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Release 4.8 sound/sparc/amd7930.c

Directory: sound/sparc
 * Driver for AMD7930 sound chips found on Sparcs.
 * Copyright (C) 2002, 2008 David S. Miller <>
 * Based entirely upon drivers/sbus/audio/amd7930.c which is:
 * Copyright (C) 1996,1997 Thomas K. Dyas (
 * --- Notes from Thomas's original driver ---
 * This is the lowlevel driver for the AMD7930 audio chip found on all
 * sun4c machines and some sun4m machines.
 * The amd7930 is actually an ISDN chip which has a very simple
 * integrated audio encoder/decoder. When Sun decided on what chip to
 * use for audio, they had the brilliant idea of using the amd7930 and
 * only connecting the audio encoder/decoder pins.
 * Thanks to the AMD engineer who was able to get us the AMD79C30
 * databook which has all the programming information and gain tables.
 * Advanced Micro Devices' Am79C30A is an ISDN/audio chip used in the
 * SparcStation 1+.  The chip provides microphone and speaker interfaces
 * which provide mono-channel audio at 8K samples per second via either
 * 8-bit A-law or 8-bit mu-law encoding.  Also, the chip features an
 * ISDN BRI Line Interface Unit (LIU), I.430 S/T physical interface,
 * which performs basic D channel LAPD processing and provides raw
 * B channel data.  The digital audio channel, the two ISDN B channels,
 * and two 64 Kbps channels to the microprocessor are all interconnected
 * via a multiplexer.
 * --- End of notes from Thoamas's original driver ---

#include <linux/module.h>
#include <linux/kernel.h>
#include <linux/slab.h>
#include <linux/init.h>
#include <linux/interrupt.h>
#include <linux/moduleparam.h>
#include <linux/of.h>
#include <linux/of_device.h>
#include <linux/io.h>

#include <sound/core.h>
#include <sound/pcm.h>
#include <sound/info.h>
#include <sound/control.h>
#include <sound/initval.h>

#include <asm/irq.h>
#include <asm/prom.h>

static int index[SNDRV_CARDS] = SNDRV_DEFAULT_IDX;	
/* Index 0-MAX */

static char *id[SNDRV_CARDS] = SNDRV_DEFAULT_STR;	
/* ID for this card */

/* Enable this card */

module_param_array(index, int, NULL, 0444);
MODULE_PARM_DESC(index, "Index value for Sun AMD7930 soundcard.");
module_param_array(id, charp, NULL, 0444);
MODULE_PARM_DESC(id, "ID string for Sun AMD7930 soundcard.");
module_param_array(enable, bool, NULL, 0444);
MODULE_PARM_DESC(enable, "Enable Sun AMD7930 soundcard.");
MODULE_AUTHOR("Thomas K. Dyas and David S. Miller");

/* Device register layout.  */

/* Register interface presented to the CPU by the amd7930. */

#define AMD7930_CR	0x00UL		
/* Command Register (W) */

#define AMD7930_IR	AMD7930_CR	
/* Interrupt Register (R) */

#define AMD7930_DR	0x01UL		
/* Data Register (R/W) */

#define AMD7930_DSR1	0x02UL		
/* D-channel Status Register 1 (R) */

#define AMD7930_DER	0x03UL		
/* D-channel Error Register (R) */

#define AMD7930_DCTB	0x04UL		
/* D-channel Transmit Buffer (W) */

#define AMD7930_DCRB	AMD7930_DCTB	
/* D-channel Receive Buffer (R) */

#define AMD7930_BBTB	0x05UL		
/* Bb-channel Transmit Buffer (W) */

#define AMD7930_BBRB	AMD7930_BBTB	
/* Bb-channel Receive Buffer (R) */

#define AMD7930_BCTB	0x06UL		
/* Bc-channel Transmit Buffer (W) */

#define AMD7930_BCRB	AMD7930_BCTB	
/* Bc-channel Receive Buffer (R) */

#define AMD7930_DSR2	0x07UL		
/* D-channel Status Register 2 (R) */

/* Indirect registers in the Main Audio Processor. */

struct amd7930_map {
__u16	x[8];
__u16	r[8];
__u16	gx;
__u16	gr;
__u16	ger;
__u16	stgr;
__u16	ftgr;
__u16	atgr;
__u8	mmr1;
__u8	mmr2;

/* After an amd7930 interrupt, reading the Interrupt Register (ir)
 * clears the interrupt and returns a bitmask indicating which
 * interrupt source(s) require service.

