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Linux source code

The following source code files from the linux kernel have been transformed using cregit and arranged in the same file system ordering that the kernel uses. Each file corresponds to a C source code file (extensions .c and .h).

The source code in these files has been coloured such that it identifies the contributor who inserted that code. Inside each file, the code is divided into functions, and summaries of contributors are provided for each author. An overall summary of contributors is included at the end of the source code.

For example, the following is a snipped from the file kernel/profile.c. Specifically the function create_proc_profile. The different colours allows to identify that most of the code was contributed by William Lee Irwin III, followed by Srivatsa S. Bhat. Dave Hensen contributed only one token: ENOMEM and David Howells 2: proc_set_size and (. This function has exactly 100 tokens.

int __ref create_proc_profile(void) /* false positive from hotcpu_notifier */ { struct proc_dir_entry *entry; int err = 0; if (!prof_on) return 0; cpu_notifier_register_begin(); if (create_hash_tables()) { err = -ENOMEM; goto out; } entry = proc_create("profile", S_IWUSR | S_IRUGO, NULL, &proc_profile_operations); if (!entry) goto out; proc_set_size(entry, (1 + prof_len) * sizeof(atomic_t)); __hotcpu_notifier(profile_cpu_callback, 0); out: cpu_notifier_register_done(); return err; }


william lee irwin iiiwilliam lee irwin iii5858.00%
srivatsa s. bhatsrivatsa s. bhat2626.00%
paolo ciarrocchipaolo ciarrocchi55.00%
david howellsdavid howells44.00%
denis v. lunevdenis v. lunev44.00%
al viroal viro22.00%
dave hansendave hansen11.00%

How to navigate a cregit source file

The cregit version of a source code file has two interactive features that provide feedback about who the contributors are:

The following releases are available


There are several limitations in the creation of these files. The most important are:


cregit has been created by Alexandre Courouble, Isabella Ferreira and Bram Adams from the Polytechnique of Montreal in Canada, Kate Stewart from the Linux Foundation, Jason Lim, Kevin Chen and Daniel German of University of Victoria in Canada.



This information provided to help linux developers understand the historical contributions to the kernel. The data on this site may be updated as new information becomes available without prior warning. Identification of inaccuracies in the attribution from developers is welcome and appreciated.

Information contained on this website is for historical information purposes only and does not indicate or represent copyright ownership.

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