in6_addr *addr1, const struct in6_addr *addr2) { u32 hash = ipv6_addr_hash(addr1) ^ ipv6_addr_hash(addr2); return hash_32(hash, HASH_SIZE_SHIFT); }


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static int vti6_dev_init(struct net_device *dev); static void vti6_dev_setup(struct net_device *dev); static struct rtnl_link_ops vti6_link_ops __read_mostly; static int vti6_net_id __read_mostly; struct vti6_net { /* the vti6 tunnel fallback device */ struct net_device *fb_tnl_dev; /* lists for storing tunnels in use */ struct ip6_tnl __rcu *tnls_r_l[HASH_SIZE]; struct ip6_tnl __rcu *tnls_wc[1]; struct ip6_tnl __rcu **tnls[2]; }; #define for_each_vti6_tunnel_rcu(start) \ for (t = rcu_dereference(start); t; t = rcu_dereference(t->next)) /** * vti6_tnl_lookup - fetch tunnel matching the end-point addresses * @net: network namespace * @remote: the address of the tunnel exit-point * @local: the address of the tunnel entry-point * * Return: * tunnel matching given end-points if found, * else fallback tunnel if its device is up, * else %NULL **/
static struct ip6_tnl * vti6_tnl_lookup(struct net *net, const struct in6_addr *remote, const struct in6_addr *local) { unsigned int hash = HASH(remote, local); struct ip6_tnl *t; struct vti6_net *ip6n = net_generic(net, vti6_net_id); struct in6_addr any; for_each_vti6_tunnel_rcu(ip6n->tnls_r_l[hash]) { if (ipv6_addr_equal(local, &t->parms.laddr) && ipv6_addr_equal(remote, &t->parms.raddr) && (t->dev->flags & IFF_UP)) return t; } memset(&any, 0, sizeof(any)); hash = HASH(&any, local); for_each_vti6_tunnel_rcu(ip6n->tnls_r_l[hash]) { if (ipv6_addr_equal(local, &t->parms.laddr) && (t->dev->flags & IFF_UP)) return t; } hash = HASH(remote, &any); for_each_vti6_tunnel_rcu(ip6n->tnls_r_l[hash]) { if (ipv6_addr_equal(remote, &t->parms.raddr) && (t->dev->flags & IFF_UP)) return t; } t = rcu_dereference(ip6n->tnls_wc[0]); if (t && (t->dev->flags & IFF_UP)) return t; return NULL; }


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/** * vti6_tnl_bucket - get head of list matching given tunnel parameters * @p: parameters containing tunnel end-points * * Description: * vti6_tnl_bucket() returns the head of the list matching the * &struct in6_addr entries laddr and raddr in @p. * * Return: head of IPv6 tunnel list **/
static struct ip6_tnl __rcu ** vti6_tnl_bucket(struct vti6_net *ip6n, const struct __ip6_tnl_parm *p) { const struct in6_addr *remote = &p->raddr; const struct in6_addr *local = &p->laddr; unsigned int h = 0; int prio = 0; if (!ipv6_addr_any(remote) || !ipv6_addr_any(local)) { prio = 1; h = HASH(remote, local); } return &ip6n->tnls[prio][h]; }


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static void vti6_tnl_link(struct vti6_net *ip6n, struct ip6_tnl *t) { struct ip6_tnl __rcu **tp = vti6_tnl_bucket(ip6n, &t->parms); rcu_assign_pointer(t->next , rtnl_dereference(*tp)); rcu_assign_pointer(*tp, t); }


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static void vti6_tnl_unlink(struct vti6_net *ip6n, struct ip6_tnl *t) { struct ip6_tnl __rcu **tp; struct ip6_tnl *iter; for (tp = vti6_tnl_bucket(ip6n, &t->parms); (iter = rtnl_dereference(*tp)) != NULL; tp = &iter->next) { if (t == iter) { rcu_assign_pointer(*tp, t->next); break; } } }


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static void vti6_dev_free(struct net_device *dev) { free_percpu(dev->tstats); free_netdev(dev); }