#define AMR_IR_DTTHRSH			0x01 
/* D-channel xmit threshold */

#define AMR_IR_DRTHRSH			0x02 
/* D-channel recv threshold */

#define AMR_IR_DSRI			0x04 
/* D-channel packet status */

#define AMR_IR_DERI			0x08 
/* D-channel error */

#define AMR_IR_BBUF			0x10 
/* B-channel data xfer */

#define AMR_IR_LSRI			0x20 
/* LIU status */

#define AMR_IR_DSR2I			0x40 
/* D-channel buffer status */

#define AMR_IR_MLTFRMI			0x80 
/* multiframe or PP */

/* The amd7930 has "indirect registers" which are accessed by writing
 * the register number into the Command Register and then reading or
 * writing values from the Data Register as appropriate. We define the
 * AMR_* macros to be the indirect register numbers and AM_* macros to
 * be bits in whatever register is referred to.

/* Initialization */

#define	AMR_INIT			0x21

#define		AM_INIT_ACTIVE			0x01

#define		AM_INIT_DATAONLY		0x02

#define		AM_INIT_POWERDOWN		0x03

#define		AM_INIT_DISABLE_INTS		0x04

#define AMR_INIT2			0x20



/* Line Interface Unit */

#define	AMR_LIU_LSR			0xA1

#define		AM_LIU_LSR_STATE		0x07

#define		AM_LIU_LSR_F3			0x08

#define		AM_LIU_LSR_F7			0x10

#define		AM_LIU_LSR_F8			0x20

#define		AM_LIU_LSR_HSW			0x40

#define		AM_LIU_LSR_HSW_CHG		0x80

#define	AMR_LIU_LPR			0xA2

#define	AMR_LIU_LMR1			0xA3

#define		AM_LIU_LMR1_B1_ENABL		0x01

#define		AM_LIU_LMR1_B2_ENABL		0x02

#define		AM_LIU_LMR1_F_DISABL		0x04

#define		AM_LIU_LMR1_FA_DISABL		0x08

#define		AM_LIU_LMR1_REQ_ACTIV		0x10

#define		AM_LIU_LMR1_F8_F3		0x20

#define		AM_LIU_LMR1_LIU_ENABL		0x40

#define	AMR_LIU_LMR2			0xA4

#define		AM_LIU_LMR2_DECHO		0x01

#define		AM_LIU_LMR2_DLOOP		0x02

#define		AM_LIU_LMR2_DBACKOFF		0x04

#define		AM_LIU_LMR2_EN_F3_INT		0x08

#define		AM_LIU_LMR2_EN_F8_INT		0x10

#define		AM_LIU_LMR2_EN_HSW_INT		0x20

#define		AM_LIU_LMR2_EN_F7_INT		0x40

#define	AMR_LIU_2_4			0xA5

#define	AMR_LIU_MF			0xA6

#define	AMR_LIU_MFSB			0xA7

#define	AMR_LIU_MFQB			0xA8

/* Multiplexor */

#define	AMR_MUX_MCR1			0x41

#define	AMR_MUX_MCR2			0x42

#define	AMR_MUX_MCR3			0x43

#define		AM_MUX_CHANNEL_B1		0x01

#define		AM_MUX_CHANNEL_B2		0x02

#define		AM_MUX_CHANNEL_Ba		0x03

#define		AM_MUX_CHANNEL_Bb		0x04

#define		AM_MUX_CHANNEL_Bc		0x05

#define		AM_MUX_CHANNEL_Bd		0x06

#define		AM_MUX_CHANNEL_Be		0x07

#define		AM_MUX_CHANNEL_Bf		0x08

#define	AMR_MUX_MCR4			0x44

