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Release 4.8 net/packet/internal.h

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struct packet_mclist {
struct packet_mclist	*next;
int			ifindex;
int			count;
unsigned short		type;
unsigned short		alen;
unsigned char		addr[MAX_ADDR_LEN];

/* kbdq - kernel block descriptor queue */

struct tpacket_kbdq_core {
struct pgv	*pkbdq;
unsigned int	feature_req_word;
unsigned int	hdrlen;
unsigned char	reset_pending_on_curr_blk;
unsigned char   delete_blk_timer;
unsigned short	kactive_blk_num;
unsigned short	blk_sizeof_priv;

	/* last_kactive_blk_num:
         * trick to see if user-space has caught up
         * in order to avoid refreshing timer when every single pkt arrives.
unsigned short	last_kactive_blk_num;

char		*pkblk_start;
char		*pkblk_end;
int		kblk_size;
unsigned int	max_frame_len;
unsigned int	knum_blocks;
uint64_t	knxt_seq_num;
char		*prev;
char		*nxt_offset;
struct sk_buff	*skb;

atomic_t	blk_fill_in_prog;

	/* Default is set to 8ms */


unsigned short  retire_blk_tov;
unsigned short  version;
unsigned long	tov_in_jiffies;

	/* timer to retire an outstanding block */
struct timer_list retire_blk_timer;

struct pgv {
char *buffer;

struct packet_ring_buffer {
struct pgv		*pg_vec;

unsigned int		head;
unsigned int		frames_per_block;
unsigned int		frame_size;
unsigned int		frame_max;

unsigned int		pg_vec_order;
unsigned int		pg_vec_pages;
unsigned int		pg_vec_len;

unsigned int __percpu	*pending_refcnt;

struct tpacket_kbdq_core	prb_bdqc;

extern struct mutex fanout_mutex;


struct packet_fanout {
possible_net_t		net;
unsigned int		num_members;
u16			id;
u8			type;
u8			flags;
	union {
atomic_t		rr_cur;
struct bpf_prog __rcu	*bpf_prog;
struct list_head	list;
struct sock		*arr[PACKET_FANOUT_MAX];
spinlock_t		lock;
atomic_t		sk_ref;
struct packet_type	prot_hook ____cacheline_aligned_in_smp;

struct packet_rollover {
int			sock;
struct rcu_head		rcu;
atomic_long_t		num;
atomic_long_t		num_huge;
atomic_long_t		num_failed;

#define ROLLOVER_HLEN	(L1_CACHE_BYTES / sizeof(u32))
u32			history[ROLLOVER_HLEN] ____cacheline_aligned;

struct packet_sock {
	/* struct sock has to be the first member of packet_sock */
struct sock		sk;
struct packet_fanout	*fanout;
union  tpacket_stats_u	stats;
struct packet_ring_buffer	rx_ring;
struct packet_ring_buffer	tx_ring;
int			copy_thresh;
spinlock_t		bind_lock;
struct mutex		pg_vec_lock;
unsigned int		running:1,	/* prot_hook is attached*/
int			pressure;
int			ifindex;	/* bound device         */
__be16			num;
struct packet_rollover	*rollover;
struct packet_mclist	*mclist;
atomic_t		mapped;
enum tpacket_versions	tp_version;
unsigned int		tp_hdrlen;
unsigned int		tp_reserve;
unsigned int		tp_loss:1;
unsigned int		tp_tx_has_off:1;
unsigned int		tp_tstamp;
struct net_device __rcu	*cached_dev;
int			(*xmit)(struct sk_buff *skb);
struct packet_type	prot_hook ____cacheline_aligned_in_smp;

static struct packet_sock *pkt_sk(struct sock *sk) { return (struct packet_sock *)sk; }


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