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static int vti6_tnl_create2(struct net_device *dev) { struct ip6_tnl *t = netdev_priv(dev); struct net *net = dev_net(dev); struct vti6_net *ip6n = net_generic(net, vti6_net_id); int err; err = register_netdevice(dev); if (err < 0) goto out; strcpy(t->, dev->name); dev->rtnl_link_ops = &vti6_link_ops; dev_hold(dev); vti6_tnl_link(ip6n, t); return 0; out: return err; }


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static struct ip6_tnl *vti6_tnl_create(struct net *net, struct __ip6_tnl_parm *p) { struct net_device *dev; struct ip6_tnl *t; char name[IFNAMSIZ]; int err; if (p->name[0]) strlcpy(name, p->name, IFNAMSIZ); else sprintf(name, "ip6_vti%%d"); dev = alloc_netdev(sizeof(*t), name, NET_NAME_UNKNOWN, vti6_dev_setup); if (!dev) goto failed; dev_net_set(dev, net); t = netdev_priv(dev); t->parms = *p; t->net = dev_net(dev); err = vti6_tnl_create2(dev); if (err < 0) goto failed_free; return t; failed_free: vti6_dev_free(dev); failed: return NULL; }


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/** * vti6_locate - find or create tunnel matching given parameters * @net: network namespace * @p: tunnel parameters * @create: != 0 if allowed to create new tunnel if no match found * * Description: * vti6_locate() first tries to locate an existing tunnel * based on @parms. If this is unsuccessful, but @create is set a new * tunnel device is created and registered for use. * * Return: * matching tunnel or NULL **/
static struct ip6_tnl *vti6_locate(struct net *net, struct __ip6_tnl_parm *p, int create) { const struct in6_addr *remote = &p->raddr; const struct in6_addr *local = &p->laddr; struct ip6_tnl __rcu **tp; struct ip6_tnl *t; struct vti6_net *ip6n = net_generic(net, vti6_net_id); for (tp = vti6_tnl_bucket(ip6n, p); (t = rtnl_dereference(*tp)) != NULL; tp = &t->next) { if (ipv6_addr_equal(local, &t->parms.laddr) && ipv6_addr_equal(remote, &t->parms.raddr)) { if (create) return NULL; return t; } } if (!create) return NULL; return vti6_tnl_create(net, p); }


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/** * vti6_dev_uninit - tunnel device uninitializer * @dev: the device to be destroyed * * Description: * vti6_dev_uninit() removes tunnel from its list **/
static void vti6_dev_uninit(struct net_device *dev) { struct ip6_tnl *t = netdev_priv(dev); struct vti6_net *ip6n = net_generic(t->net, vti6_net_id); if (dev == ip6n->fb_tnl_dev) RCU_INIT_POINTER(ip6n->tnls_wc[0], NULL); else vti6_tnl_unlink(ip6n, t); dev_put(dev); }


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static int vti6_rcv(struct sk_buff *skb) { struct ip6_tnl *t; const struct ipv6hdr *ipv6h = ipv6_hdr(skb); rcu_read_lock(); t = vti6_tnl_lookup(dev_net(skb->dev), &ipv6h->saddr, &ipv6h->daddr); if (t) { if (t->parms.proto != IPPROTO_IPV6 && t->parms.proto != 0) { rcu_read_unlock(); goto discard; } if (!xfrm6_policy_check(NULL, XFRM_POLICY_IN, skb)) { rcu_read_unlock(); return 0; } if (!ip6_tnl_rcv_ctl(t, &ipv6h->daddr, &ipv6h->saddr)) { t->dev->stats.rx_dropped++; rcu_read_unlock(); goto discard; } rcu_read_unlock(); return xfrm6_rcv_tnl(skb, t); } rcu_read_unlock(); return -EINVAL; discard: kfree_skb(skb); return 0; }