#define		AM_MUX_MCR4_ENABLE_INTS		0x08

#define		AM_MUX_MCR4_REVERSE_Bb		0x10

#define		AM_MUX_MCR4_REVERSE_Bc		0x20

#define	AMR_MUX_1_4			0x45

/* Main Audio Processor */

#define	AMR_MAP_X			0x61

#define	AMR_MAP_R			0x62

#define	AMR_MAP_GX			0x63

#define	AMR_MAP_GR			0x64

#define	AMR_MAP_GER			0x65

#define	AMR_MAP_STGR			0x66

#define	AMR_MAP_FTGR_1_2		0x67

#define	AMR_MAP_ATGR_1_2		0x68

#define	AMR_MAP_MMR1			0x69

#define		AM_MAP_MMR1_ALAW		0x01

#define		AM_MAP_MMR1_GX			0x02

#define		AM_MAP_MMR1_GR			0x04

#define		AM_MAP_MMR1_GER			0x08

#define		AM_MAP_MMR1_X			0x10

#define		AM_MAP_MMR1_R			0x20

#define		AM_MAP_MMR1_STG			0x40

#define		AM_MAP_MMR1_LOOPBACK		0x80

#define	AMR_MAP_MMR2			0x6A

#define		AM_MAP_MMR2_AINB		0x01

#define		AM_MAP_MMR2_LS			0x02

#define		AM_MAP_MMR2_ENABLE_DTMF		0x04





#define	AMR_MAP_1_10			0x6B

#define	AMR_MAP_MMR3			0x6C

#define	AMR_MAP_STRA			0x6D

#define	AMR_MAP_STRF			0x6E

#define	AMR_MAP_PEAKX			0x70

#define	AMR_MAP_PEAKR			0x71

#define	AMR_MAP_15_16			0x72

/* Data Link Controller */

#define	AMR_DLC_FRAR_1_2_3		0x81

#define	AMR_DLC_SRAR_1_2_3		0x82

#define	AMR_DLC_TAR			0x83

#define	AMR_DLC_DRLR			0x84

#define	AMR_DLC_DTCR			0x85

#define	AMR_DLC_DMR1			0x86

#define		AMR_DLC_DMR1_DTTHRSH_INT	0x01

#define		AMR_DLC_DMR1_DRTHRSH_INT	0x02

#define		AMR_DLC_DMR1_TAR_ENABL		0x04

#define		AMR_DLC_DMR1_EORP_INT		0x08

#define		AMR_DLC_DMR1_EN_ADDR1		0x10

#define		AMR_DLC_DMR1_EN_ADDR2		0x20

#define		AMR_DLC_DMR1_EN_ADDR3		0x40

#define		AMR_DLC_DMR1_EN_ADDR4		0x80

#define		AMR_DLC_DMR1_EN_ADDRS		0xf0

#define	AMR_DLC_DMR2			0x87

#define		AMR_DLC_DMR2_RABRT_INT		0x01

#define		AMR_DLC_DMR2_RESID_INT		0x02

#define		AMR_DLC_DMR2_COLL_INT		0x04

#define		AMR_DLC_DMR2_FCS_INT		0x08

#define		AMR_DLC_DMR2_OVFL_INT		0x10

#define		AMR_DLC_DMR2_UNFL_INT		0x20

#define		AMR_DLC_DMR2_OVRN_INT		0x40

#define		AMR_DLC_DMR2_UNRN_INT		0x80

#define	AMR_DLC_1_7			0x88

#define	AMR_DLC_DRCR			0x89

#define	AMR_DLC_RNGR1			0x8A

#define	AMR_DLC_RNGR2			0x8B

#define	AMR_DLC_FRAR4			0x8C

#define	AMR_DLC_SRAR4			0x8D

#define	AMR_DLC_DMR3			0x8E

#define		AMR_DLC_DMR3_VA_INT		0x01

#define		AMR_DLC_DMR3_EOTP_INT		0x02

#define		AMR_DLC_DMR3_LBRP_INT		0x04

#define		AMR_DLC_DMR3_RBA_INT		0x08

#define		AMR_DLC_DMR3_LBT_INT		0x10

#define		AMR_DLC_DMR3_TBE_INT		0x20

