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Release 4.8 net/mac80211/pm.c

Directory: net/mac80211
#include <net/mac80211.h>
#include <net/rtnetlink.h>

#include "ieee80211_i.h"
#include "mesh.h"
#include "driver-ops.h"
#include "led.h"

static void ieee80211_sched_scan_cancel(struct ieee80211_local *local) { if (ieee80211_request_sched_scan_stop(local)) return; cfg80211_sched_scan_stopped_rtnl(local->hw.wiphy); }


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int __ieee80211_suspend(struct ieee80211_hw *hw, struct cfg80211_wowlan *wowlan) { struct ieee80211_local *local = hw_to_local(hw); struct ieee80211_sub_if_data *sdata; struct sta_info *sta; if (!local->open_count) goto suspend; ieee80211_scan_cancel(local); ieee80211_dfs_cac_cancel(local); ieee80211_roc_purge(local, NULL); ieee80211_del_virtual_monitor(local); if (ieee80211_hw_check(hw, AMPDU_AGGREGATION) && !(wowlan && wowlan->any)) { mutex_lock(&local->sta_mtx); list_for_each_entry(sta, &local->sta_list, list) { set_sta_flag(sta, WLAN_STA_BLOCK_BA); ieee80211_sta_tear_down_BA_sessions( sta, AGG_STOP_LOCAL_REQUEST); } mutex_unlock(&local->sta_mtx); } /* keep sched_scan only in case of 'any' trigger */ if (!(wowlan && wowlan->any)) ieee80211_sched_scan_cancel(local); ieee80211_stop_queues_by_reason(hw, IEEE80211_MAX_QUEUE_MAP, IEEE80211_QUEUE_STOP_REASON_SUSPEND, false); /* flush out all packets */ synchronize_net(); ieee80211_flush_queues(local, NULL, true); local->quiescing = true; /* make quiescing visible to timers everywhere */ mb(); flush_workqueue(local->workqueue); /* Don't try to run timers while suspended. */ del_timer_sync(&local->sta_cleanup); /* * Note that this particular timer doesn't need to be * restarted at resume. */ cancel_work_sync(&local->dynamic_ps_enable_work); del_timer_sync(&local->dynamic_ps_timer); local->wowlan = wowlan; if (local->wowlan) { int err; /* Drivers don't expect to suspend while some operations like * authenticating or associating are in progress. It doesn't * make sense anyway to accept that, since the authentication * or association would never finish since the driver can't do * that on its own. * Thus, clean up in-progress auth/assoc first. */ list_for_each_entry(sdata, &local->interfaces, list) { if (!ieee80211_sdata_running(sdata)) continue; if (sdata->vif.type != NL80211_IFTYPE_STATION) continue; ieee80211_mgd_quiesce(sdata); /* If suspended during TX in progress, and wowlan * is enabled (connection will be active) there * can be a race where the driver is put out * of power-save due to TX and during suspend * dynamic_ps_timer is cancelled and TX packet * is flushed, leaving the driver in ACTIVE even * after resuming until dynamic_ps_timer puts * driver back in DOZE. */ if (sdata->u.mgd.associated && sdata->u.mgd.powersave && !(local->hw.conf.flags & IEEE80211_CONF_PS)) { local->hw.conf.flags |= IEEE80211_CONF_PS; ieee80211_hw_config(local, IEEE80211_CONF_CHANGE_PS); } } err = drv_suspend(local, wowlan); if (err < 0) { local->quiescing = false; local->wowlan = false; if (ieee80211_hw_check(hw, AMPDU_AGGREGATION)) { mutex_lock(&local->sta_mtx); list_for_each_entry(sta, &local->sta_list, list) { clear_sta_flag(sta, WLAN_STA_BLOCK_BA); } mutex_unlock(&local->sta_mtx); } ieee80211_wake_queues_by_reason(hw, IEEE80211_MAX_QUEUE_MAP, IEEE80211_QUEUE_STOP_REASON_SUSPEND, false); return err; } else if (err > 0) { WARN_ON(err != 1); /* cfg80211 will call back into mac80211 to disconnect * all interfaces, allow that to proceed properly */ ieee80211_wake_queues_by_reason(hw, IEEE80211_MAX_QUEUE_MAP, IEEE80211_QUEUE_STOP_REASON_SUSPEND, false); return err; } else { goto suspend; } } /* remove all interfaces that were created in the driver */ list_for_each_entry(sdata, &local->interfaces, list) { if (!ieee80211_sdata_running(sdata)) continue; switch (sdata->vif.type) { case NL80211_IFTYPE_AP_VLAN: case NL80211_IFTYPE_MONITOR: continue; case NL80211_IFTYPE_STATION: ieee80211_mgd_quiesce(sdata); break; case NL80211_IFTYPE_WDS: /* tear down aggregation sessions and remove STAs */ mutex_lock(&local->sta_mtx); sta = sdata->u.wds.sta; if (sta && sta->uploaded) { enum ieee80211_sta_state state; state = sta->sta_state; for (; state > IEEE80211_STA_NOTEXIST; state--) WARN_ON(drv_sta_state(local, sta->sdata, sta, state, state - 1)); } mutex_unlock(&local->sta_mtx); break; default: break; } drv_remove_interface(local, sdata); } /* * We disconnected on all interfaces before suspend, all channel * contexts should be released. */ WARN_ON(!list_empty(&local->chanctx_list)); /* stop hardware - this must stop RX */ if (local->open_count) ieee80211_stop_device(local); suspend: local->suspended = true; /* need suspended to be visible before quiescing is false */ barrier(); local->quiescing = false; return 0; }


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/* * __ieee80211_resume() is a static inline which just calls * ieee80211_reconfig(), which is also needed for hardware * hang/firmware failure/etc. recovery. */
void ieee80211_report_wowlan_wakeup(struct ieee80211_vif *vif, struct cfg80211_wowlan_wakeup *wakeup, gfp_t gfp) { struct ieee80211_sub_if_data *sdata = vif_to_sdata(vif); cfg80211_report_wowlan_wakeup(&sdata->wdev, wakeup, gfp); }


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