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static int vti6_rcv_cb(struct sk_buff *skb, int err) { unsigned short family; struct net_device *dev; struct pcpu_sw_netstats *tstats; struct xfrm_state *x; struct xfrm_mode *inner_mode; struct ip6_tnl *t = XFRM_TUNNEL_SKB_CB(skb)->tunnel.ip6; u32 orig_mark = skb->mark; int ret; if (!t) return 1; dev = t->dev; if (err) { dev->stats.rx_errors++; dev->stats.rx_dropped++; return 0; } x = xfrm_input_state(skb); inner_mode = x->inner_mode; if (x-> == AF_UNSPEC) { inner_mode = xfrm_ip2inner_mode(x, XFRM_MODE_SKB_CB(skb)->protocol); if (inner_mode == NULL) { XFRM_INC_STATS(dev_net(skb->dev), LINUX_MIB_XFRMINSTATEMODEERROR); return -EINVAL; } } family = inner_mode->afinfo->family; skb->mark = be32_to_cpu(t->parms.i_key); ret = xfrm_policy_check(NULL, XFRM_POLICY_IN, skb, family); skb->mark = orig_mark; if (!ret) return -EPERM; skb_scrub_packet(skb, !net_eq(t->net, dev_net(skb->dev))); skb->dev = dev; tstats = this_cpu_ptr(dev->tstats); u64_stats_update_begin(&tstats->syncp); tstats->rx_packets++; tstats->rx_bytes += skb->len; u64_stats_update_end(&tstats->syncp); return 0; }


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/** * vti6_addr_conflict - compare packet addresses to tunnel's own * @t: the outgoing tunnel device * @hdr: IPv6 header from the incoming packet * * Description: * Avoid trivial tunneling loop by checking that tunnel exit-point * doesn't match source of incoming packet. * * Return: * 1 if conflict, * 0 else **/
static inline bool vti6_addr_conflict(const struct ip6_tnl *t, const struct ipv6hdr *hdr) { return ipv6_addr_equal(&t->parms.raddr, &hdr->saddr); }


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static bool vti6_state_check(const struct xfrm_state *x, const struct in6_addr *dst, const struct in6_addr *src) { xfrm_address_t *daddr = (xfrm_address_t *)dst; xfrm_address_t *saddr = (xfrm_address_t *)src; /* if there is no transform then this tunnel is not functional. * Or if the xfrm is not mode tunnel. */ if (!x || x->props.mode != XFRM_MODE_TUNNEL || x-> != AF_INET6) return false; if (ipv6_addr_any(dst)) return xfrm_addr_equal(saddr, &x->props.saddr, AF_INET6); if (!xfrm_state_addr_check(x, daddr, saddr, AF_INET6)) return false; return true; }


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/** * vti6_xmit - send a packet * @skb: the outgoing socket buffer * @dev: the outgoing tunnel device * @fl: the flow informations for the xfrm_lookup **/
static int vti6_xmit(struct sk_buff *skb, struct net_device *dev, struct flowi *fl) { struct ip6_tnl *t = netdev_priv(dev); struct net_device_stats *stats = &t->dev->stats; struct dst_entry *dst = skb_dst(skb); struct net_device *tdev; struct xfrm_state *x; int err = -1; int mtu; if (!dst) goto tx_err_link_failure; dst_hold(dst); dst = xfrm_lookup(t->net, dst, fl, NULL, 0); if (IS_ERR(dst)) { err = PTR_ERR(dst); dst = NULL; goto tx_err_link_failure; } x = dst->xfrm; if (!vti6_state_check(x, &t->parms.raddr, &t->parms.laddr)) goto tx_err_link_failure; if (!ip6_tnl_xmit_ctl(t, (const struct in6_addr *)&x->props.saddr, (const struct in6_addr *)&x->id.daddr)) goto tx_err_link_failure; tdev = dst->dev; if (tdev == dev) { stats->collisions++; net_warn_ratelimited("%s: Local routing loop detected!\n", t->; goto tx_err_dst_release; } skb_scrub_packet(skb, !net_eq(t->net, dev_net(dev))); skb_dst_set(skb, dst); skb->dev = skb_dst(skb)->dev; mtu = dst_mtu(dst); if (!skb->ignore_df && skb->len > mtu) { skb_dst(skb)->ops->update_pmtu(dst, NULL, skb, mtu); if (skb->protocol == htons(ETH_P_IPV6)) icmpv6_send(skb, ICMPV6_PKT_TOOBIG, 0, mtu); else icmp_send(skb, ICMP_DEST_UNREACH, ICMP_FRAG_NEEDED, htonl(mtu)); return -EMSGSIZE; } err = dst_output(t->net, skb->sk, skb); if (net_xmit_eval(err) == 0) { struct pcpu_sw_netstats *tstats = this_cpu_ptr(dev->tstats); u64_stats_update_begin(&tstats->syncp); tstats->tx_bytes += skb->len; tstats->tx_packets++; u64_stats_update_end(&tstats->syncp); } else { stats->tx_errors++; stats->tx_aborted_errors++; } return 0; tx_err_link_failure: stats->tx_carrier_errors++; dst_link_failure(skb); tx_err_dst_release: dst_release(dst); return err; }