#define		AMR_DLC_DMR3_RPLOST_INT		0x40

#define		AMR_DLC_DMR3_KEEP_FCS		0x80

#define	AMR_DLC_DMR4			0x8F

#define		AMR_DLC_DMR4_RCV_1		0x00

#define		AMR_DLC_DMR4_RCV_2		0x01

#define		AMR_DLC_DMR4_RCV_4		0x02

#define		AMR_DLC_DMR4_RCV_8		0x03

#define		AMR_DLC_DMR4_RCV_16		0x01

#define		AMR_DLC_DMR4_RCV_24		0x02

#define		AMR_DLC_DMR4_RCV_30		0x03

#define		AMR_DLC_DMR4_XMT_1		0x00

#define		AMR_DLC_DMR4_XMT_2		0x04

#define		AMR_DLC_DMR4_XMT_4		0x08

#define		AMR_DLC_DMR4_XMT_8		0x0c

#define		AMR_DLC_DMR4_XMT_10		0x08

#define		AMR_DLC_DMR4_XMT_14		0x0c

#define		AMR_DLC_DMR4_IDLE_MARK		0x00

#define		AMR_DLC_DMR4_IDLE_FLAG		0x10

#define		AMR_DLC_DMR4_ADDR_BOTH		0x00

#define		AMR_DLC_DMR4_ADDR_1ST		0x20

#define		AMR_DLC_DMR4_ADDR_2ND		0xa0

#define		AMR_DLC_DMR4_CR_ENABLE		0x40

#define	AMR_DLC_12_15			0x90

#define	AMR_DLC_ASR			0x91

#define	AMR_DLC_EFCR			0x92


#define		AMR_DLC_EFCR_SEC_PKT_INT	0x02

#define AMR_DSR1_VADDR			0x01

#define AMR_DSR1_EORP			0x02

#define AMR_DSR1_PKT_IP			0x04

#define AMR_DSR1_DECHO_ON		0x08

#define AMR_DSR1_DLOOP_ON		0x10

#define AMR_DSR1_DBACK_OFF		0x20

#define AMR_DSR1_EOTP			0x40

#define AMR_DSR1_CXMT_ABRT		0x80

#define AMR_DSR2_LBRP			0x01

#define AMR_DSR2_RBA			0x02

#define AMR_DSR2_RPLOST			0x04

#define AMR_DSR2_LAST_BYTE		0x08

#define AMR_DSR2_TBE			0x10

#define AMR_DSR2_MARK_IDLE		0x20

#define AMR_DSR2_FLAG_IDLE		0x40

#define AMR_DSR2_SECOND_PKT		0x80

#define AMR_DER_RABRT			0x01

#define AMR_DER_RFRAME			0x02

#define AMR_DER_COLLISION		0x04

#define AMR_DER_FCS			0x08

#define AMR_DER_OVFL			0x10

#define AMR_DER_UNFL			0x20

#define AMR_DER_OVRN			0x40

#define AMR_DER_UNRN			0x80

/* Peripheral Port */

#define	AMR_PP_PPCR1			0xC0

#define	AMR_PP_PPSR			0xC1

#define	AMR_PP_PPIER			0xC2

#define	AMR_PP_MTDR			0xC3

#define	AMR_PP_MRDR			0xC3

#define	AMR_PP_CITDR0			0xC4

#define	AMR_PP_CIRDR0			0xC4

#define	AMR_PP_CITDR1			0xC5

#define	AMR_PP_CIRDR1			0xC5

#define	AMR_PP_PPCR2			0xC8

#define	AMR_PP_PPCR3			0xC9

struct snd_amd7930 {
spinlock_t		lock;
void __iomem		*regs;
u32			flags;

#define AMD7930_FLAG_PLAYBACK	0x00000001

#define AMD7930_FLAG_CAPTURE	0x00000002

struct amd7930_map	map;

struct snd_card		*card;
struct snd_pcm		*pcm;
struct snd_pcm_substream	*playback_substream;
struct snd_pcm_substream	*capture_substream;

	/* Playback/Capture buffer state. */

unsigned char		*p_orig, *p_cur;
int			p_left;

unsigned char		*c_orig, *c_cur;
int			c_left;

int			rgain;
int			pgain;
int			mgain;

struct platform_device	*op;
unsigned int		irq;
struct snd_amd7930	*next;

static struct snd_amd7930 *amd7930_list;

/* Idle the AMD7930 chip.  The amd->lock is not held.  */

static __inline__ void amd7930_idle(struct snd_amd7930 *amd) { unsigned long flags; spin_lock_irqsave(&amd->lock, flags); sbus_writeb(AMR_INIT, amd->regs + AMD7930_CR); sbus_writeb(0, amd->regs + AMD7930_DR); spin_unlock_irqrestore(&amd->lock, flags); }


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takashi iwaitakashi iwai23.45%150.00%

/* Enable chip interrupts. The amd->lock is not held. */
static __inline__ void amd7930_enable_ints(struct snd_amd7930 *amd) { unsigned long flags; spin_lock_irqsave(&amd->lock, flags); sbus_writeb(AMR_INIT, amd->regs + AMD7930_CR); sbus_writeb(AM_INIT_ACTIVE, amd->regs + AMD7930_DR); spin_unlock_irqrestore(&amd->lock, flags); }


david s. millerdavid s. miller5696.55%150.00%
takashi iwaitakashi iwai23.45%150.00%

/* Disable chip interrupts. The amd->lock is not held. */
static __inline__ void amd7930_disable_ints(struct snd_amd7930 *amd) { unsigned long flags; spin_lock_irqsave(&amd->lock, flags); sbus_writeb(AMR_INIT, amd->regs + AMD7930_CR); sbus_writeb(AM_INIT_ACTIVE | AM_INIT_DISABLE_INTS, amd->regs + AMD7930_DR); spin_unlock_irqrestore(&amd->lock, flags); }


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takashi iwaitakashi iwai23.33%150.00%

/* Commit amd7930_map settings to the hardware. * The amd->lock is held and local interrupts are disabled. */
static void __amd7930_write_map(struct snd_amd7930 *amd) { struct amd7930_map *map = &amd->map; sbus_writeb(AMR_MAP_GX, amd->regs + AMD7930_CR); sbus_writeb(((map->gx >> 0) & 0xff), amd->regs + AMD7930_DR); sbus_writeb(((map->gx >> 8) & 0xff), amd->regs + AMD7930_DR); sbus_writeb(AMR_MAP_GR, amd->regs + AMD7930_CR); sbus_writeb(((map->gr >> 0) & 0xff), amd->regs + AMD7930_DR); sbus_writeb(((map->gr >> 8) & 0xff), amd->regs + AMD7930_DR); sbus_writeb(AMR_MAP_STGR, amd->regs + AMD7930_CR); sbus_writeb(((map->stgr >> 0) & 0xff), amd->regs + AMD7930_DR); sbus_writeb(((map->stgr >> 8) & 0xff), amd->regs + AMD7930_DR); sbus_writeb(AMR_MAP_GER, amd->regs + AMD7930_CR); sbus_writeb(((map->ger >> 0) & 0xff), amd->regs + AMD7930_DR); sbus_writeb(((map->ger >> 8) & 0xff), amd->regs + AMD7930_DR); sbus_writeb(AMR_MAP_MMR1, amd->regs + AMD7930_CR); sbus_writeb(map->mmr1, amd->regs + AMD7930_DR); sbus_writeb(AMR_MAP_MMR2, amd->regs + AMD7930_CR); sbus_writeb(map->mmr2, amd->regs + AMD7930_DR); }