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static netdev_tx_t vti6_tnl_xmit(struct sk_buff *skb, struct net_device *dev) { struct ip6_tnl *t = netdev_priv(dev); struct net_device_stats *stats = &t->dev->stats; struct ipv6hdr *ipv6h; struct flowi fl; int ret; memset(&fl, 0, sizeof(fl)); switch (skb->protocol) { case htons(ETH_P_IPV6): ipv6h = ipv6_hdr(skb); if ((t->parms.proto != IPPROTO_IPV6 && t->parms.proto != 0) || vti6_addr_conflict(t, ipv6h)) goto tx_err; xfrm_decode_session(skb, &fl, AF_INET6); memset(IP6CB(skb), 0, sizeof(*IP6CB(skb))); break; case htons(ETH_P_IP): xfrm_decode_session(skb, &fl, AF_INET); memset(IPCB(skb), 0, sizeof(*IPCB(skb))); break; default: goto tx_err; } /* override mark with tunnel output key */ fl.flowi_mark = be32_to_cpu(t->parms.o_key); ret = vti6_xmit(skb, dev, &fl); if (ret < 0) goto tx_err; return NETDEV_TX_OK; tx_err: stats->tx_errors++; stats->tx_dropped++; kfree_skb(skb); return NETDEV_TX_OK; }


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static int vti6_err(struct sk_buff *skb, struct inet6_skb_parm *opt, u8 type, u8 code, int offset, __be32 info) { __be32 spi; __u32 mark; struct xfrm_state *x; struct ip6_tnl *t; struct ip_esp_hdr *esph; struct ip_auth_hdr *ah; struct ip_comp_hdr *ipch; struct net *net = dev_net(skb->dev); const struct ipv6hdr *iph = (const struct ipv6hdr *)skb->data; int protocol = iph->nexthdr; t = vti6_tnl_lookup(dev_net(skb->dev), &iph->daddr, &iph->saddr); if (!t) return -1; mark = be32_to_cpu(t->parms.o_key); switch (protocol) { case IPPROTO_ESP: esph = (struct ip_esp_hdr *)(skb->data + offset); spi = esph->spi; break; case IPPROTO_AH: ah = (struct ip_auth_hdr *)(skb->data + offset); spi = ah->spi; break; case IPPROTO_COMP: ipch = (struct ip_comp_hdr *)(skb->data + offset); spi = htonl(ntohs(ipch->cpi)); break; default: return 0; } if (type != ICMPV6_PKT_TOOBIG && type != NDISC_REDIRECT) return 0; x = xfrm_state_lookup(net, mark, (const xfrm_address_t *)&iph->daddr, spi, protocol, AF_INET6); if (!x) return 0; if (type == NDISC_REDIRECT) ip6_redirect(skb, net, skb->dev->ifindex, 0); else ip6_update_pmtu(skb, net, info, 0, 0); xfrm_state_put(x); return 0; }


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static void vti6_link_config(struct ip6_tnl *t) { struct net_device *dev = t->dev; struct __ip6_tnl_parm *p = &t->parms; memcpy(dev->dev_addr, &p->laddr, sizeof(struct in6_addr)); memcpy(dev->broadcast, &p->raddr, sizeof(struct in6_addr)); p->flags &= ~