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/* gx, gr & stg gains. this table must contain 256 elements with * the 0th being "infinity" (the magic value 9008). The remaining * elements match sun's gain curve (but with higher resolution): * -18 to 0dB in .16dB steps then 0 to 12dB in .08dB steps. */ static __const__ __u16 gx_coeff[256] = { 0x9008, 0x8b7c, 0x8b51, 0x8b45, 0x8b42, 0x8b3b, 0x8b36, 0x8b33, 0x8b32, 0x8b2a, 0x8b2b, 0x8b2c, 0x8b25, 0x8b23, 0x8b22, 0x8b22, 0x9122, 0x8b1a, 0x8aa3, 0x8aa3, 0x8b1c, 0x8aa6, 0x912d, 0x912b, 0x8aab, 0x8b12, 0x8aaa, 0x8ab2, 0x9132, 0x8ab4, 0x913c, 0x8abb, 0x9142, 0x9144, 0x9151, 0x8ad5, 0x8aeb, 0x8a79, 0x8a5a, 0x8a4a, 0x8b03, 0x91c2, 0x91bb, 0x8a3f, 0x8a33, 0x91b2, 0x9212, 0x9213, 0x8a2c, 0x921d, 0x8a23, 0x921a, 0x9222, 0x9223, 0x922d, 0x9231, 0x9234, 0x9242, 0x925b, 0x92dd, 0x92c1, 0x92b3, 0x92ab, 0x92a4, 0x92a2, 0x932b, 0x9341, 0x93d3, 0x93b2, 0x93a2, 0x943c, 0x94b2, 0x953a, 0x9653, 0x9782, 0x9e21, 0x9d23, 0x9cd2, 0x9c23, 0x9baa, 0x9bde, 0x9b33, 0x9b22, 0x9b1d, 0x9ab2, 0xa142, 0xa1e5, 0x9a3b, 0xa213, 0xa1a2, 0xa231, 0xa2eb, 0xa313, 0xa334, 0xa421, 0xa54b, 0xada4, 0xac23, 0xab3b, 0xaaab, 0xaa5c, 0xb1a3, 0xb2ca, 0xb3bd, 0xbe24, 0xbb2b, 0xba33, 0xc32b, 0xcb5a, 0xd2a2, 0xe31d, 0x0808, 0x72ba, 0x62c2, 0x5c32, 0x52db, 0x513e, 0x4cce, 0x43b2, 0x4243, 0x41b4, 0x3b12, 0x3bc3, 0x3df2, 0x34bd, 0x3334, 0x32c2, 0x3224, 0x31aa, 0x2a7b, 0x2aaa, 0x2b23, 0x2bba, 0x2c42, 0x2e23, 0x25bb, 0x242b, 0x240f, 0x231a, 0x22bb, 0x2241, 0x2223, 0x221f, 0x1a33, 0x1a4a, 0x1acd, 0x2132, 0x1b1b, 0x1b2c, 0x1b62, 0x1c12, 0x1c32, 0x1d1b, 0x1e71, 0x16b1, 0x1522, 0x1434, 0x1412, 0x1352, 0x1323, 0x1315, 0x12bc, 0x127a, 0x1235, 0x1226, 0x11a2, 0x1216, 0x0a2a, 0x11bc, 0x11d1, 0x1163, 0x0ac2, 0x0ab2, 0x0aab, 0x0b1b, 0x0b23, 0x0b33, 0x0c0f, 0x0bb3, 0x0c1b, 0x0c3e, 0x0cb1, 0x0d4c, 0x0ec1, 0x079a, 0x0614, 0x0521, 0x047c, 0x0422, 0x03b1, 0x03e3, 0x0333, 0x0322, 0x031c, 0x02aa, 0x02ba, 0x02f2, 0x0242, 0x0232, 0x0227, 0x0222, 0x021b, 0x01ad, 0x0212, 0x01b2, 0x01bb, 0x01cb, 0x01f6, 0x0152, 0x013a, 0x0133, 0x0131, 0x012c, 0x0123, 0x0122, 0x00a2, 0x011b, 0x011e, 0x0114, 0x00b1, 0x00aa, 0x00b3, 0x00bd, 0x00ba, 0x00c5, 0x00d3, 0x00f3, 0x0062, 0x0051, 0x0042, 0x003b, 0x0033, 0x0032, 0x002a, 0x002c, 0x0025, 0x0023, 0x0022, 0x001a, 0x0021, 0x001b, 0x001b, 0x001d, 0x0015, 0x0013, 0x0013, 0x0012, 0x0012, 0x000a, 0x000a, 0x0011, 0x0011, 0x000b, 0x000b, 0x000c, 0x000e, }; static __const__ __u16 ger_coeff[] = { 0x431f, /* 5. dB */ 0x331f, /* 5.5 dB */ 0x40dd, /* 6. dB */ 0x11dd, /* 6.5 dB */ 0x440f, /* 7. dB */ 0x411f, /* 7.5 dB */ 0x311f, /* 8. dB */ 0x5520, /* 8.5 dB */ 0x10dd, /* 9. dB */ 0x4211, /* 9.5 dB */ 0x410f, /* 10. dB */ 0x111f, /* 10.5 dB */ 0x600b, /* 11. dB */ 0x00dd, /* 11.5 dB */ 0x4210, /* 12. dB */ 0x110f, /* 13. dB */ 0x7200, /* 14. dB */ 0x2110, /* 15. dB */ 0x2200, /* 15.9 dB */ 0x000b, /* 16.9 dB */ 0x000f /* 18. dB */ }; /* Update amd7930_map settings and program them into the hardware. * The amd->lock is held and local interrupts are disabled. */
static void __amd7930_update_map(struct snd_amd7930 *amd) { struct amd7930_map *map = &amd->map; int level; map->gx = gx_coeff[amd->rgain]; map->stgr = gx_coeff[amd->mgain]; level = (amd->pgain * (256 + ARRAY_SIZE(ger_coeff))) >> 8; if (level >= 256) { map->ger = ger_coeff[level - 256]; map->gr = gx_coeff[255]; } else { map->ger = ger_coeff[0]; map->gr = gx_coeff[level]; } __amd7930_write_map(amd); }


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static irqreturn_t snd_amd7930_interrupt(int irq, void *dev_id) { struct snd_amd7930 *amd = dev_id; unsigned int elapsed; u8 ir; spin_lock(&amd->lock); elapsed = 0; ir = sbus_readb(amd->regs + AMD7930_IR); if (ir & AMR_IR_BBUF) { u8 byte; if (amd->flags & AMD7930_FLAG_PLAYBACK) { if (amd->p_left > 0) { byte = *(amd->p_cur++); amd->p_left--; sbus_writeb(byte, amd->regs + AMD7930_BBTB); if (amd->p_left == 0) elapsed |= AMD7930_FLAG_PLAYBACK; } else sbus_writeb(0, amd->regs + AMD7930_BBTB); } else if (amd->flags & AMD7930_FLAG_CAPTURE) { byte = sbus_readb(amd->regs + AMD7930_BBRB); if (amd->c_left > 0) { *(amd->c_cur++) = byte; amd->c_left--; if (amd->c_left == 0) elapsed |= AMD7930_FLAG_CAPTURE; } } } spin_unlock(&amd->lock); if (elapsed & AMD7930_FLAG_PLAYBACK) snd_pcm_period_elapsed(amd->playback_substream); else snd_pcm_period_elapsed(amd->capture_substream); return IRQ_HANDLED; }


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static int snd_amd7930_trigger(struct snd_amd7930 *amd, unsigned int flag, int cmd) { unsigned long flags; int result = 0; spin_lock_irqsave(&amd->lock, flags); if (cmd == SNDRV_PCM_TRIGGER_START) { if (!(amd->flags & flag)) { amd->flags |= flag; /* Enable B channel interrupts. */ sbus_writeb(AMR_MUX_MCR4, amd->regs + AMD7930_CR); sbus_writeb(AM_MUX_MCR4_ENABLE_INTS, amd->regs + AMD7930_DR); } } else if (cmd == SNDRV_PCM_TRIGGER_STOP) { if (amd->flags & flag) { amd->flags &= ~flag; /* Disable B channel interrupts. */ sbus_writeb(AMR_MUX_MCR4, amd->regs + AMD7930_CR); sbus_writeb(0, amd->regs + AMD7930_DR); } } else { result = -EINVAL; } spin_unlock_irqrestore(&amd->lock, flags); return result; }


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static int snd_amd7930_playback_trigger(struct snd_pcm_substream *substream, int cmd) { struct snd_amd7930 *amd = snd_pcm_substream_chip(substream); return snd_amd7930_trigger(amd, AMD7930_FLAG_PLAYBACK, cmd); }


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